Antique Victorian Farm Guide Cookbook Recipes Household Bees Architecture Barn

Antique Victorian Farm Guide Cookbook Recipes Household Bees Architecture Barn

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Antique Victorian Farm Guide Cookbook Recipes Household Bees Architecture Barn :

THE NATIONAL FARMER’S AND HOUSEKEEPER’S CYCLOPAEDIA (alternate title: THE FARM & HOUSEHOLD CYCLOPEDIA) A Complete Ready Reference Library for Farmers, Gardeners, Fruit Growers, Stockmen and Housekeepers, Containing a Large Fund of Useful Information, Facts, Hints and Suggestions, in the Various Departments of Agriculture, Horticulture, Live Stock Raising, Poultry Keeping, Bee Keeping, Dairy Farming, Fertilizers, Rural Architecture, Farm Implements, Household Management, Domestic Affairs, Cookery, Ladies’ Fancy Work, Floriculture, Medical Matters, Etc. With 249 Illustrations. © 1888 Published by F.M. Lupton, New York. 7½” x 5½” decorated cloth hardcover. Illustrated. 544 pages.

Condition: Good antique condition. Exterior as shown in photo. Front inner hinge cracked but holding well. Text is clean and complete, with typical smudging and occasional foxing. Good example of this rare 1888 Victorian farm and household guide.

NOTE: This book was alternately published under the title THE FARM & HOUSEHOLD CYCLOPEDIA -- in fact, the contents of both titles are IDENTICAL. And both are equally rare. Not long ago, THE FARM & HOUSEHOLD CYCLOPEDIA sold on for $305 (see No. 150903603859); in the spring of 2012, THE NATIONAL FARMER'S AND HOUSEKEEPER'S CYCLOPEDIA (the present title) sold on for $450.


This is an amazing and extremely rare 544-page volume chock-full of farm and household intelligence.

On the farm side: farm and livestock management; how to build a farmhouse, cottage and other farm buildings; farm tools and implements; how to raise horses and other stock; fertilization; fences and gates; horticulture; apiary or bee-keeping, and more.

On the household side: a full cookbook loaded with recipes for meats, vegetables, soups, breads and cakes, pastries, and more; advice for household management; a collection of household receipts, hints and other useful information; a “household physician,” or medical instruction and remedies for health and well being; also arts and crafts, with chapters on fancy work, floriculture, etc.

The Preface states:

The purpose of this volume is to supply a ready reference library of useful facts and suggestions for farmers and housekeepers … The object of the work is not to tell the farmer and the housewife that which they already know, but to present them valuable information which it is believed cannot fail to be of material assistance in rural homes.

In the preparation of the work, great care has been taken and no pains have been spared to make it complete in every detail. Consultation of the best authorities insures its reliability, and it is believed that it will be found invaluable by all who become possessed of it, and that it will prove one of those exceptional books which are prized more highly by reason of age and constant association; for it will doubtless be consulted almost daily in the course or rural and household affairs.

There is hardly a day in a farmer’s life but that some problem arises not easy of solution without a reliable treatise of this kind to consult. Such a want it is the purpose of this volume to supply. The author is well aware that the masses of agriculturists have but little money to waste upon luxuries of any kind, and he is equally confident that the purchase of this book, far from being a waste of his hard earnings, will prove one of the most profitable of investments. Its perusal will develop new ideas, new methods and new theories in every branch of farm labor of incalculable value, and the household department will be found equally as serviceable to the farmer’s wife as it will the agricultural department to the farmer.

In the compilation of the work we have been largely indebted to the leading agricultural journals of this country and Europe, as well as to many standard works upon agricultural and household topics. Access to extensive files of the former could alone insure completeness in a work of this kind … We have succeeded in producing a work of far greater value than any exclusively original production could possibly do, for we present herein the views of nearly all the ablest writers in the country upon the various topics treated, giving to the people at large the benefits of their extensive experiment and research …

This book is a permanent storehouse of useful facts, hints and suggestions for farmers and housekeepers. It may be consulted upon any problem or in any emergency that may arise, and will rarely fail to elicit the information desired. We believe it to be the very book that every farmer and housewife needs, and that it will repay its small cost many times over each month in the year.

PLUS, this book features 249 individual illustrations in the text, illuminating many of the featured instructions.

In order to give you the most accurate description of this rare 124-year-old book, I have provided some helpful details below. I have personally created my own table of contents which will give you an idea of what a goldmine of information this book truly is you’re your convenience, I have divided it into Farm and Household Categories). Further down the page, you can see some of the illustrations from the book.

All of this is to help you make an informed decision when offerding. I hope you’ll take a few moments to have a look.

Contents Are:



How to judge a horse
Feed for the horse
How to feed horses
How to raise a colt
How to bit a colt
A convenient horseshoe
How to break horses from pulling at the halter
Warts on horses
Stumbling horses
Cure for balky horse
How to stop horses from kicking
How to train vicious horses
How to treat and prevent galls and sores on horses
Working mares in foals
Kicking in the stall
Reining horses
A remedy for colic in horses
A remedy for founder
How to treat epizootic in horses
Shying horses
Best material for stable floors
Scratches on floors
Ringbones on colts
Cure for spavin and ringbone
Treatment of sick horses
A muzzle for biting horses
How to save oats in feeding
How blindness is produced
Care of horses’ legs
How to tell a horse’s age
Sawdust for stables
The watering of horses
Linseed oil for horses
Windgalls or puffs
Brittle feet
Ignorance in shoeing
How to avoid indigestion in horses
Flies and horses
How to cool horses when hot
How to recruit a hide-bound horse
Sprains and bruises in horses
Flies in horse stables
Hemlock cribs
Worms in horses
Worms in the rectum
Sensitive jaws
Best method of cleaning horses

