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Antique C 1890s Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine & Foot Pedal Running For Sale

Antique C 1890s Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine & Foot Pedal Running

For your offerding consideration in this sale is a very early WILLCOX & GIBBS Sewing Machine with Foot Pedal. There are 9 different Patent Dates on the amchine, the last year of which is 1894 so this machine in my estimate is circa 1890s. It is very clean and in running order. I do not know how to use this (or any sewing machine for that matter!) machine so hopefully since it is running it is also in working order. I don't have a catalogue to compare parts so please view photos to see condition and that what needs to be there is there. The machine is 16" x 6" x 10" and due to cast iron construction weighs 26 pounds (including the pedal). It appears there is a cable or cord that would run between the foot pedal and the machine which I do not have. The electric cord looks to me to be either original or an early replacement. It is a cloth cord with wires inside the cloth that are also wrapped. Some fraying to the exterior cloth but the cloth wrapped wires are not frayed so I see no exposed wires. As with all earlymachines, I would however suggest you consider putting a modern cord on it for safety if you will be using it as a working machine versus a collection piece. It has a wonderful "Willcox & Gibbs" silver metal label on it showing the machine serial number as "27193". There is also a beautiful Copper (?) Medallion showing an embossed image of the Sewing Machine and the "WG" logo.

I have taken a video and uploaded it to Youtube and you can see it running if you go to Youtube and search for:

"Antique 1800's Willcox & Gibbs sewing machine & Foot Pedal".


I want your offerding and Purchasing experience with me to be a satisfactory one in every way. I have provided a few thoughts below to help you understand my practices and what has proven to work successfully for me and over 5000 of my customers in ensuring an above satisfactory transaction here on . Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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LISTING / ITEM DESCRIPTION: Please ask questions - I try and describe items as best I can,and add corresponding Photos, but I don't always know what may be important to you.

RETURN POLICY: I accept returns for full refundwithin 7 days of the sale close date if your receive the item and feel it was not as described. I do require you to contact me first, before returning the item,to discuss however so I have a chance to understand your concerns. The best policy for both of us is for you to ask questions prior to offerding so please don't hesitate to contact me.An item sold "as-is", which I don't often do - only when I don't have the ability to test something or don't know how to work it, is not refundable.


COMBINED SHIPPING: I offer Combined Shipping Services where it makes sense. I often list similar type items each week and have many buyers buy more than one item during a single night. In those cases, I will send you an invoice after your first purchase. If I see you have bought a second item, I will not send another Invoice until all items have closed that night. It is not unusual for me to have one Buyer buy 5 or more items in an evening so this saves you and I email time.

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INTERNATIONAL: I am very happy to have International buyers and do shipmany of my items Internationally however shipping items Internationally from the U.S. is getting more and more complex and confusing so please continue reading. I offer only Priority Mail on all items in my Listings regardless of weight. I add $2.00 for International Buyers orders using Priority Boxes. Larger items not fitting in Priority Boxeswill have a fee added (my cost) for packing materials such as Boxes, Peanuts, Bubble Wrap, etc. All items used for packing are NEW.Also, recently numerous foreign countries are changing their policies regarding US Postal Services which is causing some issues between what the Calculator will show you prior to offerding and what the US Shiping Services are actually charging when I take the package for shipment. I think there is a delay in implimentation of these new policies by in the calculator or they may not be aware of them all and therefore they are not communicated through the Selling system. A few examples I have recently run into: The UK no longer allows Insurance on US Priority Packages being shipped there. Additionally, they now have a limit of $600 for Insurance using Express Mail. Argentina has a limit to the size of package they will allow. Neither of these issues will show up when you are looking at the Calculator or when I send the invoice (unfortunatley). I therefore reserve the right to explain these scenarios to you when I learn of them and offer options (most likely resulting in higher costs to you through other shipping methods) for delivery to you. If we can not reach agreement in these cases, I also reserve the right to cancel the sale and your Purchaseand will refund your payment less Paypals transaction fees I have incurred. Additionally, requires signature confirmation on any item shipped to a Buyer over $250.00 per the Buyer Protection Plan. In that I run 99% of my sales on as sales with low starting offers and , I dont know an item may sell for more than $250.00 until after the sale is over. In those cases, I will modify the shipping cost to you to reflect US Express Mail Service costs on the Invoice (Express always will be higher cost than Priority per the US Postal Service Rates) as Express Mail has Signature Confirmation. Express Mail allows Insurance only up to $600 and US Postal Global Express has many, many Restrictions so UPS or FEDEX may be the best and only option for shipping items over $600 that will also offer Signature Confirmation and Insurance. UPS and FEDEX have dramatically higher prices than US Postal Service options. I will not ship items over $250.00 without both Signature Confirmation and Insurance so please be aware there could be large cost differences in shipping costs between what is shown on the Calculator and what you may ultimatley pay. Please contact me prior to offerding if you have any questions about this.

Thanks, and Good Luck!

Antique C 1890s Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine & Foot Pedal Running

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Antique C 1890s Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine & Foot Pedal Running:

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