Antonio Borsato Porcelain, Italy Boy In Dutch Shoes With Basket Mint

Antonio Borsato Porcelain, Italy  Boy In Dutch Shoes With Basket Mint

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Antonio Borsato Porcelain, Italy Boy In Dutch Shoes With Basket Mint:

Boy with Flower Basket

by Antonio Borsato

Borsato loved doing Children since he did several different

sculptures of them

and showed it in his work.

The Sculptures of Children and farm scenes are some of His Most Popular.

Little Farm Boy with Basket of flowers is excellent condition

As Always the face and the fingers are beautiful and Hgt 7" Dia Face Fingers and Flowers are all beautiful and perfect.

Each Borsato porcelain was hand sculpted and no two are alike.

Ifany one has other information, please contact me and let me know.

This porcelain came out ofthe estate of one of my clients.

This composition is porcelain

It is one of the MOST RARE of the Borsato Porcelains

Antonio Borsato

One of the world’s most gifted sculptors

Milan, Italy.

In his private studio the complete creative tasks were undertaken by Antonio Borsato,

and a small staff of artistically devoted technicians.

All stages in the development of every original work of art were attended to by Antonio Borsato himself. It is assuring to note that no Borsato was produced in mass or ever left the studio without the Borsato hallmark worked permanently into the piece. Only genuine Borsato works were so identified.

This serves as a valuable asset to the Borsato owner.

In the years to come the works of Borsato will become even more irreplaceable just as the works of the Old Masters. A never ending joy to behold, a treasure to cherish, Borsato’s inspired artistry and deep understanding of human nature imbues his works with joy, warmth, reverence and beauty. His impeccably faithful adherence to detail…. A wisp of hair, facial expression, gestures, whimsical humor, anatomical perfection….. combine to endow each of Borsato’s works with breathing realism. A Borsato art treasure is an exquisite masterpiece to be cherished as an heirloom for eternity.

Borsato worked endlessly to make each creation a melody of color and movement,

deftly positioning a figure to accomplish balance and a sense of action.

Borsato turned a finger or tilted a tiny head to achieve breath-like realism and an almost inner living beauty.

Borsato originals were all sculptured in the full-round with no blank surfaces with the entire piece completely hand colored with brilliant artistry.

Since Borsato art treasure were all hand sculpted and hand colored, no two pieces of the same subject are identical. Thus, the collector is assured and each Borsato is different in some characteristic from any other.

Before his death, the Gazebo was one of the largest Borsato accounts in America.

Borsato was scheduled to come to the Gazebo for a personal appearance in 1982, but was killed in an automobile accident early in the year.

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Antonio Borsato Porcelain, Italy Boy In Dutch Shoes With Basket Mint:

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