Hints to breeders of shorthorns
Selecting breeding males
How to ring a bull
An inexpensive relish for stock
Cattle in cornstalks
How to relieve choked cattle
Bone disease in milch cows
Marks of a good cow
Cattle rack
Economy in feeding cattle
How good cows are ruined
How to prevent cattle from hooking fences
How to curry milch cows
How to prevent cows kicking
Black tongue in cattle
Lice on cattle
Cheap shelter for stock
The soiling system with cows
How to raise calves
Charcoal for sick animals
How to break a heifer or a vicious cow to milk
Feed rack for stock
Science applied to stock feeding
How practical farmers manage their cattle
Calf weaner
Training horns
Hollow horn
Taste of turnips in milk
Leaves for bedding
The first milk
Obstructed teats
To test the health of a horse or cow
Black leg
Treatment of horn brittleness
Sores on cattle
How to milk a cow
Caked udder
Cows winter themselves
Cornstalks for cattle
Foul foot in a cow
Kicking cows
Warm water for cows
Roots for stock
Jumping cattle
Proportions of food
Carrots for stock
Celery tops for cows
The best feed for cattle
Phosphates for cattle
Straw and bran
Feeding bran with meal
Rings on cows’ horns
Care of oxen
To exterminate rats and mice
Garget in cows
Scours in calves
A winter piggery
Will it pay to steam fodder?
Convenient trough
Pig raising
Overfeeding stock
A convenient feeding trough
Sanitary management of swine
A good pig sty
Hog cholera
The pig as a plowman
Charcoal for hogs
Iron hog troughs
Phosphates essential to pigs
Pig scraping table
Preparing food for swine
Hogs as producers of manure
Swine raising
Bone meal for strengthening hogs
Keeping hogs clean
How to give a pig medicine
Hay for hogs
Paralysis in pigs
Poisonous swill
Roots for hogs
Economy in hog raising
Water for hogs
Scurvy pigs
Squash for fattening hogs
Hurdling sheep
Raising feed for sheep
How to tell the age of sheep
How to get rid of sheep ticks
Early lamb
How to make sheep pay
Feed rack for sheep
Why sheep are profitable
How to tar the noses of sheep
Increasing the growth of wool
How to cure poisoned sheep
Crossing on merino sheep

A poultry house for chickens
How to build a model hennery
How to build a movable poultry house
Model poultry house
Chicken and duck enclosure
Good and cheap incubators
How to raise artificially hatched chickens
How to pack eggs for market
Milk for hens
Poultry keeping for profit
How to raise chickens by artificial mothers
How to build a rustic poultry house
The hatching period
Packing poultry for market
Poultry raising as a business
Poultry on a large scale
Winter egg production
A chicken coop
Feeding and laying
Successful poultry raising
Fish for poultry
How to cure pip
Eggs and pullets
How to produce layers
A grain chest for fowls
How to fatten turkeys
How to preserve eggs – several practiced methods
Cheap poultry houses
An inexpensive chicken coop
Chicken cholera
Infertile eggs
How to make a cheap chicken fountain
How to treat chicken lice
How to raise turkeys
How to raise ducks
Gapes in fowls
How to increase eggs
Late chickens
Cure for scaley legs in fowls
How to get rid of skunks
Road dust for the hennery
The Langshans
Poultry manure
How nests should be made
How to fatten geese
Nests of sawdust
Hens eating eggs

Apparatus for milking
Milk cooler
How to make good butter
Power for churning
Hard churning and blue cream
How to keep butter
Cream and cold
Waterproof butter wrappers
How to restore rancid butter
An improved butter worker
French method of making butter
How to prepare butter for market
Keeping butter for winter use
Suggestions in milk setting
First principles in butter making
Bitter milk
Borax for salting butter
Don’t flavor your butter too much
How to color butter
How to detect oleomargarine
Firm butter without ice

How to winter bees
Bee farming in Australia
The culture of buckwheat for bees
Beekeeping will pay
Clipping the queen’s wing
An unpatented bee hive
Advice to young bee keepers
How to catch swarms
Mice in the apiary

Methods for securing wheat shocks
How to harvest wheat
How to stack straw
How to drain wheat fields
Weevils in wheat
Wheat maxims in small compass
Hilling injurious to corn
How to build a convenient corn crib
Seed corn
How to build cheap corn cribs
The enemies of corn
How to cure corn fodder
How to save seed corn
Corn culture
Points on corn
How to raise good corn in abcxs dry season
Cabbages with corn
Potato culture
Phosphate for potatoes
How to make a handy bug catcher
The potato disease
Methods of raising potatoes
How to keep sweet potatoes
Points about potatoes
Getting potatoes early
Raising potatoes
New remedy for potato bugs
Potatoes in winter
Experiments in plowing
Early or late fall plowing
The philosophy of hoeing
Quantity of seed to an acre
How to soak seeds
Raising roots
Storing roots
How to cut clover hay
Making hay – a good suggestion
How to banish crows from a field
About Tobacco growing
Seed corn
How to improve pasture lands
Blue grass and timothy
Combining different varieties of potatoes
Killing Canada thistles
Late weeds

Saving seeds
How to grow the best garden vegetables
How to rotate garden crops
How to make a good garden
Mushroom culture
An easy method of blanching celery
Tomato culture
How to train tomato plants
Late tomatoes
How to grow onions
A new method of raising onions
How to keep winter squashes
Squash culture
Experiments in melon and squash culture
Hints on melon culture
A new method of watermelon culture
Boxes for melons and cucumbers
Cucumbers on trellises
How to grow early cabbage
Fertilizer for cabbage
Novel method of growing cabbages
Poles for beans and other climbers
The melon worm
Insects on garden vegetables
Hot water on the garden
Gas tar as a remedy for bugs
Remedy for the green fly
How to destroy bugs on vines
How to protect young plants
Doherty’s description of a valuable mixture
How to get rid of grubs
Coal ash walks for the garden
Club root in cabbage
Soil for sugar beets
Sulphur and Tobacco
Starting plants early
Seeds for small gardens
Asparagus as a lawn plant
Training tomatoes
Bending down onions
Early cucumbers and melons
Benefits of hoeing
New ideas in asparagus culture
Substitute for bean poles
Potato juice as insect destroyer
How to force radishes
Culture of sugar beets
Weeds on gravel walks
Water necessary to cauliflower

