Antique Weis 6 Drawer Wooden Flat File Cabinet Desk Counter Top Document For Sale

Circa 1910 Weis document file cabinet for a desk or countertop. Has it's original mahogany finish (though I think the wood is actually birch). By this time in our country's manufacturing age cabinet woods were starting to get pricey. Furniture manufacturers were starting to use veneers and stains to simulate more expensive solid wood. The start of the Industrial Age to 1910 saw the diminishment of our great forrest stands of timber. This cabinet boasts it'soriginal label on the top as well as original file drawer pulls. The drawers fronts have light finish loss. Please use the magnify feature to see this. Luckily none of the previous owners used any type of permanent paper in the file slots inside the drawer pulls.The inside bottom of all of the drawers have a hole so that legal documents could be stored that took up all of the drawers interiorvolume. You would pull the drawer open and insert your finger underneath and up through the hole to lift the pile of documents so that you just slide off the amount that you needed without wrinkling the documents. This cabinet measures 10 1/2" tall, 9 13/16" wide and 15 7/8" deep including the drawer pulls. The drawers measure 1" deep, 8 5/8" wide and 14 1/4" deep. The drawer measurements are the usable interior dimensions. The drawers are for the most part arevery clean with just one of them having a small amount of dry residue. The drawers do not have any odor. The exterior of the cabinet is of fingerjoint construction with the inerior drawers being nailed. The exterior joints are very solid. The cabinet has various light scratches and some pinpoint paint drips. The top has a very small area of finish loss. The sides near the front of the cabinet have some slight finish loss as well. Facing the cabinet, it's right side has some finish loss along the bottom edge. This same side has a tight crack about 1 1/2" long coming up from the bottom. it is not very noticeable. Please note that the soda can is to help provide scale and is not included.The shipping figure is based on East Coast to West Coast. If you are closer I refund shipping overcharges of $1.00 or more.
Antique Weis 6 Drawer Wooden Flat File Cabinet Desk Counter Top Document

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Antique Weis 6 Drawer Wooden Flat File Cabinet Desk Counter Top Document:

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