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Automation Direct Plc Training Lessons Learn To Program For Sale

Automation Direct Plc Training Lessons Learn To Program


Automation Direct PLC Training Lessons

These are the same lesson that we sell with our PLC trainer, the are made for a DL05 but can work with any CPU. The plc trainers are a small investment in your future. Along with some training (self taught) you can make a very good living for yourself and your family and have a fun exciting career.

When youpay for shipping you are paying for the flash drive and the shipping charges, this is a 2 gig flash drive and can be used for other things after you get your lessons

These are downloaded lessons unless you pay for the shipping, if you want the download version you MUST contact us first (no shipping charge for download)

You can download a free limited (100 words) version of the programming software from Automation Direct, it is not included with the lessons


This is a series of lessons that is for the beginner programmer just learning how to program and the seasoned engineer that is looking to improvetheir skills, we are covering everything from simple pointers to advanced moves and data manipulation.

We are trying to teach you something you can not get in a manuals, the manuals are great and you should read them, but what we are teaching you will not get out of a manual, we are trying to mimic the machines that you will be working on or building, this is where the real value of the lessons are... you will have a understanding on why and how the logic is working and you will be able to come up with your own logic in no time at all.

With over a total of 59 pages (pdf) on just the lessons and4 programs this will give you the knowledge that you need. These can also be converted to anyAutomation DirectCPU.

The lessons

1) Basic intro: Download, go online, viewing program, making a simple program, Installing software, features of the DirectSoft software and testing program.

2) PLC Cycle Scan's: How the PLC's looks at the logic and decides what needs to happen next, this is important if you plan on any 'automation', this is over looked by many and they have a hard time understanding the full concept of programming, the PLC’s don’t change their mind… its always the same so once you learn how to read their mind you can tell what its going to do next.

3) Basic intro: Instructions, monitoring the program, shortcuts, software features

4) Flip-Flop:One momentary input, turning on and off a single output.... you will need this someday

5) Recording actions with a PLC: In this lesson we will cover on how to record and play back (in sequence) an event or series of actions (inputs) then play them back as outputs… if you are old enough you can remember the old game Simon Says, this is similar to that by randomly pushing the buttons/inputs then switching to the play back mode the PLC plays back the buttons you just pushed then the same sequence you pushed them.

6) Drum Sequencer: (mimic a washing machine), Learn how to use sequence programming

7) Shift, Accumulator and Increment: Loading accumulators and shifting

8) Stage Programming: This is a very good programming tool and will come in handy for many machines

9) Program Structure/Subroutines: Help with designing the program

10) Several sample programs with documentation

Lessons 4 through 9 have programs wrote with comments so you can see everything that is happening and how... with the PDF's you will learn a TON.

Contactus if you have any questions


  • Item(s) are shipped the next business day once payment is received and cleared.
  • Please pay within 5 days of the end of the sale.
  • We offer a 30day guarantee on all of our products. No risk, guaranteed if our item(s) fail please contact us to discuss refund or exchange (excluding S&H). Our programming cables have a LIFETIME guarantee.
  • For payment method other then Paypal, please contact us.
  • All products ship to the address on the Paypal account, unless noted on the Paypal invoice/payment.
  • We have several of most items, all sales are for one unless noted
  • We also have communication cables if needed, custom cables are available.

Shipping: Monday-Friday (no shipping on Saturday or Sunday) Call if you need overnight shipping before you order 864-445-2851

  • First Class 3-5 days
  • Priority Mail, 2-3 business days until its at your door.
  • Domestic Express, Priority or 1st class shipping is done the next business day SEND EMAIL!!
  • UPS is available for USA only (contact us)
  • International Priority mail 12-21 days (via USPS)
  • Mexico is Express mailONLY (no Priority mail)
  • We will combine all shipping when possible

About us:

We are a systems integrator that provide turn key manufacturing equipment, trouble shooting, PLC programming, system modificationsin the south east USA ....alsoa provider of supplies and tools necessary for the Automation Integrator, PLC Programmer, Maintenance Technician, OEMs and Students whom are looking to enter into the field of automation.With our back ground and experience we are able to provide you what you are looking for and give you the support and service that you demand.

Payment methods:All majorcredit cards, PayPal and others (contact us)

International orders are PayPal only

Contact Information:

Ind-Concepts LLC

Saluda, SC 29138

Office (864) 445-2851 ~ email

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Automation Direct Plc Training Lessons Learn To Program

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Automation Direct Plc Training Lessons Learn To Program:

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