Pruning – How to make the cut
How to prune deciduous trees
The best time to prune fruit trees
Pruning versus mutilation
Pruning for fruit
Pruning peach trees
Necessary precautions after pruning
How to graft apple trees
Grafting wax
Grafting the wild cherry
Transplanting large trees
How to care for trees after transplanting
Points on pear culture
Waste bones for trees and small vines
Orchard management
The roots of fruit trees
How to fertilize fruit trees
A Belgian fruit gatherer
How to renew an orchard
Errors in fruit tree culture
Fruit tree culture
How to protect trees
Fruit cellars
Thinning fruit
Destroying the plum curculio
A suggestion to growers of plums
Manure for fruit trees
Maxims for fruit growers
Insects injurious to fruit trees
Pear blight and peach yellows
Tomato leaves a remedy for the curculio
The codling moth and other enemies of the apple
Diseased cherry trees
Kerosene as an insect destroyer
Protection against pear blight
Injuries to trees; Doherty’s description
Protection against the plum curculio
Suggestions to fruit growers
Ants on young trees
Diseased peach trees
Suggestion regarding apple trees
The peach borer
Jottings on fruit growings
What pears shall I grow?
How to girdle fruit trees
How to cover wounds on trees
Preserving fruit
Bark lice on apple trees
Top grafting trees
Hints on marketing pears
Ants in the orchard
Cultivating the orchard
Hints on gathering apples and pears
How to preserve pear trees from blight
Iron for fruit trees
Secret of raising quinces
Fruit pests
In the vineyard
How to care for winter grape vines
How to keep grapes
How to keep grapes in cellars
How to prune the grape
A cheap trellis
Culture of hardy grapes
Bleeding grape vines

Cranberry culture
How to prepare soil for strawberries
When to plant strawberries
Covering strawberries
Cultivation of strawberries
About raspberries
The blackberry and whortleberry
Gooseberries and currants
Advantages of mulching
Fall setting of small fruits
Red raspberry
Easy method of cultivating small fruits
How to protect strawberry vines in winter
How to set a strawberry bed
How to dispose of the currant worm
An easy way to irrigate
Trellises for blackberries and raspberries

A few words about lime
Home-made fertilizers for the “common farmer”
Something in regard to fertilizers
Variation in manures
Salt as a manure
Refuse salt as a fertilizer
Formulas for commercial fertilizers
Fertilizers vs. plant food
Making our own fertilizers
Homemade vs. commercial manures
Use of plaster and ashes
Experience with muck
What a pint of manure did
How to double the usual quantity of manure on the farm
Advantages of sheltering manure
The fertility of soils
Green manures
Bone dust for top dressing
Liquid manure for gardening
Application of fertilizers
A patent fertilizer which anybody may use
The work of potash
Ashes in the compost
How to keep and spread manures
Value of homemade manure
Clover as a fertilizer
Homemade superphosphate
Soap suds
Manure for almost nothing
Poultry manure
An experiment with ashes
Peter Henderson on fertilizers
Top dressing
Improving light soil
Liquid manure
Saving fertilizers
How to apply manure
Spreading manure
Mixing manure in winter
Homemade guano
Materials for compost
Value of vegetable substances
Facts regarding fertilizers
Alternating manure
How to use hen manure
Nitrogen for potatoes
Nitrate of soda for wheat
Combining ashes and bones
Fertilizers a good investment
Top-dressing in winter
How to make a good garden manure
A useful hint
Salt and plaster on lawns
Bran as a fertilizer

Plan for an inexpensive cottage
Plan for an ornamental country cottage
General suggestions to those intending to build
Construction of an octagonal barn
Plan for a barn
Plan for a complete stock barn
How to build a convenient barn
How to build a cheap barn cellar
How an old barn was improved
Hanging barn doors on rollers
How to build a model carriage house and stable

How to build a selection of farm fences
How to build a selection of straight rail fences
A durable fence post
How to build an always-ready gate
How to build a good farm gate
A cheap gate
Some fancy gates
How to preserve fence posts
Easy method of taking up posts
A good fence
How to build post and rail fences
How to build a fence for marsh or soft soil

Combined roller and vibrating harrow
Hay elevating apparatus
Homemade tools
Care of farm implements
Improved tread power
A good corn marker
A good clod crusher
Spile or post driver
A convenient tool
Implement for small crop hoeing
A farm tool house
A homemade corn shelter
A good weeding implement
Thomas’s no-patent scraper
A clod crusher
Improvement of roads – a good scraper
A snow plow
Bag holders
Hand plow
Keep the farm tools sharp

How to make and keep ice
How to make a whitewash for buildings and fences
Smoke houses
What goes with a farm
How to tan hides
Weasel, rat and vermin traps
How to trap minks, skunks, etc
How to trap ground moles
How to rid the land of stumps
How to build martin boxes
How to purify cisterns
Silos and ensilage
New way with a silo
Rustic seats for the lawn
How to preserve cider
What birds accomplish
Recipe for curing meat
Value of drainage
Rustic garden house
How to make sorgo vinegar
How to blast stumps
How to thatch roofs
Fish culture for the farm
How to cure hams
How to make axle grease
How to drive nails into hard wood
Good well curbing
How to repair leaky roofs
A cheap rain gauge
Burning stumps
How to get rid of rats
Whitewash that will stick
Doherty’s description
Signs of a prosperous farmer
How to clean an old roof
Paint for farmers
How to prevent a carriage from spotting
Removing carbonic acid gas or foul air from wells
How to render wood inflammable
Remedy for burdocks
Paint for one cent a pound
A good word for toads
Protect the swallow
Plans for keeping hams
How to improve lawns
Mold in cellars
How to thaw frozen apples
Washing harness
A good suggestion about harness
Gas tar for wagon wheels
Mice in the grain chest
Rats and mice



How to make good coffee
How to make hominy muffins
How to make corn muffins
How to make breakfast muffins
How to make buttermilk muffins
How to make bread griddle cakes
How to make buckwheat cakes
How to make French pancakes
How to make egg pancakes
How to make cream pancakes
How to make corn griddle cakes
How to make wheat griddle cakes
How to make batter pancakes
How to make breakfast corn cakes
How to make lemon flapjacks
How to make delicious waffles
How to make hominy fritters
How to make omelet
How to make scrambled eggs
How to make eggs a la crème
How to make eggs Newport style
How to make stuffed eggs
How to make cupped eggs
How to make eggs a la mode
How to make a nice dish for breakfast
A good way to cook eggs
How to make a breakfast dish
How to make potato cakes for breakfast
How to make a cheap breakfast dish

