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Antique Radio Repair & Servicing Course - M N Beitman For Sale

Antique Radio Repair & Servicing Course - M N Beitman

Up for sale in CD-ROM format is that classic hard-to-find book from M.N. Beitman entitled "Radio Servicing Course - Practical Radio Training for Home Study" (160 pages, date unknown but appears to be from the mid to late forties).

From the Preface:

This course is adaptable for the use of a beginner, but the subject matter goes beyond the elementary and will prove of aid to the professional serviceman who wishes to brush up on basic facts and modern service methods. We have hundreds of letters from users of the earlier editions of this course, who have expressed their thanks for the aid given them by this course. May your success in radio also improve through the study of this course.


Introductory Preface

Lesson 1:Introduction and Fundamental Facts

Review Questions

Lesson 2:Elementary Electricity

Radio Symbols

Review Questions

Lesson 3:Radio Batteries

Lesson 4:Circuits - Magnetism - Electromagnetics

Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Simple Formulas Explained AsA Tool

Ohm's Law

Wattage or Electrical Power

Resistor Color Code

How to Tell What Resistor to Use



Electromagnetic Induction

Self Induction

Review Questions

Lesson 5: Radio Frequency Inductances

Mutual Inductance

Coupling Coefficient

Antenna Coils

High-Impedance Primary

Low-Impedance Capacity Coupling

R.F. Coils

IF Transformers

Single-Tuned IF Transformers

Doule-Tuned IF Transformers

Triple-Tuned IF Transformers

Capacity Coupling in IF Transformers

Radio Coils

Review Questions

Lesson 6: Radio Capacitors

Fixed Condensers

Considerations of Electrolytic Condensers

Capacitor Color Code

Some Important Facts Concerning Condenser Replacement

Review Questions

Lesson 7: Alternating Current Theory and Filters

Inductive Reactance

Capacitance Reactance


Tuned Circuits

Reactance and Resistance

Reactance and Resistance in Series

Handy Radio Formulae

Review Questions

Lesson 8: Practical Aspects of Radio Servicing

Review Questions

Lesson 9: Radio Tubes

Beam Power Tubes

Bias Detector

Transistor Theory


Diode Action

Transistor Action

DC Stabilization

Transistor Bias Adjustment

Lesson 10: Radio Frequency Amplification - Superheterodyne Principles




Volume Control Replacement

The Superheterodyne Principle

Automatic Volume Controls

Review Questions

Lesson 11: Power Supplies

Synchronous Vibrators

Review Questions

Lesson 12: Meters, Multitesters, and Tube Testers

Lesson 13: Vacuum Tube Voltmeters

Review Questions

Lesson 14: Point-to-Point Servicing

Lesson 15: Signal Generators and Signal Tracers

Signal Tracing Techniques

Review Questions

Lesson 16: Using an Oscilloscope for Servicing

Review Questions

Lesson 17: Alignment Information

Lesson 18: Amplifiers, Public Address, and High Fidelity

Principles of Public Address Systems

Lesson 19: Advantages of Inverse response

Explanation of Inverse response

Reduction of Distortion

Reduction of Plate Resistance

Electrodynamic & Magnetic Speakers

Loudspeaker Selection - Placement

Lesson 20: Matching Speakers to the P.A.

Effect of Mismatching Speakers to Amplifier Output

Lesson 21: Frequency Modulation

FM Antenna Fundamentals

FM Receiver Fundamentals

FM Receiver Alignment and Trouble Shooting

Lesson 22: The Radio Servicing Business

Obtaining Radio Repair Jobs

The Question of Rates and Charges

With the knowledge and experience that you gain from this collection of lectures, it should be possible for you to pursue a rewarding and satisfying hobby in antique radio restoration.

The original160 page book was scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi and converted into this digital book in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

In order to view this file you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

Note: I am offering both this title and the M.N. Beitman Advanced Radio Servicing titletogether for one low price in a separate sale!!! Please check my store for details!!!

Shipping is FREE within the United States.

Positive response is left for all smooth transactions.


NOTE: YOU ARE NOT BUYING THE ORIGINAL MANUAL. You are buying a scanned copy of the original. Winning buyers will receive a CD with thefile in Adobe Acrobat PDF format burned to it.

Antique Radio Repair & Servicing Course - M N Beitman

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Antique Radio Repair & Servicing Course - M N Beitman:

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