Antique 1890 Brass Latch, Old Ice Box Lock Vintage Cupboard Handle Vtg Lock Knob

Antique 1890 Brass Latch, Old Ice Box Lock Vintage Cupboard Handle Vtg Lock Knob

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Antique 1890 Brass Latch, Old Ice Box Lock Vintage Cupboard Handle Vtg Lock Knob:


Really NICE Condition~ Works Perfectly ~Knob has Nice Knurled Edge for Easy Grip

•Dated pat. "JUN 10, 1890", this is a 123 year old antique brass latcha large brass knobin perfect working condition as shown in photos; really nice condition. This wasa common on late 1800's cupboards, ice boxes, kitchen cabinets, etc..

•Item details:

~Base = 1-3/4" x Screw Holes, measured on-center, are 1-3/16" x 1-3/4" apart.

~Knob is 1-1/4" diameter with nice knurled outer edge for easy grip,as shown in photos.

~ Latch bolt tip is beveled so as to easily engage yourstrike plate - bolt operates freely & "snaps" to thelatched position when knob is released.

~Interior spring mechanism works perfectly- see disassembled photo.

~ This item has a nice & solidheft to it (re: not flimsy); weighs 4.5 oz.

•This is a 100% authentic antique hardware collectible. Seller has gone thru great effort to provide detailed dimensions for Buyer; Seller will deliver item EXACTLY AS SHOWN IN CRISP DETAILED PHOTOS. NOW IS THE TIME - GET IT NOW WHILE YOU CAN Nothing to hide, so we gave youGREAT photos!

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Antique 1890 Brass Latch, Old Ice Box Lock Vintage Cupboard Handle Vtg Lock Knob:

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