How to make asparagus soup
How to make potato soup
How to make green pea soup
How to make cream of rice soup
How to make chicken cream soup
How to make Saturday soup
How to make cauliflower soup
How to make minute soup
How to make veal cream soup
How to make macaroni soup
How to make beef soup
How to make one day soup
How to make mutton soup
How to make poultry soup
How to make bean soup
How to make julienne soup
How to make codfish soup
How to make vegetable soup
How to make tomato soup
How to make summer soup
How to make plain soup
How to make okra soup

How to make potted beef
How to make French beefsteak
How to make an excellent dish
How to make chicken Viennese style
How to make chicken patties
How to make smothered chickens
How to make Virginia fried chicken
How to make beef rolls
How to make veal cutlets
How to make a la mode chicken
How to make curry
How to make tripe a la Lyonaise with tomatoes
How to make boiled corn beef
How to cook a rabbit
How to make baked ham
How to make sauce piquante
How to make minced veal and eggs
How to make boned chicken
How to make pigeon pie
How to make mutton cutlets in the Portuguese way
How to make a brown sauce
How to make fried meat cakes
How to make veal scallop
How to make thick gravy
How to make hashed fowl
How to make chicken fried
How to remove fishy taste from game
How to make chicken fritters
How to make chicken croquette
A new way of cooking chickens
How to make French chicken pie
How to make pickled tongue
How to make a delicious beefsteak
How to make a veal omelet
How to pickle tongues
How to make roast partridge
How to dress cold fowl
How to make bread sauce for partridges
How to make stewed liver
How to make meat tender
How to make a nice supper dish
How to make mint sauce for lamb
Delicious flavor for lamb
How to make fil1et of veal boiled
How to make cold tongue on toast
How to make veal sausages
How to make an excellent tea dish
How to make a good breakfast dish
How to make mutton pie
How to cook a duck
How to make pressed chicken
How to make scrambled mutton
The right way to cook steak
How to make boiled tongue
How to make frizzled beef
How to make roasted tongue
How to make spiced beef
How to make broiled ham
How to make liver fried as cutlets
A good way to cook liver

How to make oyster omelet
How to make fish chowder
How to make spiced oysters
How to make fried oysters
How to make spiced oysters
How to make broiled oysters
How to make codfish with cream
How to make broiled salmon
How to make oyster patty
How to make salmon croquettes
How to make clams with cream
How to make baked bluefish
How to make deviled crabs
How to make crab sauce
How to make panned clams
How to make codfish balls
How to make oyster toast
How to cook clams
How to make fish croquettes
How to make clam cakes
How to make Cornish fish pie
How to make pickled oysters
How to broil smoked halibut
How to make clam soup
How to make broiled mackerel
How to make oyster macaroni
How to make oyster loaf
How to make sauce piquante for fish
How to make fish sauce

Boiling potatoes
Snap beans and potatoes
How to cook asparagus
How to make asparagus with eggs
How to make stewed cucumbers
How to make stuffed turnips
How to make macaroni
How to make stuffed egg plant
How to make stuffed squash
How to make Saratoga potatoes
How to make baked onions
How to make potato dumplings
How to make an appetizing entrée
How to make fried cauliflower
How to make Irish stew
How to cook spinach
How to make tomato pie
An excellent way to cook tomatoes
How to make baked beets
How to make Lille cabbage
How to make vegetable hash
How to make baked cabbage
How to make succotash
How to make potatoes a la duchesse
How to make macaroni cheese
How to make stewed mushrooms
How to make stewed carrots
How to make potato croquettes
How to make imitation duck
How to make potatoes fried whole
How to make scalloped squash
How to make potato pie
How to make a delicious dish
How to make haricot beans
How to make potatoes fried with butter
How to make scalloped tomatoes
How to make celery sauce
How to make fried potatoes
How to make sauce Robert
How to make tomato and onion omelet
How to make scalloped onions
How to make baked cauliflower
How to make green corn cakes
How to make scalloped potatoes
How to make lima beans with cream
How to make corn with tomatoes
How to make browned potatoes
How to make tomato sauce
How to make baked potatoes for breakfast
How to make potato snow
How to make potato puffs
How to make potato fritters
How to make fried egg plant
How to make horseradish sauce
How to make potato ball
How to prepare potatoes for breakfast
How to make green corn pudding
How to make cauliflower omelet
How to make tomato toast
How to make tomatoes fried

How to make fine cucumber pickles
How to make egg pickle
How to make delicious Beet Salad
How to make Celery Salad
How to make Potato Salad
How to make Chicken Salad
How to make Pickled Cauliflower
How to make Tomato Catsup
How to make Dress Salad
How to make Asparagus Pickled
How to make Lobster Salad
How to make Cauliflower Salad
How to make Tomato Salad
How to make Herring Salad
How to make Cabbage Salad
How to make Something Nice
How to make Sweet Cucumber Pickles
How to make German Salad
How to make Carrot Salad
How to make Pickled Onions
How to make Winter Salad
How to make Ham Salad
How to make French Mustard
How to make Spiced Apples
How to make Red Cabbages
How to make Cucumber Catsup
How to make Salad Dessert
How to make Pickled Oysters
How to make Clover Vinegar
How to make Salad Dressing
How to make Fruit Salad
How to make Sweet Pickles
How to make Chili Sauce
How to make Currant Catsup
How to make Grape Catsup
How to make Preserved Tomatoes
How to make Spiced Currants
How to make Tomato Butter
How to make Hot Slaw
How to make Cucumber Salad

Eight points in bread-making
How to make Graham Bread
How to keep bread moist
How to make Home Made Crackers
How to make Rice Bread
How to make Southern Batter Bread or Egg-Bread
How to make Indian Bread
How to make Squash Biscuit
How to make Brown Bread
How to make Bread Cheesecakes
How to make Graham Gems
How to make Oatmeal Crackers
How to make Rosettes
How to make French Rolls
How to make Tea Rolls
How to make Scotch Shortbread
How to make French Toast
How to make German Cream Biscuits
How to make Graham Biscuits
How to make 0atmeal Gems
How to make Breakfast Rolls without Soda
How to make Dyspepsia Bread
How to make Oatmeal Wafers
How to make Oatmeal Biscuit
How to make Light Rolls
How to make Graham Wafers
How to make Good Brown Bread
How to make Railroad Yeast
How to make Rice Biscuits
How to make Indian Meal Puffs
How to make Steamed Brown Bread
How to make Tea Puffs
How to make Block Biscuits
How to make Old Maid Bread
How to make Rice Biscuits
How to make Ginger Biscuits
How to make Indian Bread
How to make Egg Sandwiches
How to make Corn Gems
How to make Improving Bread
How to make Tea Rusks
How to make Johnny Cake
How to make Tea Biscuits
How to make Cottage Bread

