B 156 Pecs Book 4 Autism Aba, Speech Therapy, Adhd, Language & Apraxia Aspergers

B 156 Pecs Book 4 Autism Aba, Speech Therapy, Adhd, Language & Apraxia Aspergers

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B 156 Pecs Book 4 Autism Aba, Speech Therapy, Adhd, Language & Apraxia Aspergers:

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Lot includes: 1 sturdy Binder, 150 colorful PECS, 1 sentence strip, 5 divider/tabs, 1 easy pamphlet to understand the 6 step of Pecs, and 6 extra pecs to expand your child's language and cognitive development.( What you see in the pictures is what you get)

!!!!!Ready to use!!!

The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is an augmentative communication system developed to help individuals quickly acquire a functional means of communication (Bondy and Frost, 1994). Please click on the link to learn more about the PECS AND PYRAMID APPROACH


-Has two side pockets COLOR BLACK

-Binder measures 9 X 7 convenient to travel and put in your child’s backpack or carry in hand.

-Each binder contains 1 sentence strip (choose from 5 different color: blue, purple, green, yellow and red),

-Binder comes with 5 different colorful 10ml poly inserts, with 3 striped HOOK Velcro attached on each side.

-Binder is well organized: each divider has it's own category and it's label. (8 categories in total)

-1 easy to understand Instructions explaining the use of the Pecs Pyramid and the IV important steps.

-Extra 6 Pecs: i see, it is__, i hear, I smell, I touch, and I feel. You will need this extra pecs for the last step of the Pecs Pyramids.

Picture PECS Description:

-Each pictures measures 1.5 X 1.5 printed on 110 card-stock white paper and heated with fine durable 5+mil laminating paper. (very sturdy)

-Each picture comes with round 1/2 Velcro LOOP Coins already attached and ready to use.

-Each Pec is individually handmade to its perfection.

PEC book Contains:

8 categories:Toy, Food, Places to visit, School related, Home activities, Action verbs, Common EmotionsandSign language.

150 color pictures is as follows:

Boy Toys:Lego's, skateboard, toy train, trike, airplane toy, stacking toy, ball, bounce on ball, puzzle, action figures, coil toy, instruments, board game, little people, blocks, stuffed animals, crayons, play dough, toy phone, dinosaur, boat, potato toy, shape sorter, sand toys, trampoline, beads, sketching toy, toy cars, book, and bubbles.

In-Home Activity:TV, time with mom, time with dad, bathroom, set table, wash hands, clothes hamper, brush teeth, medicine, clean room, eat, get dressed, brush hair, sleep, bathe.

Signs:finished, go, stop, loud, help, quiet, I want, yes, no, please, want, my turn, your turn, more, all-done.

Place to Go:store, zoo, park, museum, aquarium, trip, hair cut, swim, outside, doctor visit, party, theater, dentist, beach, special therapy.

School:play, lunch box, homework, library, recess, break time, motor skills, computer, sports, bus, circle time, school, class, paint, arts & crafts.

Food:cake, applesauce, yogurt, soup, candy, bread, jello, juice, water, fish crackers, snack foods, milk, ice cream, rice, sandwich, cereal, French fries, noodles, hamburger, salad, dinner, lunch, breakfast, pizza, meat/fish, fruits, pancakes, hot dog, vegetables, chips.

Emotions:surprise, embarrassed, happy, think, sad, proud, sick, tired, excited, disgusting, cold, mad, scared, hurt, hot.

Action Verbs:drink, build, listen to music, walk, write, throw, sing, share, dance, sit, run, jump, cut, blow, choose.

About ME

Hi, let me first introduce myself to you: I’m a special apply Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapist for children’s diagnosed with Autism, Apergers, ADHD, and Down syndrome for over 10 years.Ihave a degree in Sociology and in Special Education. I also attended countless of training for the use of Pecs, TEACH, and ABA so any questions are welcome!!!!!

Working with children’s in the spectrum, I’ve learned that everychild has the ability to learn and become independent with the use of visual supports and with the right use of tools and help. With my experience using PECS I have found that it allows individuals to communicate by using pictures instead of, or in conjunction with, speech. Pecs provides a functional outlet or expression for individuals who have difficulty communicating. Is used to initiate conversation and to communicate wants and needs to another person. Is design to enhance the life of each individual and their caregiver by becoming independent and able to communicate while in theory their bad behaviors (tantrum, eloping, flopping, crying, scratching, pulling hair, banging head, Etc.) will reduce and lessen.

I have personally designed numerous amounts of Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) for clients, friends, and family. Customized every book for every individual's need. Ultimately this book is designed especially for Pre-School age children's to adults. I have attached 150 pictures that are most common for everyday living (see list and pictures). It’s design with the best materials and ready to use (don’t need to cut or assemble).

Any changes or /and add-ons are welcome (up to 10 free additional Pecs picture) for your own use at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Please ASK any questions before offerding!!!!! I will ship 24- 48 business hours within your cleared payment so if you need any changes or add- ons and want to choose your sentence strip color please let me know at paypal check out or send me an e-mail through ....

!!!!Satisfaction Guarantee or your Money back!!!!

We use the best Materials Guarantee

!!!!!Thanks for looking!!!!!

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B 156 Pecs Book 4 Autism Aba, Speech Therapy, Adhd, Language & Apraxia Aspergers:

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