Antique 1800 Victorian 18k Gold Carved Angel Skin Coral High Relief Cameo Ring

Antique 1800 Victorian 18k Gold Carved Angel Skin Coral High Relief Cameo Ring

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Antique 1800 Victorian 18k Gold Carved Angel Skin Coral High Relief Cameo Ring:

Antique 1800 Victorian 18k Gold Carved Angel Skin Coral High Relief Cameo Ring!

2.5 Grams total weight

Size and Measurements:The ring is a size 5.5. This may be re-sized if desired. Make sure to check with your local jeweler to see if they size gold rings. Some do not. Please be aware of your own size before placing a offer. This beautiful ring could easily be re sized by any jeweler.

Details of Style & or Stones(s):

This is an amazing and beautiful ring! This is one beautiful Victorian Era Yellow Gold Ring! Thisbeautifulring features one of the more rare stones in Victorian Era jewelry! At the center of the ring there is a hand carved piece of Angel Skin Coral. Angel Skin Coral is widely sought after for it's rarity and beautiful white and pink colors, it just looks so elegant! The carving features a high relief hand carved Greek or Roman lady of the day with very detailed attributes to the woman. Imagine the skill and patience it takes to hand crate a carving like this beautiful piece of coral, i know i cannot! Antique Carved Coral is by far some of the rarest jewelry on the planet, highly sought after for it's extraordinary beauty! Classic and amazing hand made gold work around the beautiful high relief carving. On the sides of the coral are beautiful hand set seed pearls. The gold work is gorgeous made out of high karat 18 yellow gold. At one point the ring was plated over the 18k gold with 24k gold, this has worn off slightly on the bottom. This was also a common practice in the late 1800's with high karat jewelry. The gold work is GORGEOUS with raised hand fabricated leaf motifs creating the raised bezel of the ring, highly highly ornate! This ring was surely made for a rich and wealthy lady during the Victorian time period, most likely upon custom order based on her specifications, truly a one of a kind unique ring! The stone would of been custom ordered into the jeweler and hand cut. The gold work would of also been completely created by hand! Overall this item has a lovely patina that contrasts well with the stones and and a smooth inner band for comfort.This is not a reproduction but a true antique ring!

The inside of the piece is smooth and comfortable to wear. No rough edges that would catch or scratch oneself when wearing it.

Victorian jewelry is some of the rarest jewelry to find and some of the most sought after jewelry! You see, most people during the 1900's could not afford to purchase precious metal jewelry such as this. That being the case it was almost always custom ordered by a well to do customer and was hand made by the order. Because of the selective amounts made during this time, not much has survived the years of being broken, melted, and just simply lost with time. To find a ring like this and buy it in an antique shop would cost a pretty penny. This is the place to find a ring like this at a fair price with a .99 cent starting price. Snatch this ring up as it is a true rarity and has proven its self with flying colors! I can almost promise you may never find another ring like this again.

Markings:The ring is unmarked, However as stated below it is also tested and GUARANTEED as 18k yellow Gold not plated or filled. Please read below as how we test all of our items in a non-harmful way with our XRF-Spectrometer gun.

Summary:This is a beautiful and antique item! Victorian jewelry as I stated above is very hard to find with this quality of gold work! Again, this type of jewelry was reserved for the rich and wealthy and few examples have stood the test of time of being melted, broken, and just lost with time. Please don't hesitate to offer on this truly one of a kind and once in a life time ring. You will never see another item like this with this quality of gold work again! This item will truly be the staple of anybody's collection and be anexcellentconversation piece! Lovely and beautiful. It is a shame that items like this are not made with the high quality gold work that was done back then. A true unique beauty!

XRF-Spectrometer Gun:All of our jewelry is guaranteed to be as stated above through an X-Ray Florescent-Spectrometer test that reads the alloys of the metal without damaging the piece like nasty acid and scratch tests. This tells us the purity of many precious metals and the alloy of an unknown metal or element. Rest assured that we are 100% positive that you are receiving the real deal!

*Please be committed to your purchase, Ask questions regarding anything.

*We list Monday-Friday. sales start anywhere from 6-7pm Pacific time.

*All items are pre-owned and may show signs of normal wear with age unless otherwise stated.

*Guaranteed to be the purity of what is listed above or we will issue a full refund.

*Please read and understand the measurements and look at the pictures completely before placing a offer.

Returns:We offer 14 day money back with buyer pays return shipping. If there is a gross mistake made by us we will pay for the return shipping. We do not believe in making you pay for our mistakes. Items must be sent back to us in original condition and carefully packaged.We ask that if you decide to return the item that you include the Item number on a piece of paper for a quicker refund process.

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About Us:We are two young professionals "Alexis" & "Chris". We met in a photography class in college. We both go to college and sell New, Vintage, & Antique jewelry on as a full time job. We are not your typical college aged kids, we know the value of a dollar and what customer service truly means, we will always go out of our way to make our customers as happy as possible. We started out in the jewelry business knowing individuals who were in the smelting business. As we watched these smelters melting new, vintage, & antique 100+ year old jewelry for the metal value, we cringed!! We thought, there must be a way to save this special and once in a lifetime type of jewelry instead of melting these wonderful items.Well then the bright idea of selling these beautiful items smacked us in the face!We started buying small items such as rings, bracelets and necklaces from these smelters and selling these items to wonderful people who would appreciate them and cherish them for a lifetime!

After starting out small time, we started to go to Antique shops, estate sales, estate buy outs, smelters, sales, coin shows, or just about anywhere possible we could get our hands on these wonderful and beautiful jewelry items! We started to set up at trade shows and other events to sell to people, we love the interaction with people! To work more with our school schedule we eventually phased out the trade show atmosphere and started selling jewelry on ! I'm glad we did, you can get just as much interaction with people over the internet as you can face to face. We love all of our customers and love the quick messages anybody likes to send our way! After starting to sell jewelry on we started our business called Aumia Gold & Silver Jewelry And Collectibles LLC, "Aumia" Is Golden Lady in Latin. We try to offer a variety of jewelry from Rings, Necklaces, Pendants, Brooch's, Gold & Silver. We also offer Native American Jewelry, Art Deco Jewelry, Victorian Jewelry, Antique Chinese Jewelry and much much more! We try to post a mix of each variety every day Mon-Fri.

We found our niche! The success on has made this into our full time job. Because of our great loyal customers and new ones every day you are helping us provide an education in Genetics, Biology and soon to be business. We also donate large amounts of money to Rotary. We both heavily believe in helping others and creating wonderful new opportunities internationally and domestically. Aumia has provided us our future and love towards our passion. We can’t see ourselves doing anything else. It is something new every day. I combine my hobby of photography, and meeting new people. We treat people with theutmostrespect and customer service is our main priority. There are always goofy stories about us but too much for an listing. We hope we have given you some insight to who we are and our passion for this industry. Check our page for more fun information!

Happy offerding!

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Antique 1800 Victorian 18k Gold Carved Angel Skin Coral High Relief Cameo Ring:

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