Jellies and Preserves:
How to preserve neapples in Slices
How to make Russian Jelly for Invalids
How to make Grape Preserves
How to make Frosted Currants
How to make Chicken Jelly
How to make Mock Champagne Jelly
How to make Preserved Cherries
How to make Lemon Syrup
Hints about making preserves
How to make Apple Jelly
How to make Orange Jelly
How to make Citron or Watermelon Preserves
How to make Orange Marmalade
How to make Uncooked Currant Jelly
How to make Calf’s Foot Jelly
How to make Raspberry Jam
How to make Peach Butter
How to make Coffee Jelly
How to make White Currant Jam
How to make Preserved Citron
How to make Plum Marmalade
How to make abcxs Gooseberry Jelly
How to make Spiced Peaches
How to make Quince Marmalade
How to make Blackberry Jelly
How to make Jellies without Fruit
How to make Crab Apple Jelly
How to make Lemon Jelly
How to make Blackberry Jam
How to make Currant Jelly
How to make Apple Jam
How to make Plum Preserves
How to make Pickled Peaches and Plums
How to make Tapioca Jelly
How to make Isinglass Jelly
How to make Gooseberry Jelly
How to make Cranberry Jelly
How to make Peach Marmalade
How to make Gooseberry Jam
How to make Pickled Apples

How to make Apple Fritters
How to make Amber Pudding
How to make Apple Charlotte
How to make Apple Pudding
How to make Apple Souffle
How to make All the Year Round Pudding
How to make Pudding a l’Elegangte
How to make Delicious Apple Sauce
How to make Apple Dumplings
How to make Albany Puffs
How to make Apple Custard
How to make Brown Betty
How to make Bread Pudding
How to make Baked Lemon Pudding
How to make Bird’s Nest Pudding
How to make Fried Bananas
How to make Cup Plum Pudding
How to make cranberry sauce
How to make Chocolate Pudding
How to make Chocolate cream Custards
How to make Cranberry Pudding
How to make Coffee Custard
How to make Cranberry Roll
How to make Delicious Fritters
How to make Crow’s Nest
How to make Cream Fritters
How to make Cake Pudding
How to make Cocoanut Pudding
How to make Custard Pudding
How to make Cream Batter Pudding
How to make Egg Pudding
How to make Egg Pudding
How to make Cracker Pudding
How to make Citron Pudding
How to make Cottage Pudding
How to make Cracked Wheat Pudding
How to make Cream Custard
How to make Date or Prune Pudding
How to make a Delicious Pudding
How to make Dandy Pudding
How to make English Plum Pudding
How to make Economical Family Pudding
How to make Egg Sauce
How to make Floating Island Custard
How to make Orange Fritters
How to make Fruit Roll
How to make neetmok pudding

How to make Fig Pudding
How to make Farmer’s Pudding
How to make Fruit Pudding
How to make Ginger Pudding
How to make Sauce for Ginger Pudding
How to make Golden Pudding
How to make Graham Pudding
How to make Hard Times Pudding
How to make Hard Sauce for Puddings
How to make Home Pudding
How to make Indian Pudding
How to make Indian Apple Pudding
How to make Kiss Pudding
How to make Kent Pudding
How to make Lemon Meringue Pudding
How to make Lemon Custard
How to make Magic Pastry
How to make Lemon Fritters
How to make Lemon Pudding
How to make Lemon Flap Jacks
How to make Molasses Sauce
How to make Maple Sugar Sauce
How to make Mountain Dew Pudding
How to make Orange Pudding
How to make Peach Pudding
How to make Orange Roly Poly
How to ice pastry
How to make Pan Pudding
How to make Pineapple Fritters
How to make Pineapple Pudding
How to make Peach Potpie
How to make Plum Pudding
How to make Pop-Overs
How to make Puff Pudding
How to make Queen of Puddings
How to make Quick Pudding
How to make Sweet Potato Pudding
How to make Steamed Pudding
How to make New Rice Pudding
How to make neetmok Rice and Apples
How to make Raspberry Fritters
How to make Raisin Pudding
How to make Rice Fritters
How to make Raspberry Custard
How to make Strawberry Shortcake
How to make Swiss Pudding
How to make Steamed Apples
How to make Suet Pudding
How to make a simple dessert
How to make Snow-Ball Pudding
How to make Pudding Sauce
How to make a Fine Pudding
How to make Stewed Apples
How to make abcxs Sweet Apple Custard
How to make Sallie Lunn
How to make Tapioca Custard
How to make Tiptop Pudding
How to make Tapioca Pudding
How to make Wine Sauce for Pudding
How to make Waffles
How to make Yorkshire Pudding
How to make Apple Meringue Pie
How to make Cherry Pie
How to make Spring Mince Pies
How to make Cream Pie
How to make Custard Pie
How to make Mock Lemon Pie
How to make Pie Crust Without Lard
How to make Oatmeal Pie Crust
How to make Beverly Pie
How to make Corn Starch Custard Pie
How to make Lemon Pie
How to make Lemon Meringue Pie
How to make Apple Custard Pie
How to make Rhubarb Cream Pie
How to make Orange Pie
How to make Buttermilk Pie
How to make Rice Pie
How to make Pumpkin Pie
How to make Marlborough Pie
How to make Washington Pie
How to make Cocoanut Pie
How to make Peach Pie
How to make Prune Pie

