Antique Brass "darkening Solution", "metal Ager", 8 Oz.

Antique Brass

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Antique Brass "darkening Solution", "metal Ager", 8 Oz. :


Also "Ages" (Darkens) Copper, Bronze, & Tin

If you don't want your Pulls, Knobs, Latches, etc. shiny, you can use this brass ager to darken them and make them look more like the old hardware on antiques. This product is easy to apply and causes no dimensional change. The gradual color change lets you control the color! Most reproduction hardware comes withlacquer on it to prevent tarnish. If you use this metal ager, you will need to firstremove the lacquer, (or any other finish or paint) with lacquer thinner or paint remover. After you darken the metal, it will keep getting darker with age, unless you keep it waxed, oiled, orlacquered. After the process, you can "highlight" areas with cloth or 0000 steel wool, which will bring back a little shine, and give it the worn/used look.

**This isNOT Recommended for Brass Plated items, althoughI have used it many times on "Good Quality, Thick Plating". I take the item out every 4-5 Seconds to be sure it's not taking the plating off !**

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Antique Brass "darkening Solution", "metal Ager", 8 Oz. :

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