Awesome Silver Plated Green Lantern Power Ring Size 11 For Sale

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Awesome Silver Plated Green Lantern Power Ring Size 11

Here is a beautiful Silver Plated Green Lantern Power Ring, size 11. This ring is made from the same mold as the solid sterling silver rings I sell, but this one is silver plated to keep the costs down. It's brand new, never been worn. You will not get the ring in the photos, you'll get a brand new ring. You can see the size of the ring in the photos with the coins in it. (coins not included). If you don't know your ring size, a jeweler will usually size your finger for free. Please make sure you purchase the correct size ring.You can see the other sizes I have in my other sales.

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The Green Lantern sold Power rings for $1.00 apiece in the Sept 1964 issue #31!

History of the Green Lantern Ring

The Green Lantern Power Ring has rightly been called the most powerful weapon in the universe, yet it is far more than a simple weapon. Created by the Guardians of the Universe it was powered by their unique mental energies channeled via a large central power battery located on the planet Oa.

The Ring has the ability to shape a form of emerald energy to form physical constructs such as force bubbles, giant sized fists, body armor, etc. These forms are limited via the imagination and the will power of the user. The ring can also provide life support to the wearer in hostile environments and any other persons the wielder chooses. The rings can propel the Lantern through space at many times the speed of light and have been observed opening up space warps in the past.

Another function of the ring is to function as a database, language translator and communications device for the Green Lantern Corps. The ring's abilities are truly limited only by the mind of the wielder. They have in the past been observed to produce effects that border on the verge of magic, these cases are normally dismissed by most observers. The ring can manipulate sub-atomic particles (effectively producing new elements) and split atoms.

Power rings allow the user to fly and to cover themselves and others with a protective force field, suitable for traveling through outer space. They can also generate beams and solid structures of energy that can be moved simply by thinking about doing so, enabling the user to create cages, transportation platforms, walls, and battering rams. The ring can also be used to search for energy signatures or particular objects.

Green Lantern Rings typically hold a limited charge. Alan Scott's ring and the Green Lantern Corps rings have time limits in that they must be recharged every 24 hours. Kyle Rayner's ring is limited by the amount of energy it holds, but no set time limit; the energy is expended by Rayner's use of the ring, so the duration of each charge is determined by his actions.

The Green Lantern rings are often recharged by a portable power cell that looks like an old fashioned lantern that is colored green. The user typically points the ring towards the lantern, and usually gives a Green Lantern oath while recharging the ring.

Only people with exceptional wills can use power rings, a restriction which makes uses of the rings by average individuals improbable. Still, the requirements needed to wield a power ring have changed sporadically across the years, often creating continuity errors. In some incarnations a power ring can only be used by someone who literally has no concept of fear and is completely honest.

Normally an individual will only receive a power ring upon the death of the previous wielder, and then only if they pass the criteria for membership in the Corps.


Awesome Silver Plated Green Lantern Power Ring Size 11

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Awesome Silver Plated Green Lantern Power Ring Size 11:

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