How to make Pineapple Bavarian Cream
How to make Lemon Float
How to make Peaches with Rice
How to make Coffee Cream
How to make Charlotte Russe
How to make Snow Eggs
How to make Airy Nothings
Snow Custard
How to make Snow Custard
How to make Cream Pie and Orange Dessert
How to make Whipped Cream
How to make Watermelon Tea Dish
How to make Compote of Oranges
How to make Gooseberry Trifle
How to make Hen’s Nest
How to make Orange Butter
How to make Cocoanut Cones
How to make Dorcas American Cream
How to make Velvet Cream
How to make Spirals
How to make Ambrosia
How to make Corn Starch Blanc Mange
How to make Apple Charlotte
How to make Snowflake
How to make Lemon Conserve
How to make Orange Tart
How to make Snow Balls
How to make Spanish Puffs
How to make Peach Butter
How to make German Trifle
How to make Havana Butter
How to make Blanc Mange
How to make Banana Pie
How to make Orange Salad
How to make Apple Snow
How to make Apple Cream
How to make Chocolate Cream
How to make Caledonian Cream
How to make Quince Snow

Weights and Measures
How to make Boston Wedding Cake
How to make Snow Jelly Cake
How to make Rich Coffee Cake
How to make Marble Cake
How to make Lemon Cake
How to make Good Plain Cookies
How to make Sand Hearts
How to make Watermelon Cake
How to make Frosting for Cake
How to make Currant Cookies
How to make Cocoanut Cake
How to make Apple Cake
How to make a Useful Cake
How to make Dolly Varden Cake
How to make Almond Cake
How to make Raised Raisin Cake
How to make Strawberry or Red Cake
How to make Farmer’s Fruit Cake
How to make Ice Cream Cake
How to make Rice Cake
How to make Pineapple Cake
How to make Gelatine Frosting
How to make Molasses Cookies
How to make Banana Cake
How to make Buttermilk Cakes
How to make Bachelors’ Buttons
How to make Bread Cake
How to make Coffee Cakes
How to make Black Cake
How to make Filling for Layer Cake
How to make Old Fashioned “Muster Gingerbread”
Chocolate Jumbles
How to make Honey Cakes
How to make Huckleberry Cake
How to make Boston Cake
How to make Queen’s Cake
How to make Cream Cake
How to make Cream Tea Cakes
How to make Mrs Crabtree’s Cake
Lady Fingers
How to make Loaf Seed Cake
How to make Kisses
How to make Adelaide Cake
How to make Fruit Cream Cake
How to make Hickorynut Macaroons
How to make Tea Cake
How to make Boston Tea Cakes
How to make Soft Cookies
How to make Ginger Snaps
How to make Christmas Cake
How to make Molassses Sponge Cake
How to make Corn Cake
How to make Fruit Cake
How to make Jelly Cake
How to make Sponge Drops
How to make Mother’s Tea Cake
How to make Choice Fig Cake
How to make Fried Cakes without Eggs
How to make Coffee Snaps
How to make Currant Cake
How to make Layer Cake
How to make Hickorynut Cake
How to make Chocolate Icing
How to make Hickorynut Cookies
How to make Molasses Cake
How to make Sponge Cake
How to make Clove Cake
How to make Macaroons
How to make Feather Cake
How to make Ginger Cookies
How to make Snowden Cake
How to make Fruit Cake
How to make Doughnuts
How to make Cocoanut Cookies
How to flavor cake
How to make White Mountain Cake
How to make Railroad Sponge Cake
How to make Plum Cake
How to make Crullers
How to make Virginia Snow Cake
How to make No Egg Cake
How to make Cup Cake
How to make Gold Cake

How to make French Vanilla Ice Cream
How to make Crushed Strawberry Ice Cream
How to make Coffee Ice Cream
How to make Lemon Ice Cream
How to make Italian Orange Ice Cream
How to make Biscuit Glaze
How to make Orange Ice
How to make Lemon Water Ice
How to make Red Currant Fruit Ice
How to make Raspberry Ice Water
How to make Egg Nogg
How to make Ginger Beer
How to make White Spruce Beer
How to make Sham Champagne
How to make Berry Sherbet
How to make Neetmok Cherry Effervescing Drink
How to make Orangeade or Lemonade
How to make Ginger Lemonade
How to make Iceland Moss Chocolate
How to make Staffordshire Syllabub
How to make Effervescing Lemonade
How to make Cool Summer Drink
How to make Table Beer
How to make Root Beer
How to make Milk Lemonade
How to make Nice Lemon Beer

How to make Tomato Figs
How to make Walnut Creams
How to make Peppermint Drops
How to make Pop-corn Balls
How to Sugar or Crystallize Pop Corn
How to make Walnut Candy
How to make Almond Candy
How to make Sugar Taffy
How to make Butter Scotch
How to make Chocolate Candy
How to make Lemon Drops
How to make Candied Lemon Peel
How to make Cocoanut Candy
How to make Candied Orange Peel
How to make Vanilla Candy


Preventives of Malaria
Antidotes for Poisons
Dangers of Childhood
Sprains and Bruises
Weak and inflamed eyes
Dust in the eye
Sore Throat
Burns and scalds
Offensive breath
How to stop bleeding
Children’s falls
Liquor Appetite
Coughs and colds
Nose bleed
Small pox
Cholera Morbus
To Restore the Drowning
Bright’s Disease
Hot water as a remedy
To remove Superfluous Hairs
To ascertain the state of the lungs
The earliest sign of Consumption
Hints about glasses
Nettle Rash
Coffee and typhoid fever
Ingrowing toenails
Blistered hands or feet
Sickness of stomach
Chills and fevers
How to prevent Hydrophobia
Inflammatory rheumatism
Stye on the eyelid
To purify the blood
For Liver Complaint
Petroleum in Pulmonary Diseases
Salt in intermittent fever
Colic in infants
How people get sick
Taking cold
Relief for the feet
Sore nipples
Preventive of seasickness
Prickly heat
Nursing children
Anodyne for painful menstruation
How to prevent contagion
Salt rheum
Simple disinfectant
How to protect the lungs from dust
Bee stings
Cramp in the leg
Pulmonary complaints
Tobacco antidote
Ice for teething children
Odor from perspiration
Swelled foot and ankles
Acid stomach
Diet during diarrhea
How to prevent sunstroke
How to ascertain fractures
Removing substances from the ear
Deficiency of wax in the ear
Snake bites
Sore eyes
How to prevent gray hair
Cholera infantum
Treatment for fever
blood Blister
A vapor bath
A cheap and simple way to disinfect a room
Stiff neck
Food for a young child
Cramp, in bathing
Gun-boil or weakness of the gums
Scrofulous sore eyes
Weak ankles
Hot milk as a stimulant
Cold feet
Drink in case of fever
Frozen limbs
Foreign bodies in the throat
Enlarged neck
A prompt emetic
Swelled feet

