Antique Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantle Clock *running* C. Early 1900's

Antique Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantle Clock *running* C. Early 1900's

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Antique Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantle Clock *running* C. Early 1900's:

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Antique Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantle Clock *Running* C. Early 1900's

Here is another awesome-looking clock made by the Seth Thomas Clock Co. in Thomaston, Conn., USA in the very early 1900's. This is a fairly rare model with 6 full round celluloid columns, three on each side of the dial.

The original signed Seth Thomas movement has been serviced and is in good running and gonging order.

The "Adamantine" finish, which is a patented laminate finish from the late 1800's, is in good shape for its age. You may see a little shrinkage at the corners and edges, some cracking here and there, and some touch ups, as well as plenty of light denting and scuffs, which is the nature of the Adamantine finish.It is a thin, soft laminate similar to our plastic, and so shrinks, cracks, and dents fairly easily with just normal use over time.

As stated, it runs well, keeps time, and gongs properly.It counts each hour on a mellow sounding antique cathedral gong, i.e. 1 gong at 1:00, 2 gongs at 2:00, etc., and announces each half hour with a single toll.

It measures 18" wide x 11 ¼" high x 7" deep.It also comes complete with a key and the original pendulum.

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Antique Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantle Clock *running* C. Early 1900's:

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