Antique 1850s Glass Bead Embroidery & Velvet Rosewood Victorian Slipper Chair

Antique 1850s Glass Bead Embroidery & Velvet Rosewood Victorian Slipper Chair

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Antique 1850s Glass Bead Embroidery & Velvet Rosewood Victorian Slipper Chair:


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Antique 1850s Glass Bead Embroidery & Velvet Rosewood Victorian Slipper Chair

...... Welcome to wwolst12, the #1 site on for Antiques & Collectibles according to statistics. All this week, is highlighting our upcoming sales. You will find an interesting variety of antiques & collectibles, many of which are quite rare. This is just a sample of the rare and unique antiques & collectibles we will be listing in the near feature. I promise if you bookmark our sales, you will see some of the most important items on , plus every sale is listed without any reserve. 

...... If you are a collector of 19th century American Glass Beadwork, then is sale gives you a chance to own one of the most remarkable examples I’ve ever seen. Constructed from solid rosewood, this mid-19th century Lady's Slipper Chair is hand-embroidered in both glass and bright-cut metal beads. This is all accented with embroidered silk and wool. The green tufted velvet is antique and as you can see, no one was ever allowed to sit is this chair. It is in perfect clean condition. The large balloon seat measures 23 inches wide and the height is only 16 inches at the middle.

... Ladies of the Victorian era wore many clothes and in most cases needed a lot of help getting dressed. Remember that this was the era of laced corsets as well as camisoles and petticoats. So after putting on all that clothing, they needed even more help donning their long stockings and shoes. Thus, the Slipper Chair was born; a comfortable chair for the bedroom with short legs that a woman could use to sit and put on her stockings and slippers.

... From front to back, the measurement is 19 inches and the 22 inch wide back is 34 inches tall. This circa 1850s beaded embroidered Slipper Chair is in perfect, clean, strong condition and there are no restorations.

...... The Victorian Beaded Chair in this sale is listed without any reserve plus it comes with a 100% Unconditional Guarantee as to its age, quality, condition, and authenticity or we will return all of the high buyer’s money. Don’t forget to check out all the other sales we have listed, all without any reserve. 

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Antique 1850s Glass Bead Embroidery & Velvet Rosewood Victorian Slipper Chair:

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