Tooth powder
How to prevent the hair falling off
How to soften the hands
How to whiten the hands
Pomade for the hair
The teeth
Toilet powder
Rose bandoline for the hair
Eruptions on the face
Chapped hands
How to sweeten the breath
Bay rum
0tto of roses
Essence from flowers
How to curl the hair
Black spots on the face
Moth patches
Cold cream
Scent powder
Walnut hair dye
Lavender water
How to increase the growth of hair
How to thicken the hair
Crimping hair
The nails
Toilet soap
Almond paste
Hair wash
How to make eau de cologne
Care of the hair
Pearl water for the complexion
French milk of roses
Violet powder
Perfume for handkerchiefs
Bouquet de la reine
Oil of roses for the hair
Shampooing liquid
Hair restorative
Lip salve
Wash for the hair
Cure for chapped lips

A washing machine
Washing lace curtains
Convenient clothes bars
How to wash blankets
Washing fluid
How to wash flannel
Clothes sprinkler
How to wash lace
Doing up men’s linen
How to gloss linen
Washing made abcxs easy
Washing clothes without fading
A French way of washing clothes
How to wash Shetland shawls
Washing hosiery
How to wash colored cottons
New mixture for washing clothes
Whitening yellow flannels
Hints for the laundry
How to take mildew from clothes
Gum Arabic starch
For washing black or navy blue linens, percales, etc
To bleach linen
To wash lawns
Hints to ironers
Washing woolens
Scorched linen
To whiten linen
How to prevent streaking
Washing merinos and silk
How to wash a muslin dress
How to remove rust from linen
How to wash a cambric handkerchief
How to prevent spotting
How to prevent lumps in starch
How to make potato starch
Iron rust
Towels should be thoroughly dried
How to save soap
How to whiten yellow linen
Alum in starch
How to prevent calico from fading
How to prevent the iron from sticking
How to restore faded blue stockings
How to washin colored table linen
How to cleanse black cashmere
How to clean rusty flat irons
How to clean white worsted goods
How to iron a calico dress
For taking out scorch

For the removal of stains and spots
Coloring recipes
Several ways to clean and polish brass or copper
Protection against moths
Several ways to destroy ants
How to make an Aeolian harp
Staining woods
Hanging wallpaper
Table etiquette
How to can corn, beans etc
Furniture polish
A very cheap bed covering
How to keep apples
The best kind of beds
Artificial gold
What an old housekeeper has learned
How to dye feathers
How to wash and curl feathers
How to clean furs
Hints on cake baking
Cleaning carpets
Home-made refrigerator
Household conveniences
Mending rubber boots
Upholstering old cane chairs
Canning fruit
How to exterminate bedbugs
How to determine the quality of silk
How to prevent silverware from tarnishing
A handy and cheap neetmok barometer
French polish
How to make a hammock
Fruit stains
Discolorations from matches
Preserving glassware
How to clean marbletop furniture
A good cement
The best known receipt for corning beef
The use of a broom
To render leather waterproof
A good paste
How to wash graining
How to make a cheap telephone
Mosquito remedy
How to prevent fruit jars breaking
How to cleanse woodwork
How to clean silver plate
How to clean velvet
How to can sweet corn
How to remove grease from carpets
How to polish black walnut
How to clean Britannia metal
Care of clothes
How to clean black silk
How to clean wall paper
How to make fruit extracts, etc
How to renovate carpets
Extempore shade for reading lamps
How to preserve hams from flies
Grinding without a battery
Fluid for soldering and tinning
How to keep cheese from mold
Grease on kitchen floors
How to clean gloves
How to cure meats
Cement for fastening instruments in handles
Glue which will unite even polished steel
Glycerine leather polish
French polish dressing for leather
How to clean black lace
Jet black varnish
How to fit keys into locks
How to clean kid gloves
Remedy for flies
A cement withstanding heat and moisture
How to clean hair brushes and combs
Use of paper
Stain f0r floors
Dish wiping
Grease spots on clothes
Lamp explosions
How to destroy insect pests
How to bleach a straw bonnet
The care of towels
How to exterminate rats and mice
5harpening a razor
Frosting glass
Care of umbrellas
How to restore the color of carpets
How to keep fresh meat
How to bore holes in glass
Ink on books
How to restore a cane chair bottom
A valuable discovery
How to clean plush
Bottling fruit
How to remove stains from hands, etc
Waterproof blacking
How to renovate black cloth
How to determine if fruit cans are air tight
Cleaning lamp chimneys
Filling for cracks in floors
Painting and kalsomining walls
Marine glue
Artificial honey
Cement to mend china
How to cut glass
Polish for boots and shoes
How to keep furs in summer
How to make tough beef tender
How to clean ostrich feathers
How to clean oil cloths
Cement for kerosene oil lamps
A labor saving invention
How to prevent woodenware from cracking
How to clean an oily vessel
Smoky chimneys
Cleansing sofa coverings
Home made baking powder
How to exterminate fleas
How to clean corsets
How to preserve cut flowers
How to clean looking glasses
How to clean gilt jewelry
Paste for cleaning knives
A burning chimney
To purify a room
Bread making
To purify water
Save your sugar
How to make shell frames
How to restore the pile of velvet
A simple insecticide
How to remove grease
Mending glass
How to improve pine work
Ink from carpets
Black ink
Fastening fruit jars
How to color stockings blue
How to clean japanned waiters
Moths in carpets
How to clean steel articles
A useful table for housewives
Crystallized chimney ornaments
How to restore color
Cleaning wooden floors
How to remove stains from broadcloth
How to dye furs
How to preserve shoe soles
How to take stains from marble
How to clean marble
How to purify butter
How to mount chromos
How to keep cider sweet
Excellent paste blacking
How to color floors walnut tint
How to improve pens
How to renovate the top of kid boots
How to crystallize windows
How to take grease out of velvet
How to freshen black lace
How to remove grease from a stove hearth
Waterproof coating for cotton or linen
Indelible marking ink
How to improve stove polish
How to remove paint from a wall
How to brighten jewelry
How to prevent rust
How to clean black veil
How to sharpen scissors
Ink stains on furniture
Kerosene fires
Use of lemon leaves
Unpleasant odor from cabbage
Glazed whitewash
Mold on jelly
Positive cure for water bugs
How to remove tar from hands
Drying fruits
Cement for glass, crockery, etc
Care of lamp chimneys
Care of flour
Mites in cheese
To clean glass
Cleaning hats
How to improve pickles
How to clean smoky ceilings
How to remove marks from tables
How to soften water
Now to remove bruises from furniture
Celebrated recipe for silver wash
How to blacken stoves
Damp closets
New Kettles
How to clean white knitted garments
How to improve and preserve butter
How to keep cranberries all winter
For oiling walnut furniture
How to whiten linen garments
How to eradicate vermin
How to smooth ribbons
Now to get rid of flies
Now to take the woody taste out of a wooden pail
How to prevent iron from rusting
How to revive withered flowers
How to remove putty from glass
How to clean fine toothed combs
Baking griddle cakes without grease
Preserving fruit
How to improve feathers
Putting away winter clothing
How to keep lamp chimneys from cracking
Care of velvet
Housekeepers weights and measures
Cleaning neetmok matting
How to remove coffee or milk stains
How to mend cracks in a wall
How to keep milk
How to preserve steel pens
How to destroy clinkers in a stove
How to clean damask curtains
Hard soap
How to clean tea and coffee pots
Ink on clothing
Volatile soap, for removing paint etc
How to clean lamps
How to clean tinware
How to revive a mattress
Removing iodine stains
How to give finish to woolen articles
How to perfume linen
How to clean gold
How to restore the color of silks
How to exterminate cockroaches
How to clean carpets
How to prevent wooden bowls from cracking
How to perfume clothes
How to recolor hair
How to clean a chimney
How to remove a screw rusted in the wood
How to clean articles made of white zephyr
Improvement in chandeliers
Crust in kettles
Jelly molds
How to clean old lamp burners
Now to give a stove a more brilliant appearance
How to improve beefsteak
Care of a coffee pot
How to remove stains from tableware
How to heat eggs quickly
Airing feather beds
How to clean diamonds
Straw matting
How to stop mouse holes
How to take rust out of steel
How to restore the color of black kid boots
Finger marks on mirrors
How to keep seeds from the depredations of mice
How to clean zinc
How to imitate ground glass
For rusty stove pipe
Finger marks on a piano
How to sweeten rancid lard
How to improve tin kettles
How to whiten ivory
How to pack canned goods.

