Antique Seth Thomas 5 Bell Sonora Chime Clock Runs Strikes And Chimes 1914

Antique Seth Thomas 5 Bell Sonora Chime Clock Runs Strikes And Chimes 1914

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Antique Seth Thomas 5 Bell Sonora Chime Clock Runs Strikes And Chimes 1914:

Antique Seth Thomas 5 Bell Sonora Chime Clock Runs Strikes and Chimes 1914

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Here is an opportunity to own a Seth Thomas Sonora 5 Bell Sonora Chime clock that is in very nice condition. For your buying consideration is this 5 Bell Seth Thomas clock that I recently acquired at an sale. And remember, there is never any sales tax to our US customers as we live in Delaware, the home of tax free shopping!

Few of these clocks were made and less are in as nice condition that this one is in with the clock being almost 100 years old. I think this clock is known as a No. 11. The clock case also has the year 1914 stamped on the bottom of the case. You be the judge at to the clock's age and the model number before acquiring.

The brass clock and chime movements appear to be in good condition. The springs on all three winds feel sound when keyed. This clock is in running order. The chimes unit is a #90b and the clock movement is a #89O. The brass plates of the time and chimes' units show some loss of finish from oiling and time over the years. The clock runs, strikes, and chimes quite well. The bells, which appear to be about 3" in diameter, all sound great when the clock strikes and chimes, so appears none of the bells have any cracks or other damage that impede their sound. The clock chimes every 15 minutes and then chimes and strikes the number of hours on the hour. The strike bell is about 3.25" in diameter. Look at how they carved the inside of the case out to fit the larger diameter bell in it! The chimes unit performs the Westminster chime sound. The lever on the side of the clock to allow the strikers to operate or be silenced for the chimes unit is in working order.

The face of the clock and the hands shows just a little wear. The clock has a 5-7/8" silvered face. Beautiful gold colored trim ring around the face. The hands look appropriate to the clock. The bezel and glass over the face are intact, hinges still pretty secure and no cracks or blistering to the glass. Some scratching of the glass on the outside center right where the arm comes out to the hands, so hard to see but can feel with fingernail. The rear door of the clock is still firmly attached to the case as well. Not sure if that is the original pendulum bob, but does look appropriate to the clock based upon what I have come across over the years.

The mahogany wood case still appears to be in very good condition. The case has the Doric Arch Ribbon design to it, versus the beehive or cathedral case that would come to a peak. And check out the great inlay design on the front of this case. I see little to no crazing going on to the finish as well as little to no sun damage. I have have a number of the 5 bell Sonoras over the years, but this is one of the best wood cases I have ever come across. All I have done to it is wipe the case down with Murphy's oil soap, and some orange oil and have applied some liquid wax to the case.

There is a mark on the right side of the clock about 2/3 of the way down from the arch that is about 1/2" long.. Also, a little wear to the finish where the front and sides meet, but minimal. Other than that, I see no cracks, splits, or repairs to the case to report to you. The wood case still has what appears to be the appropriate brass legs for this clock. Someone has added some felt to the bottom of the legs at sometime in the past.

I think that the finish on this clock case is original. I see nothing on the inside of the case or the outside to show that it was ever refinished at any time. The clock will come with a winding key. The clock stands 13.5" tall, by 10-1/8" across, by 6-13/16" wide. Let us know if you have any questions or need additional pictures.

As can be expected when dealing with an antique clock, some adjustments may be needed after shipping to get the clock re-running correctly again as they can be very delicate. If you have not had experience with old mechanical clocks before, I would suggest you steer clear. One really needs to have the patience, and skill to work with these great works of art. They are not our modern plug in and go, or change the battery clocks. Please ask any questions relating to this matter, before you decide to purchase it.

Make sure that this clock meets your needs and requirements before deciding to acquire it. The item can be returned, but there is a $125 restocking fee to do so. So again, ask all questions you have, come see in person or send a friend to see the clock on your behalf, prior to deciding to acquire it.

Don't be shy, I am always open to reasonable offers! Don't dally in making a decision to buy as I do not expect this special clock to be available for very long. First time I have had one in my possession since earlier this year and I buy and sell a lot of clocks! I also have a Seth Thomas 8 Bell Sonora Chime Clock for sale separately in my store. You should take a look at that one as well. It is the only one that I can find for sale on the internet right now and only the second one I have had in 20 years. You can find it under the following listing number - 111166394732 or under the clocks section of my store, TimelessTokensDE. I normally have about 130 clocks for sale at any given time.

Please check out our other Timeless Tokens store listings as we are regularly adding new items. We specialize in vintage artwork, books, collectibles, furniture, musical instruments, clocks/watches, and decorative boxes. Thanks for your business. (I13043).

Antique Seth Thomas 5 Bell Sonora Chime Clock Runs Strikes And Chimes 1914:

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