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Antique Double Horse Carving Lg.meerschaum Pipe Cheroot Style Rare Cowboy Smoke For Sale

Antique Double Horse Carving Lg.meerschaum Pipe Cheroot Style Rare Cowboy Smoke

ThisBeautiful AntiqueMeerschaumpipe with two largeintricatelycarved Horses is exceptional. The Horses are carved with great detail,its amazing that the artist was so talented to do this is all by hand and capture the grace, beauty and motion of the Horses.This pipe was crafted around 1850 or earlier, I know the range is from the 1700's through the 1880'sbecause this pipe was made in Germany and they were made inGermany and a few this time frame. It measures 6" long and 2 1/4" tall, it is a generous size andabsolutelyfeels good in hand. The mouth piece/stem on thisMeerschaumpipe isoriginalto the pipe and has a beautiful grain and patina to it. The bowl is alsooriginalto the pipe and in fantastic condition, it looks like itactuallyhas been smoked from but by the looks of it, not a great deal but it does show signs of a pipe that has been used and enjoyed by someone. This pipe is beautifully aged with the different materials used in making it. The case is in wonderful condition and is theoriginalcase for this particular pipe. It has red silk on the inside top of the case(silk has faded from age to a muted red)and red velvet on the bottom inside of the case.The side of the pipe that rests in the velvet is gorgeously polished from the cloth and the top of the pipe is less so but stillgorgeous. This is typical of all these pipes. I have never cleaned it but there are web sites instructing you on how to clean and care for these incredible works of art. The case has the original leather on the outside that is often not attached on a pipe case this old as it has spent many years most likely in the pocket of the person who firstacquiredit. The hinges and clasp are all in perfect working order and the case is as much of a piece of art as the pipe since it is hand carved and this type of case is called a Violin case. The label is embossed in gold on the case and it says "GARANTIRT ECHT MEERSCHAUM u. BERNSTEIN"in German, translatingto 'Real Meerschaum and Amber Guaranteed to".The mouth piece has the wood carved threads as do theses early pipes and may need to be soaked in water if you were to use the pipe forsmokingto tighten the threads back up by swelling them to original fit, although it isrelativelytight just as it is now. The threads do shrink after years and these old pipes do not have the metal screws that they do now. For collectors its a must have, the olderMeerschaumpipes are harder to find with all the parts and case still in such nice condition as this is. If you look on theMeerschaumwebpages from sale sites they go for 500.00 to 3500.00 in Europe and pipe shops sell them for an incredible amount. Meerschaummade plain pipes for smokingalongwith this type of artisticallycarved pipes that were sold for much more back in the 1700'/1800's and the carved ones were made at a rate of one per every ten that the plain, moreaffordableones were made. So the fact that there can be this nice of onestillaround in this condition is amazing. I have a newspaper article I found online from 1877 that talks about theMeerschaumpipes and how they came to be sold inNew Yorkat the time and told a lot about the history of them and that the plain ones sold for 1.00 to 15.00 and the carves ones like this sold for 10.00 to 100.00 per pipe..that was a lot of money in the 1800's for a pipe. It also states that the finest of these carvedMeerschaumpipes were from Berlin and Viennabecausethey hired carvers of Ivory and wood to create this style of pipe and considered them to be true artist and craftsmen. The article also stated that no two are alike andthat'swhy each case was carved by hand with greatprecision, as were the pipes, to fit the pipe well enough to protect it, therefore no two are alike in the cases either. Its a good thing they thought about that way back when or this is one antique that may not have survived had they not beenconscientiousof the quality and fit of the cases.Please see my listing for my otherMeerschaum Cheroot Style pipe that is also a very beautiful one.I collect many western antiques, unusual antiques, antiqueminiaturesand vintage items and never thought I would sell them but the time has come to reduce my precious collections in order to make ends meet while my husband continuesChemotherapy. I will belistingmany western antiques in they find there way to others who will enjoy collecting them as I have forsomany years.This item will have an additional 2.20 charge for delivery confirmation from the post office for both our protection. Claims are easier and it takes the guess work out of lost items when a delivery confirmation is required. I do not require this on all my listings unless they fit a certain criteria that I feel warrants this, such as, what the specific item is and the real value of the item, not the price you offer and paid for, most things go for much less thenappraisedor sale value which is why makes a great place to find items at a better price than retail stores or estate sales. Although I do notrequirethis on all my items, you may request deliveryconfirmationon anything you purchase from me.

Please note that shipping is set to what the form allows and I can ship items in a less expensive manner such as ground, but I need to invoice you with rates that are not available when you calculate shipping. If you want priority no matter what then you may pay before invoicing. I will make sure I get the best price no matter what carrier it may be with to save you money on shipping rates. I know the postal rates have gone up and I always take the time to find the best prices for the economy the way it is I will do my part to help keep cost as low as I can.

Note to the winner: All sales are semi-final.(I will take returns on a case by case policy) Upon winning the sale ,before paying, I will figure out payment due to get you the best shipping price I can and to insure all shipping cost are accurate. I prefer to Invoice before payment is made so I am not paying for miscalculations in shipping. Insurance is highly recommended, although on some of my antique and collectible vintage items insurance will be includedfor both our protection and will state this in the item description or handling fee, if any problemsoccurredin transit you must notify me within 24 hrs.of receipt of merchandise for it to be considered and/or to assist in making a claim. Non paying buyers will be reported to . Please try to pay within 7 days. I can work with you to extend time if need be so please stay in contact. If you do not pay immediately keep in touch via email or messaging and keep me updated on your payment progress.

I will gladly answer any??? you may have. I give all inquires prompt responses, I value your time and appreciate your interest in my listings. Additional pictures gladly sent upon request.

Important Message to Everyone: I ship immediately upon payment of order; I ship all items with TLC so you receive it in excellent condition. I give response to everyone I do business with; I always find something positive to say no matter what. I accept all credit card & debit card payments through PayPal. As soon as payment is made I will ship upon notification. You may use paypal for all online payments such as bank fund transfer into paypal or funds from one paypal account to another. NO PERSONAL CHECKS.I will ship outside theUSAandCanada, just let me know before you offer where you want the item shipped so I can let you know if there are any restrictions that would keep me from shipping to any particular area.

On a personal note: I have started selling on again to help with expensesrelatedto my husbandscancer treatments. I have been a collector for years and have huge inventory to list so keep looking as I am trying to add items and entire collections daily. I also have othercollectors I will be listing for this timearoundso there will be many Antique, Vintage, Odd and Unusual items coming up as well as good deals on just about everything, be it vintage or new. My seller reputation is very important to me, now more so then ever. I appreciate that if a problem does arise that you give me every opportunity to make things right for you. In the past I always made sure that my listings wereaccuratelydescribed and shipped with theup-mostcare so there was never any room for error, but anything can happen and I am all about giving the best customer service I can to keep my 100% rating in tact. Selling this time has a newmeaningfor me and it's to make my husbands life easier bygeneratingextra dollars for our household while he remains onChemotherapy. Please know that if my starting prices on some items are lower then others it’s becauseI need the sales, notbecauseit’s less valuable. Since I have such a large inventory it never hurts to let me know specific items you may be looking for or collect, if I have it I would be glad to list it on as a "buy now" and give you every opportunity to have firstchanceat adding a specific item to your collection from mine. Thank you for reading this and happy offerding. Michelle

Antique Double Horse Carving Lg.meerschaum Pipe Cheroot Style Rare Cowboy Smoke

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Antique Double Horse Carving Lg.meerschaum Pipe Cheroot Style Rare Cowboy Smoke :

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