Antique 18th Cent. Reliquary Pendant W/ Relic St. Agatha Of Sicily

Antique 18th Cent. Reliquary Pendant W/ Relic St. Agatha Of Sicily

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Antique 18th Cent. Reliquary Pendant W/ Relic St. Agatha Of Sicily:

does not allow the sale of human body parts and as per rules sellers are required to disclose what the Relics are: these Relics are a piece of hair of the Saint and/or a piece of cloth worn by the Saint, which are allowed by policy. If you have any question regarding these Holy Relics please email me.


Antique, 18th century, dark silver color metal Reliquary with also metal trim around, inside protected by a faceted glass the Relic with inscription "S. Agata" (St. Agatha). Wax seal and threads are in place

Size: circa 1,18 x1,38 inch = 2,5 x3 cm (without the bail)

From Wikipedia:

Saint Agatha of Sicily(died ca. 251) is aChristian saint. Her memorial is on 5 February. Agatha[3]was born atCatania,Sicily, and she was martyred in approximately 251. She is one of seven women, excluding theBlessed Virgin Mary, commemorated by name in theCanon of the Mass.[4]

She is the patron saint of Marinoand Zamarramala, a municipality of theProvince of Segoviain Spain. She is also the patron saint of breast cancer patients, martyrs, wet nurses, fire, earthquakes, and eruptions ofMount history[edit source|editbeta]

Agatha is buried at the Badia di Sant'Agata, Catania.[5]She is listed in the late 6th-centuryMartyrologium Hieronymianumassociated withJerome,[6]and theSynaxarion, the calendar of the church of Carthage, ca. 530.[7]Agatha also appears in one of thecarminaofVenantius Fortunatus.[8]Two early churches were dedicated to her in Rome,[9]notably theChurch of Sant'Agata dei Gotiin via Mazzarino, atitular churchwith apse mosaics of ca. 460 and traces of a fresco cycle,[10]overpainted by Gismondo Cerrini in 1630. In the 6th century the church was adapted toArian Christianity, hence its name "Saint Agatha ofGoths", and later reconsecrated byGregory the Great, who confirmed her traditional sainthood. Agatha is also depicted in the mosaics of Sant' Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, where she appears, richly dressed, in the procession of female martyrs along the north wall. Her image forms an initialIin the Sacramentary of Gellone, from the end of the 8th century.

Life[edit source|editbeta]

One of the most highly venerated virgin martyrs of Christian antiquity, Agatha was put to death during the persecution ofDecius(250-253) in Catania, Sicily, for her steadfast profession of faith.[6]

Her written legend[11]comprises "straightforward accounts of interrogation, torture, resistance, and triumph which constitute some of the earliesthagiographic literature",[12]and are reflected in later recensions, the earliest surviving one being an illustrated late 10th-centurypassiobound into a composite volume[13]in theBibliothèque National, originating probably inAutun, Burgundy; in its margin illustrations Magdalena Carrasco detected Carolingian or Late Antiqueiconographic traditions.[14]

Although the martyrdom of St. Agatha is authenticated, and her veneration as a saint had even in antiquity spread beyond her native place, there is no reliable information concerning the details of her death.[6]

According toJacobus de Voragine,Legenda Aureaof ca. 1288,[15]having dedicated her virginity to God,[16]Fifteen year old Agatha, from a rich and noble family, rejected the amorous advances of the who then persecuted her for her Christian faith.[17]He sent Agatha to Aphrodisia, the keeper of a brothel.

Saint Peter Healing Agatha, by theCaravaggio-followerGiovanni Lanfranco, ca 1614

The madam finding her intractable, Quinitianus sends for her, argues, threatens, and finally has her put in prison. Among the tortures she underwent was the cutting off of her breasts. After further dramatic confrontations with Quintianus, represented in a sequence of dialogues in herpassiothat document her fortitude and steadfast devotion. Saint Agatha was then sentenced to be burned at the stake, but an earthquake saved her from that fate; instead, she was sent to prison where St. Peter the Apostle appeared to her and healed her wounds.[18]Saint Agatha died in prison, according to theLegenda Aureain "the year of our Lord two hundred and fifty-three in the time ofDecius, the emperor of Rome."

Osbern Bokenham,A Legend of Holy Women, written in the 1440s, offers some further detail.[19]

Veneration[edit source|editbeta]Catania's duomo

Catania Cathedral (Cattedrale di Sant'Agata) is dedicated to Saint Agatha.

According to Maltese tradition, during the persecution of Roman Emperor Decius (AD 249-251), Agatha, together with some of her friends, fled from Sicily, and took refuge in Malta. Some historians believe that her stay on the island was rather short, and she spent her days in a rock hewn crypt at Rabat, praying and teaching the Christian Faith to children. After some time, Agatha returned to Sicily, where she faced martyrdom. Agatha was arrested and brought before Quintanus, praetor of Catania, who condemned her to torture and imprisonment. The crypt of St. Agatha is an underground basilica, which from early ages was venerated by the Maltese. At the time of St. Agatha's stay, the crypt was a small natural cave which later on, during the 4th or 5th century, was enlarged and embellished.[20]

Patronage[edit source|editbeta]Saint Agatha's breasts sculpted in the fortification walls,Mons, Var

She is thepatron saintof Catania, Sorihuela del Guadalimar (Spain),Molise,San MarinoandMalta.

Saint Agatha is a patron saint of Malta, where in 1551 her intercession through a reported apparition to a Benedictine nun is said to have saved Malta fromTurkish invasion.[20]

Agatha is the patron saint of bell-founders because of the shape of her severed breasts,[17]and also ofbakers, whose loaves were blessed at her feast day. More recently, she has been venerated as patron saint ofbreast cancerpatients.

She is claimed as the patroness of Palermo. The year after her death, the stilling of an eruption of Mt. Etna was attributed to her intercession. As a result, apparently, people continued to ask her prayers for protection against fire.[21]

Iconography[edit source|editbeta]

Saint Agatha is often her excised breasts on a platter, as byBernardino Luini'sSaint Agatha(1510–15) in the Galleria Borghese, Rome, in which Agatha contemplates the breasts on a standingsalverheld in her hand.

Legacy[edit source|editbeta]Burial of St Agatha, byGiulio Campi, 1537

Basqueshave a tradition of gathering on Saint Agatha's eve (Santa Ageda bezperainBasque) and going round the village. Homeowners can choose to hear a song about her life, accompanied by the beats of their walking sticks on the floor or a prayer for those deceased in the house. After that, the homeowner donates food to the chorus.[22]This song has varying lyrics according to the local tradition and theBasque language. An exceptional case was that of 1937, during theSpanish Civil War, when a version appeared that in the Spanish language praised the Soviet shipKomsomol, which had sunk while carrying Soviet weapons to theSecond Spanish Republic.

Anannual festivalto commemorate the life of Saint Agatha takes place inCatania,Sicily, from February 3 to 5. The festival culminates in a great all-night procession through the city for which hundreds of thousands of the city's residents turn out.

St. Agatha's Toweris a former Knight's stronghold located in the north west of Malta. The seventeenth-century tower served as a military base during both World Wars and was used as a radar station by the Maltese army.[20]

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Antique 18th Cent. Reliquary Pendant W/ Relic St. Agatha Of Sicily:

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