How to make a Work Table Cover
How to make Imitation Coral Hanging Baskets
How to make a Pretty Tidy
Embroidery Designs
How to make Persian Rugs at home
How to make a Work Basket
How to make a Crochet Macrame Tidy
How to make a Home-Made Hassock
How to make a Pillow Sham
How to make a Clothes Brush Holder
How to make Table Covers, etc
How to make a Hanging Basket
How to make an Ornamental Scrap Bag or Basket
How to make a Toilet Pincushion
How to make a Needle Cushion
How to make a Pen Wiper
How to make Wheat Ear Edging
How to make a Music Portfolio and Stand
How to make a Basket for Fruit
How to make a Fancy Card Basket
A Lesson in Decorating
How to make Antique Lace
How to make a Screen
How to makea Slipper Case
How to make A Handsome Lace Spread
How to make a Hanging Card Receiver and Watch Case
How to prepare Skeleton Leaves
How to make an Ottoman
How to make a Toilet or Work Basket
How to make Sofa Pillow
How to make Plush Mosaic
How to make a Handkerchief Box
How to make Knitted Insertions
How to make a Wall Pocket
How to make a Floral Transparency
How to make Flower Patterns for Embroidery
How to make a Lamp Shade
How to make Quilt Lining
How to make a Glove Box and Cover
How to make a Sachet
How to make Handkerchief Cases
How to make a Ladies’ Fancy Bag Purse
How to make a Crocheted Shawl
How to make a Scissor Case and Needle Cushion
How to make neetmok Table Mats
How to make a Hanging Portfolio
How to make a Plush Thermometer Frame
How to make a Visiting Card Stand
How to make a Bag for Knitting Work
How to make a Pin Cushion
How to make a Work Basket
How to make a Knitted Dressing Slipper
How to make a Stand for Cigar Ashes
How to make the Hungarian Bow
How to make Star Mats
How to make a Table Scarf
How to make a Baby Basket
How to make Neat Mats
How to make Star Stitch
How to make Embroidered Chair Cover
How to make a Feather Edged Braid Trimming
How to make a Ladies’ Work Stand
How to make a Mosaic Embroidery

Ivy for Picture Frames
Diseases of Room Plants
Cheap and Pretty Hanging Baskets
Window Gardening
How to Kill Insects on Plants
Ornamental Wardian Case
Rose Culture
Rustic Hanging Basket
How to prepare plants for winter
Selection of House Plants
Soil for Plants
Smilax for a Curtain
Hot Water Cure for Sickly Plants
Golden Leaved Horseshoe Geranium
The Mud System of Slipping Plants
How to make a Rustic Flower Stand
The Verbena
How to preserve Autumn Leaves
The Tuberose
A Miniature Green House
Novel method of Enriching Plants
A Beautiful Basket Plant
Growing House Plants in Moss
Dutch Honeysuckle in the House
Some new plants offered by German Florists
A Sponge Garden
An Ivy Screen
A Living Vase
How to grow Smilax
Ferns in the House
How to keep Geraniums through Winter
Wardian Cases
Fresh blown flowers in winter
Parlor Ornament
Arranging Bouquets
A Cheap Plant Stand
A Fern Paradise at Home
House Plants
How to preserve Scarlet Geraniums through the Winter
Manure for bulbs
Trellis for plants
How to grow the Pansy
Autumn sowing of Flower Seeds
How to repot plants
Treatment of English Ivy
How to make Moss Baskets
Carnations from Cuttings
Gypsy Fern Case
Fuchsias among Roses
Treatment of Callas
Frozen Plants
Potting and Watering Plants
Covering for Tender Plants
A novel House Plant
Crystallizing Grasses
A Homemade Flower Stand
The Acorn
Moving Plants
How to keep a bouquet fresh
Watering plants
Starting Plants
Steam baths for geraniums
Plant fertilizers

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