Antique Georgian Regency Whitework Apron Late 18th Early 19th Century Dolls ? For Sale

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Antique Georgian Regency whitework apron Late 18th early 19th Century Dolls ?

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This lovely Georgian whitework apron may be the best bargain ever!

Simply gorgeous, with the most fine floral sprigs, each grouped and different from the next, embroidered in long and short stitch with chain stitched stems, it is very typical of the late 18th or early 19th Century.

I have sold many of these, and this is the first I have examined with the delightful buttonhole stitched edge, which I have only ever found before on the edges of Hoille Point 18th Century baby caps.

Hard enough to do at the edge of a cap - simply a work of love around the whole edge of an apron!

The muslin is especially fine, very, very lightweight. Despite this, there are only a few tiny holes, very minor indeed. There is a long narrow darn, antique, to the edge of the hem. These aprons were highly prized and often passed from mistress to servant, as a mark of dedicated service.

The waist is deeply pleated into a silk waistband, with ties that follow. These Regency ribbon ties are in excellent condition, and the only reason why I think the piece is early 19th Century rather than late 18th.

There is a big problem. I have rinsed the apron, despite the delicacy of it. No damage resulted, although I do not recommend you do it unless an expert!

However, sadly, the apron continues to display stains. Spots in many areas, but a few heavy areas, as shown.

These stains usually melt away when muslin is soaked. It is not rust. But they are not moving. I don't know what they are.

Please forgive my display. The apron is not mid 18th Century and should not be shown with a pannier or 18th Century petticoat. I just love to dress up! These items are not included in the sale. But they do show the full width of the apron to good effect!

It upsets me to say it, but if not for a collector, the apron could be used for antique Georgian or Regency dolls.

Please do take a look in my shop if you have the time!

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Antique Georgian Regency Whitework Apron Late 18th Early 19th Century Dolls ?

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Antique Georgian Regency Whitework Apron Late 18th Early 19th Century Dolls ?: