B&h Autoload 16mm Sound Projector Unused Mib Warranty

B&h Autoload 16mm Sound Projector Unused Mib Warranty

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B&h Autoload 16mm Sound Projector Unused Mib Warranty:

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ICE-MTE Providing quality products and services to the Cinema Industry since 1956!

ICE-MTE is pleased to present for your offerding pleasure, another:

AMilitary Surplus




Bell & Howell



Free UPS Shipping in the 48 States!

Model 2585 AML

Also known as the AS-25C

16mm Optical Sound Projector.

We haveacquired a few of these machines from USA Military asSurplus. We bring them to you while the supply lasts.These havebeen stashed in a government Warehouse since 1987!

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity!

Our factory warranty for 1 Year!

Plus over 40 Years in the Projection Equipment and Manufacturing business!

These projectorswere made for the Department of Defense. They meet the superior "Mechanical and Electrical requirements of the USA Armed Forces".

This machine known for its quiet operation and steady picture, as well as its high quality audio & optical system.

This projector features & Includes:

Super Quiet Operation!

2300 FootReel Capacity!

Dust Cover Included-New!

Fully Illustrated Manual

ELC Projection Lamp installed!-New!

BAKExciter Lamp Installed!-New!

2 inch 50mmLens included-New!

Goldberg Steel 1600 Foot Takeup Reel included-used!

Automatic Auto-Load mechanism for easy threading

Power Rewind

Optical Sound Head

Hi-lite Shutter

Built in 15 watt Audio Amplifier

Speaker Built into the Projector

Bonus- DualSpeakers with50 foot exstension cable

alsobuilt into the projector cover! - Included-New

External Speaker Outputat 8 Ohms

Hi & Low Light Output Switch!

Forward Reverse Operation

New Main Drive Worm Gear-Installed!

New Upgraded Long Life

New Projection Lamp Socket-Installed!

New Main Drive Belt-Installed!

New Focus Control-Installed!

Since we sold these to Uncle Sam in the first place we know these machines well. As a result each projector is throughly checked and serviced prior to shipment.

The "Main Worm DriveGear"is replaced.

It is replaced becuase itcan & will dry out and can crack after long periods of non use. These machines have been stored for over 20 years. The gear we replace it with is an upgraded one. Other parts also detriorate furing that much storage time and thus we also replace the Projection Lamp Socket, Drive Belts, & Focus Control.

See the photos we have posted showing the old cracked gears weremoveand the new ones we install. These are actual photos of what length we go thru to stand behind the products we sell to you on .

ICECO was a Bell & Howell factory authorized

Sales and Service Center

for over 25 Years!

This machine Works on 115V@ 60 cycles- Standard USA Electricals.

It will also operate on 115V @ 50 cycles- Europe, Asia, Africa.-

You will require a line transformer to operate on 220V though!

We maintain a full line oflamps and support parts for this and other B&H film projection machines.

This is in "UNUSED-NEW" condition.

It will be delivered to you in the original factory packing.

This machine cost Uncle Sam $854.00 in 1986.

USA List price when B&H stopped making thiswas over $1450.00

It is nearly impossible to obtain a NEW 16mm Sound projector today.

Take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

Buy this at your price!

A little History.

In the winter of 1985 International Cinema Equipment. Was awarded a government contract to supply 788 of these machines to the US Army. We shipped these to the government in 1987.Now after many years we have re-purchased a few of them as USA Goverment surplus.

We worked closely with the Defense Department & Bell & Howell to supply a unique machine that would meet the rigors and requirements of the U.S.A. Military.

You will find that this machine has enhanced electrical specifications which prevent interference from other electrical devices affecting the audio system and prevents electricalshock!

It is also a universal machine that may be used anywhere in the world since it will operate on 50 and 60 cycles.

It also has a special feed reel arm which will fold down and allow the case and cover to be fully closed and acomodate all makes and models of standard Zoom lenses.

There are 2speakers, which are located in the cover of the projector and also one is built into the body of the machine as well. These are of excellent quality.

If you buy one of these machines and the above discussedservice has not been performed then you will sooner or later be faced with a defective machine and a very large repair bill.

Many service stations will charge in excess of$250.00 to perform the service which is included at no extra cost youwhen buy from ICE-MTE!

It is included with your purchase!

No one else offering this machine anywhere can offer you the support that

International Cinema Equipment Can!

16mm Projectors are no longer made in either the USA or Europe. You will never have an opportunity like this again to own a NEW & UNUSED 16mm B&H 2585 16mm Sound Projector.

Get rid of that old clunker of a projector now and own one with 0 miles on it!

We have been in the film projection equipment business for over 40 years!

This machine will be checked for proper operation prior to shipment.

It comes to you with a

1 YearWarranty!

Warranty doesNOT include BeltorLamp!

Parts and support are available for Most B&H 16mmProjectors.

Shipping, packing and handling in the 48 States Via UPS ground FREE

Please note that UPS Does not Ship to Post Office Boxes!

Information at ph:305 573 7339.

Visit our stores formuch more.

We can now export this item. If you are living outside of the USA and wish to purchase this machine let us know .

Costs vary depending on destination and method of packing. Be prepared to spend for surface shipping between $80-250.00 USD.

We accept Paypal, and all Major Credit Cards.

International and Export orders are welcomed anywhere in the world.

ICE-MTE suppliers of quality cinema equipment since 1975.

International Cinema Equipment

A Division of

Magna-Tech Electronic Company Inc.

1998 NE 150th Street

Miami Florida 33181

305 573 7339

Inspection is welcomed call for an appointment!


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B&h Autoload 16mm Sound Projector Unused Mib Warranty:

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