Antique Complete Masonic Master Set

Antique Complete Masonic Master Set

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Antique Complete Masonic Master Set :

Complete Antique Masonic Master Set
Exclusive Carrying BagCollar & Jewel Parthenon No. 1101Master Mason Apron
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Parthenon History

On July 2, 1929, R\W\Paul S. Chavanas, the District Deputy Grand Master of the 10th Masonic District of Manhattan, under the direction of M\W\ John A. Dutton, Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York, assembled the Brethren of Parthenon Lodge, the Charter Members for ”The First Greek Lodge in the United States.” in order to establish them as a duly instituted lodge, U.D. at Masonic Temple, 71 West 23rd Street New York, N.Y. designated as PARTHENON LODGE U. D. the lodge worked under dispensation until April 15, 1930; when the dispensation had to be returned to the Grand Lodge.

The lodge conferred the Entered Apprentice Degree for the first time on 08/09/1929 on five candidates, even before adoption of its first BY-LAWS on 10/12/1929. From its institution on 07/2/1929 to the return of its dispensation on 04/18/1930,Parthenon raised thirty brothers to the sublime degree of Maser Mason.

Parthenon Lodge was renowned for its ritual work during the 1930’s and the 1940’s. Among its noted ritualists and speakers were M.B. Petrides, Theo. Demos, who, received standing ovations after his presentation on the history of masonry, given in Greek, and his lecture on the relation of masonty to religion and politics, given in English, and John Donoucos, who lectured, in Greek, on the PHILIKI ETAIRIA.

By order of the Grand Master, Parthenon Lodge No. 1101 was rededicated by a W\ Anderson, assisted by a R\W\Savage, on 03/10/1937.
During the first 20 years of its existence the Lodge contributed greatly to the Greek causes. During the Second World War, in particular, it not only supported the United States War Effort by investing heavily in War Bonds, in contributing to the Red Cross to the U.S. War Relief, sending cigarettes to servicemen, it also contributed thousands of dollars to the Greek War Relief, to the underprivileged children of Greece, and to the relief of Greek Masons. It held joint dinner dances with Abravanel Lodge # 1116 to raise funds for these contributions to Greece and to the Building Fund of the Greek Grand Lodge, to replace its Grand Lodge Building, which was destroyed by the Nazis. Twice, Archbishop Athenagoras, a brother, who later was elevated as his All Holines, The Ecumenical Patriarch, Athena Goras I, sent letters to the Lodge, thanking Parthenon for its contributions to Greek charity and the Library of the Greek Theological Seminary. The Lodge received additional thanks for its contributions from M\ W\Phylatos Papageorge, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Greece. Parthenon Lodge was also a contributor to the two Greek Parochial Schools in the New York City area, The Greek American Institute and The Cathedral, as well as, ST. Basil’s Academy, the Greek orphanage in upstate New York.

In addition to its close association with Abravanel Lodge, PARTHENON developed a close relationship with PARTHENON-UNIVERSITY CHAPTER of the Order of the Eastern Star since many of its members and their wives were members of the Chapter. The Sisters of the Chapter helped PARTHENON conduct their MEMORIAL SERVICE in May of each year, while PARTHENON, for many years, contributed to the purchase of the Matron’s Sash. On 01/19/1949, PARTHENON LODGE endorsed the action of some of its members, who formed the newly instituted HELLENIC LODGE U.D, by donating to it its first bible.

In its 70-year history, Parthenon Lodge No1101 was honored by having twelve of its members commissioned as Right Worshipfuls, beginning with Bro. M.B. Petrides, who was appointed Grand Steward in May 1934. Four, including an affiliate, were District Deputy Grand Master.

From 1929 to the 1980’s the Lodge continued to meet in Masonic hall at 71 W. 23rd Street New York, N.Y., even though it moved to many rooms; from the small Jacobean room, when it was first Instituted to the large Renaissance room, in 1944, when the Lodge was growing rapidly. The Meeting date was also changed several times to meet the needs of its members: from the second and fourth Saturday to the second and Fourth Tuesday, to the First and Third Wednesday. Unfortunately, since the 1980’s the Lodge experienced poor attendance and attempted to solve the problem by changing its meeting place six times. First to the Masonic Temple in Floral Park, then to Advance Temple in Long Island City, New York, back to the Renaissance Room in Manhattan, then, to Masonic Hall in Bellmore, N. Y, followed by Valley Stream Temple in Valley Stream, N.Y. and currently back to Advance Temple in Long Island City, New York

Antique Complete Masonic Master Set :

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