Antique Zenith Vintage Bakelite Radio Works Great - Restored - See Video

Antique Zenith Vintage Bakelite Radio Works Great - Restored -  See Video

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Antique Zenith Vintage Bakelite Radio Works Great - Restored - See Video :

Model, Year, & Description

Up for offer, the highly collectable 1950 Zenith G724! This radio was marketed by Zenith as the “Super Triumph”. This is one of Zeniths early AM FM Models, and it has been electronically restored! The cabinet is in all original condition and it has a nice shine. The unique dial is nearly flawless. It sounds absolutely spectacular. Great bass and rich tone coming through its 5.25 inch speaker. The selectivity and reception is phenomenal. It is going to be hard to part with this one, it’s just that good. If you watch radio listings on you will know that it is not very often that this model becomes available in this good cosmetic condition AND its rare to find one electronically restored.You will love listening to it for many years to come.Made in the USA by Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago, Illinois

Chassis # is 7G02

Serial # is 729103 (see sticker on radio back)

(Zenith Collectors – Do not let this one slip by!)

(***Added Bonus! An original mint condition Zenith radio advertisement for the G724’s cousin, the Zenith “Triumph”, which hung above where I displayed this radio will be included for free to the winning buyer! See Photo***)

(((((((((Scroll to bottom & click video to see & hear radio playing))))))))))

Restoration & Performance

This radio has been thoroughly re-conditioned including replacement of all capacitors, resistors replaced as needed, tubes replaced that were found to be weak, and it received a complete alignment. Sensitivity and selectivity are excellent on both AM and FM bands up and down the dial. The volume works quite well with only a slight turn of the knob. Controls were lubricated and the chassis was cleaned. The antenna is internal and features the Armstrong FM antenna system.

Cabinet / Design & Condition

The cabinet is in beautiful ALL original condition! Its dark brown Bakelite cabinet shines and reflects whatever is next to it, the dial looks almost brand new – I have not come across this model or any of its sister versions with a dial this clean. A wonderful representation of early 1950’s styling. The Bakelite cabinet is solid with no cracks, no chips, and no gouges. The handle is in pristine condition, it’s rare to see the handle on this in this good shape – it looks as if its never been used.

The speaker is original with very good sound. This radio really has power. The plug/cord is original and in very good condition. There is a bright red / orange neon pilot light at center top that indicates when the radio is on. It’s perfect as a functional display piece to show off in your office or home. It would also make a unique gift!In very good condition with only minor wear. (See photos and video for details).

There are 4 knobs on this radio, front right knob controls on/off/volume, the front middle knob is for tuning, and the front left knob is for band control. There is a right side mounted knob which controls bass/tone that functions well. This was a sophisticated radio for its time! The original back is in good condition and is tightly fastened. The original Zenith factory sticker is still secured on the bottom. Also, on the back, the original Underwriters Labratory sticker remains, as does the original "Armstrong FM" sticker, and the orignal model # sticker.

As a 63 year old radio, if you look close enough you will find a blemish here or there and some imperfections, however, frankly it’s not easy to find in normal light. The bottom has a few minor blemishes. (Look closely at photos & video for details)

Tubes & Technical Information

7 Valves / Tubes : 12BA6 12AT7 12BA6 12BA6 12AU6 19T8 35B5

Principle: Superhet with RF-stage ZF/IF 455/10700 kHz

Wave bands: Broadcast (BC) and FM.

Power type and voltage: AC/DC-set / 117 Volt

Loudspeaker: Permanent Magnet Dynamic Loudspeaker (moving coil)5.25 inch

Zenith Magazine Advertisement

“New Zenith - Super Triumph: FM-AM table radio! Amazing Super Sensitive - FM reception – gets more stations. Plus Zenith Long-Distance AM. Glamorous new Walnut plastic - Cabinet with Flexo-Grip handle. AC-DC Only!”

In 1950, the year of its introduction, this radio sold for $59 dollars - that’s the equivalent of $570 in todays’ dollars! That was a decent amount of money for the average American in a stale post war economy during the latter part of the Truman administration. This radio was launched before the 1950’s boom period.

Zenith "Super Triumph" G724 History

This radio was one of Zeniths first that included FM receiver technology licensed under Armstrong patents. (The famed electrical engineer and inventor). This radio set itself apart in the marketplace in 1950 with its angular wedge shaped geometry of the dial scale and the long sweeping red station pointer. On close inspection, you can see detailed swirling in the gold dial background, a nice touch of elegance along with the brass collared knobs. This radio had a very elegant appearance and for its time was quite sophisticated with a side tone control. Unlike many sets, the pilot light uses a neon bulb, which casts a soft red - orange glow over the patterned brass dial. The audio quality of this tabletop radio is truly outstanding.

Shipping, Payment, & Dimensions:

Winning buyer pays shipping and handling charges.It will be packed very wellwith plenty of padding – double boxed, and shipped with “Fragile" & ‘This side up” on the box to make sure it is handled carefully. I ship fast within 1 to 2 business days after receiving payment using the US Postal Service Standard post or parcel select, tracking confirmation is included!

Also, I have a 100% response score, so offer with confidence!

Dimensions & Shipping & Terms:

Dimensions are 12” in length X 7.25” high X 7.25” in depth

Antique Zenith Vintage Bakelite Radio Works Great - Restored - See Video :

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