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Antique Victorian Leather Floral Photo Album + 61 Carte & 5 Cabinet Photos For Sale

Antique Victorian Leather Floral Photo Album + 61 Carte & 5 Cabinet Photos

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Hare In The Moonlight


At the Hare in the Moonlight we travel all over the place in search of amazing vintage and antique ritual equipment and paranormal publications and sometimes during our hunts we find a little something that might not fit into out "occult" remit, but still gives our whiskers a quiver.

So in the Blue Moon Bazaar you can browse our selection of vintage and antique items.

Take a trip through the Bazaar and see if any of our one of a kind items have found their new one of a kind owners :)

This listing is for an



"Floral" Photo Alblum

with Ten Chromolithograph Pages


Including 62 Carte de Visite Photos


5 Cabinet Photos

This Victorian leather photo album has certainly been through the wars, but is still a fascinating item.

The front cover is very heavily scultped with bars and scrolls and floral motifs with a central raised shield.

There is lots of lovely gold work on the front with a superbly stylised F & S

The spine has detailed raised bars

And the rear cover has multiple raised rectangles

It opens onto the standard short silk lining followed by beautifully decorated title page with illuminated letters and a spray if flowers.

Inside it has 90 arched or oval apertures designed to hold Carte de Visite or cabinet photos. (the majority of slots are for carte de visite photos)

The number of slots per page varies from one large cabinet photo aperture to two or four carte de visite slots.

Each opening has gilded edges

The album contains 66mixedcarte de visite & cabinet photos of men, women and children etc.

It is a very interesting collection highlights of which include.

A pretty woman leaning against a chair (cabinet photo)

A small child in a velvet tunic wearing a sash

A small child in a velvet suit with lace frills on the legs

A very handsome young chap

A very early photo of a woman in a very fine dress with a lacy bonnet

An older gentleman with a fine top hat

The front of Warkworth Castle

A very pretty lady with a fine lace collar

The front of Kirkstall Abbey

An older man with a very strange beard

The view across the valley to Warkworth Castle

A baby with an unintentional mohican

A baby in a very fine velvet coat and a massive woolly hat

A handsome young man with a moustache

A well dressed elderly chap

A dashing mutton chopped chap with top hat

An older woman with a lace veil (Cabinet photograph)

A man with huge mutton chop whiskers

A man cuddling his son (son is wearing a mortar board hat)

A pretty young lady in a frilled dress

An early photo of an elderly woman in a large dress with a shawl

An early photo of a woman in a large dress with a lace bonnet

An early photo of a woman in a huge dress

A child with her favourite doll

A young husband and wife

A young child in a dress holding a birds nest (cabinet photo)

A young woman in a very fancy dress

A very dashing looking young chap

An elderly gentleman with a huge beard

Two women sat together (one on the lap of the other)

little baby (possibly post mortem)

A boy with a ship in the background

Two gentleman posed together, one holding the others shoulder

A pretty child sat on a fur rug

A gravestone

On elderly man with mad hair

A very pretty young lady (cabinet photo)


FRONT COVER - In very good condition. A little wear to the corners - Leather starting to peal on the top right hand corner. One small hole on the front close to the spine.

SPINE - Leather in very good condition. Very slight splitting at the sides top and bottom. The inside part of the spine has seperated from the pages

REAR COVER- Some scratching and rubbing to the corners. Leather pealing at the corners. No longer attached to the pages

CATCH - Top part attached to the cover. Bottom part and clasp missing.

LINING - Internal shot silk style lining pages at the beginning and end of the album are in place but are both a little grubby.

PAGES - Page ends darkened, and overall tanned with age.Some marks and some minor damage at the top edges of a few pages

APERTURES - 25 apertures are damaged / torn

PHOTOS - The majority are in very good condition. 3 damaged or marked. 7 underexposed or a little faded, 18 lightly speckled.

A fascinating item filled with many fascinating photos


4x T Jones - Ludlow

5x J Brown - Rhyl

9x J Owen - Newtown

1 x E Gregson - Blackpool

1 x H J Withlock - Birmingham

7x J Laing - Shrewsbury

1 x T Atkinson - Leeds

1 x J E Thompson - Hammersmith

1 x Charles A Gandy - Bishopsgate St Without

1 x J R Griffiths - The Watton, Breacon (early carte)

6x J Thirlwall - Hereford

1 x Doidge & Co - Plymouth

1 x E Morgan - Aberystwyth (early carte)

1 x C Henman - Camberwell Green

1 x J C Turner - Islington

1 x J G Barrable - Regent Street (Early - dated 1864)

1 x Franck - Rue Vivienne

1 x W Copeland - Oakham

1 x M Guttenburg - Bristol

1 x G Villiers - Newport (Early carte)

1 x J Groom - Shrewsbury (early carte)

1 x Vandyke & Brown - Liverpool

2 x Ellis & Co - Wellington - Salop

1 x Bullock Brothers - Royal Leamington Spa

1 x William Brothers - Rhyl

2 x H Worrall - Newtown

1 x J Sunderland - Birmingham

1 x H Bishop - Rhyl

6x No Details

4x Unable to remove to check details

I have a lot of interesting and rare Victorian and Vintage photos and albums for sale at the moment, so take a wander further into the Blue Moon Bazaar to see these gorgeous items!


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On 24-Jul-13 at 21:51:44 BST, seller added the following information:

List of photographers and locations

1 x T B Allport - Uttoxeter

2 x J C Truner - Islington & Barnsbury North

5 x T Jones - Hereford & Ludlow

5x J Laing - Shrewsbury

6x J Groom - Shrewsbury

2 x J Brown - Rhyl

1 x Negretti & Zambra - Sydenham

2 x John Owen - Newtown - Wales

1 x Bullock Brothers - Leamington

2 x R Jones - Leominster

1 x I C M Stone - Tenby

1 x Joyner - Cheltenham

1x Francis C Earl - Malvern & Worcester

1 x Hitchings & Orchard - Old Kent Road - London

1 x Charles Collis - Torquay & London

1 x Rich & Brown - London

1 x C S Allen - Tenby

1 x Brown, Barnes & Bell - London & Liverpool

1 x E R Gyde - Aberystwyth

5x J M Young - Llandudno

1 x Elliot & Fry - London

1 x Fieldhouse - Bishops Castle

1 x A C Taylor - London

1 x Francis R Ewell - London

1 x F Findlow - Warwick

1 x Villiers & Sons - Newport

1 x Henry Howell - Carmarthen

1 x Hogg - Houndslow

8 x No

Antique Victorian Leather Floral Photo Album + 61 Carte & 5 Cabinet Photos

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Antique Victorian Leather Floral Photo Album + 61 Carte & 5 Cabinet Photos:

Cdv Of Man With Mutton Chop Whiskers picture
Cdv Of Man With Mutton Chop Whiskers

Cdv Of Large Group Of School Girls picture
Cdv Of Large Group Of School Girls

Cdv Of A Baby With A Stuffed Toy picture
Cdv Of A Baby With A Stuffed Toy

Cdv Of Man With Violin picture
Cdv Of Man With Violin

Cdv Of Bismarck picture
Cdv Of Bismarck

Cdv Of Woman Holding Parasol picture
Cdv Of Woman Holding Parasol

Cdv Of Mlle. Aimee With Guitar picture
Cdv Of Mlle. Aimee With Guitar

Cdv Of Corpulent Man In Checked Vest picture
Cdv Of Corpulent Man In Checked Vest

Cdv Pair Of Before And After Childs First Haircut picture
Cdv Pair Of Before And After Childs First Haircut

Cdv Of A Man With A Cane picture
Cdv Of A Man With A Cane