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Antique Ge General Electric Fan Brass Art Nouveau Restored Vintage 1905 Nr For Sale

Antique Ge General Electric Fan Brass Art Nouveau Restored Vintage 1905 Nr

This is a stationary General Electric Fan manufactured in 1905.It features a 12 inch diameter brass blade, stands 17 inches tall and its blade guard is 13 inches wide.This fan has a factory rotary switch located in the basecapableof six individual positions with each snap of the switch. In the photos you can see the switch knob in the off position.The fan is capable of 5 speeds. To operate, first turn the switch clockwise to its first speed which is the highest position. This will start the fan blade rotating, and once the fan gains enough momentum, you can continue to snap the switch clockwise to one of four other slower speed selections.
This fan runs very smooth and quiet on all 5 speeds. It is so quiet on the 2 lowest speeds, that aside from seeing the blade move, the most you may hear is a slight hum (which is normal) from the new transformer located inside the base of the fan. This transformer is responsible for giving this fan its 4 lower speed selections.
This General Electric fan is constructed of heavy iron castings and garnished in brass trimmings. The blade, blade guard, and blade guard supportsareall solid brass. The motor hex nuts, guard support screws, motor tag, rear motor power terminals, front motor oil return and oil cup are solid brass.The trunnion to motor wing screws, switch knob pointer and OFF position indicator are all solid brass.You will notice in one of the pictures provided that there are more brass trimmings out of sight in the base.
The gold colored Pinstriping on this fan was hand done by an artist, and it compliments the opulent brass trimmings of this fan. This fan has turn of the century good looks and operates soquietly that it merits a special place in your home or office.
This fan can be pivoted up or down in its cast iron trunnion. The fan motor can swivel to the left or right by simply loosening the wing screw located at the top of the base. Once the fan motor is turned and positioned, you simply tighten the thumb screw down to hold it firmly in the selected position.This swivel feature spares the owner the need to lift and reposition the fan.
This fan was completely disassembled and restored top to bottom a couple of years ago. The iron castings were stripped to bare metal of the damaged factory enamel. The castings were then given multiple coats of a quality appliance epoxy to give the fan the look and luster of its original enamel.The motor was completely disassembled and restored. The motor stator windings are original, with silk covering to insulate the pole windings.The windings appeared healthy at the time of restoration.The motor rotor (the brass colored iron wheel with holes that turns inside the motor)was stripped to bare metal and painted metallicbrass and given a clear coat to protect the paint.When restoration began, all that was left of the fans original blade guard was the rear ring.It was still being held in place by the fans original blade guardsupports. The blade guard was sturdily reconstructed in the way of the original.The speed coil (transformer) in the base was reproduced in the likeness of the old, and was new to the fan when restored.The fan's motor sleeve bearing was replaced with new. The oil cup had a new felt oil wick to replace the old.All the power wiring in the base of the fan connecting the switch to the transformer was replaced with new cloth covered wire. All exposed braided cloth covered power wiring on the outside of the fan was new at the time of the fan's restoration.A nice retro plug was added to the power cord.The motor tag was restored like new.The fan base has new rubber feet.
This fan plugs into and operates fine on a modern household wall socket current. The exposed brass power terminals located on the bottom of the back of the fan motor are as they were when the fan came from the factory. They represent no danger unless they are touched when the fan is plugged in. The fan speed switch is located in the front of the fan, so your hands will not be in the back of the fan motor near the electrical terminals.Also, do not touch components located inside the base of the fan when the fan is plugged in. There is no way to get your hands or fingers under and into the base when the fan is on a flat surface. If you choose to move the fan in any way, it is best to simply unplug it and there will be no electricalhazard to you.I would give careful thought and consideration before offerding on this fan if you have young children. I only mention these things for your safety. I have restored this fan to the best of my abilities to make it as safe as I can make it. The fan you are buying is an antique fan made over a century ago.It is constructed to the safety standards of that time period.
The winning buyer will have some simple assembly.No tools are necessary for assembly.This will consist of removing the assembledfan, blade, and guard from a separate box within the main box. Then assemble the fan head into the trunnion by aligning the motor in the trunnion and threadinginthe two brass wing screws.This holds the motor in the trunnion.After that, simply connect the two power wires located on the base to the two motor terminals. You can't hook the two power wires up wrong, asthe polarityis not an issue with this fan.The oil cup must then be filled with the correct oil prior tooperation.I will advise and help the winner by email or phone as needed.Please use the enlarge option on the photos to evaluate condition.Shipping and Handling Includes Insurance!Be sure to add me to your favorites list!Thanks For Looking and Good Luck offerding!
Antique Ge General Electric Fan Brass Art Nouveau Restored Vintage 1905 Nr

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Antique Ge General Electric Fan Brass Art Nouveau Restored Vintage 1905 Nr:

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