Antique Miniature Bronze Cannon - Lantaka / Dolphin Sights/ Malaysia-philippines

Antique Miniature Bronze Cannon - Lantaka / Dolphin Sights/ Malaysia-philippines

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Antique Miniature Bronze Cannon - Lantaka / Dolphin Sights/ Malaysia-philippines:

Antique Bronze Miniature 'Lantaka' Hand Cannon
Southeast Asia or Philippines

17th - 18th Century

~ please scroll down for more photos ~ SIZE:

Length - - 1.75" DESCRIPTION:

A very early example of a handmade cast and fabricated bronze 'Lantaka' or miniature hand-cannon from Southeast Asia or the Philippines.

This piece features sights that are fashioned in the shape of dolphins, as the cannon was made for naval use in the South Pacific where almost all pre-Colonial ships and smaller boats were armed against attacks by pirates.

The body of the cannon is less decorated than many later examples with simple raised scalloped motifs on the barrel and a simple flower shaped muzzle. AGE:

Circa 17th-18th century - possibly earlier. CONDITION:

Good antique condition for it's advanced age, as shown in the photos and with the following noted:

Overall wear and very advanced darkened patina. Green encrusted patina in some areas. Small losses and scratches to the barrel and other parts. Wear and losses to the knob at the end of the breech. Advanced wear to the touch hole from many years of use.

NOTE: This lantaka is guaranteed to be authentic. It is not a reproduction or newer piece. It is at least 200 years old and no doubt saw much use during it's working life, as you can see from the photographs. HISTORY:

Lantaka (also known as Kanyon in Tagalog) (rentaka in Malay) is a type of bronze cannon mounted on merchant vessels traveling the waterways of Malay Archipelago. Its use was greatest in pre-colonial South East Asia especially in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. The guns were used to defend against pirates demanding tribute for the local chief, or potentate.

Although most lantaka weighed under two hundred pounds, and many only a few pounds, the largest ones exceeded a thousand pounds with some weighing over a ton. Many of these beautiful guns were mounted on swivels and were known as swivel guns. The smaller ones could be mounted almost anywhere including in the rigging. Medium sized cannon were frequently used in reinforced sockets on the vessel's rails and were sometimes referred to as rail guns. The heaviest swivel guns were mounted on modified gun carriages to make them more portable.

Typically the earliest cannon with beautiful ornaments from this region are from foundries in the Malacca and Pahang with later models from foundries in the Netherlands and Portugal, next from their respective settlements, and finally from Brunei and other local craftsmen. However, there were also double-barreled variants that were used extensively in the Philippines. In Malaysia, these double-barreled variants are called Meriam Lela (Malay for 'Lela Cannon') and appears to be longer than a typical Lantaka. PLEASE NOTE :

The low opening offer, with , is not meant to reflect upon the actual monetary value of the piece. My sales are structured this way to encourage offerding and to allow the final sale price to be determined by the buyers. ~ please click on image for high definition photos ~

This item will be a museum quality addition to any collection of Antique Military items and will display beautifully in any Mid Century Modern, Southeast Asian, Filipino, or Arts and Crafts decor.

This object comes from a smoke-free, pet-free Environment and it will be carefully packed and shipped for quick and safe arrival to its new owner.

Please look carefully at all the photographs to view the details and condition of the piece. Please e-mail with any questions ... we always respond quickly!

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Antique Miniature Bronze Cannon - Lantaka / Dolphin Sights/ Malaysia-philippines:

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