Antique Original Maritime Folk Art Oil On Board Tossed Sailboat Painting Nr Yqz

Antique Original Maritime Folk Art Oil On Board Tossed Sailboat Painting Nr Yqz

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Antique Original Maritime Folk Art Oil On Board Tossed Sailboat Painting Nr Yqz:

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From the Pinto Family Archive!

In this sale we have an original antique maritime folk art oil on artist board painting depicting a sailboat tossed at sea, dating we estimate to the late 19th century by the label on the verso. This is just one of a small collection of paintings we acquired at a recent estate sale in PA where they included this bit of info about the sale: "Over 300 lots of excellent original at by Philadelphia area artists, known names form Chester County, Wilmington, DE, Chadds Ford, New Jersey and a few excellent NE artists to include: The family archives of the Pinto brothers, an Italian-American family of artists patronized by Albert C. Barnes. Angelo, Salvatore, and Biagio began their training in the Barnes Foundation art education program, where Dr. Barnes took a special interest in the three boys. He took them to France to meet Henri Matisse and to Northern Africa to paint. In 1932, he purchased four of their paintings to display in the Barnes Foundation; the Pintos were the first Philadelphia

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artists featured in the collection. Today, the Barnes has five of Angelo?s paintings and two of Biagio?s on display and a hold of Salvatore?s work in the private collection kept in storage. Our sale includes 151 lots of artwork both by and from the collections of the Pinto brothers. It is the largest contingent of Pinto art to be saleed at once. In addition to the Pinto portion of the sale, our Day 2 Fine Art sale includes nearly 100 lots of regional artwork from the collection of Chester County patron David Davis." This piece comes from the Pinto Family Archive!

Displayed in a wood frame, the artwork measures approx. 11-1/2" by 14-3/4" with an art sight size of 8-1/4" by 11-1/2". The painting has age wear with stains, heavy varnish, craquelure, and minor areas of loss, so see our many photos to capture all the details! A great piece of maritime art with provenance to add to your collection! GOOD LUCK!

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Antique Original Maritime Folk Art Oil On Board Tossed Sailboat Painting Nr Yqz:

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