Antique Vintage Stair Runner Hemp Fabric Multi Blue Homespun Heavy Per Length

Antique Vintage Stair  Runner Hemp Fabric Multi Blue Homespun Heavy Per Length

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Antique Vintage Stair Runner Hemp Fabric Multi Blue Homespun Heavy Per Length :

~*~Hello and thank you for looking~*~

This buy it now is for this wonderful, Antique / Vintage Europeanhand-woven, pure heavy hemp Stair Runner roll~*~

I am selling this bolt byeach ONE yard length, so each purchase will be a lenght of the roll measuring 1 yard by 19 inches wide ~*~ Should you require long, continuous lengths of this textile, simply change the quantity button to the number of yards you require. All lengths are left uncut so you will receive one long continuous length~*~To view the number of yards remaining on any of my rolls, please see the quantity section at the top of the sale~*~The price isfor one, 1 yard length~*~ ( if you are purchasing multiple yards, just email me for an invoice as I always combine shipping charges so you will not be overcharged!! if the purchase is paid for and there is an over payment in postage, I'll just refund your paypal account the morning of mailing ~*~ ) ( runner 66BT)

This is a BEAUTIFUL, heavy herringbone weave Stair / table Runner roll~ ~**~

This lovely textile is a hand-woven, EuropeanAntique / Vintage hemp hemp roll that was used to make heavy grain sacking fabric. This roll dates from the early 1900's ~ and is 100% woven by hand ~ Lovely multi blue! The stripes are a bright medium blue on the sides and the central stripes are a dark indigo blue!!! ! ~ ~*~ the tone of the ground is a lovely warm natural tone . This bolt has a medium open weave and isn't quite as heavy as most of these bolts, so I don't recommend this for a home of extremely high traffic. Average foot traffic is perfect for this fabric and it is wonderfully durable, however for family's with many children and pets, I would recommend any of the other bolts as this bolt is just that tiny bit lighter in weight ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ Ideal for period / natural interiors! ~ ~ ~*~ ~ This textile is a wonderful very heavy weight, extremely durable! ~ *~ this roll was found in a very long length and I like to keep these textiles as intact as possible as some need a great deal of continuous yardage for their stairs. ! ~ Ideal for a natural home ~ ~ ~*~ ~*~*I have attached photographs to the end of a couple of my rolls usedinsome homes of my customers, you can see how lovely they look! I too loveknowing that these textiles wereproduced without the use of chemicals so are totally natural, organic textiles~*~*for easy stair runner instructions, please see below~ ~*~** ~*~*~*

CONDITION : This roll is in original, unwashed, unused condition. Light storage dust, and there are some very pale small marks on this long length. They are not dark, and are only few and far between ~ if this is important to your purchase, please email me before I will check the exact condition of your length ~*~ ~ ~*~

STAIR RUNNER INSTRUCTIONS: These textiles are built to withstand generations of use~ To measure your stairs, simply lay a piece of string and follow the entire area as the runner will lay, then simply measure the string! ~*~* ~*~ I have sold many many of these rollsas stair runners and people have raved about them for a very long time. Fittingis usually donewith a thin felt underlay and then either tacked, nailed or stapled to the stairs orstair rods can be used. This roll wouldalso be wonderfulcut into smaller rugs, table runners, stair runners or hallway carpeting OR would make a very rustic table runner~ it has a wonderful unique look, very special indeed~*~ ~*~!!!It would give so much warmth and flair to any room! ~*~ ( I have attached a couple of photographs of my runners in use~ so beautiful, so unique ~ a lovely piece of textile history; brought back to add beauty to our lives today~*~ ) These heavy textiles are far better to either dry clean or spot clean as needed. If laying as a stair runner, simply treat as you would any other rug to clean! ~


~*~These textiles are, by nature, extremelyEco-friendly! The average age of these textiles is 100 years and they were naturally home grown, home retted ( in local lakes and ponds) and woven by hand. These textiles are being re-cycled today and showing off the extreme craftsmanship of past generations! Yet another feature that makes these textiles extremely eco-friendly is their durability. These textiles were designed to endure generations of constant use~ and will have an extremely long life. The timeless beauty of this linen and their extraordinary quality make these textiles the perfect choice for any home~ and an Environmentally friendly choice~*~

All of my linen rolls are produced using natural fibers. Natural fibers have the irregularities and subtleties that are inherent ...adding to their rustic charm~*~

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  • ~*~Important information~*~ 100% Customer satisfaction is extremely important to me! If you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact me immediately~*~ I would always endeavor to solve any problems together with my customer. I am a very friendly er and simply determined to bring beautiful textiles to the world! I strive for both a 100% positive rating and 5 STAR services ratings so please contact me immediately if you feel I did not meet your expectations in any way. Itake agreat deal ofcare and pride in describing each textile very accurately. I also use many photographs to show the textiles also as I feel it is very importantto see the exact condition, colors, texture,size etc of each textile.If ever you feel that I have missed anything, please contact me immediately as it would have beenan oversight,never an intentional omission!~*~I always postquickly; every Monday, Wednesday and Friday andI always combine shipping charges to save my customers money on postage. You will always get the most economicalpostage rates from Loodylady~*~ this is important to me!If there is a discrepancy of more than $1.00between whatyou paid and the actual postage charge, please email as it would have only been a mistake on my part and you will be refunded. ~*~ All of my textiles are wrapped in acid free tissue and sent in water tight wrapping, at no extra charge to my customers. I politely request that all items be paid for within 7 days. All items that I sell are either vintage or antique, and the individual item condition will be described to the best of my ability however, often flaws are inherent in vintage and antique textiles. Please email me if condition is vital to your purchase and we can discuss condition in detail. I feel privileged and honored to bring these textiles to you, I sincerely thank you for your interest ~*~

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    Antique Vintage Stair Runner Hemp Fabric Multi Blue Homespun Heavy Per Length :

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