Barry Goldwater 1964 President Political Button Pinback Pin Badge If I Were 21

Barry Goldwater 1964 President Political Button Pinback Pin Badge If I Were 21

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Barry Goldwater 1964 President Political Button Pinback Pin Badge If I Were 21:


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Large 3-1/2" cello, "If I Were 21 I'd Vote for Barry"

Suface spots.

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Barry Morris Goldwater(January 1, 1909[1]– May 29, 1998) was an American politician and businessman who was a five-termUnited States 1969–87) and theRepublican Party's nominee forPresident of the United Statesin the1964 election. Despite losing the election by a landslide, Goldwater is the politician most often credited for sparking the resurgence of theAmerican conservativepolitical movement in the 1960s. He also had a substantial impact on thelibertarian movement.[2]

Goldwater rejected the legacy of theNew Dealand fought through theconservative coalitionagainst theNew Deal coalition. He mobilized a to win the hard-fought Republican primaries. In terms of religion he was anEpiscopalianlike his parents. In terms of ethnicity his mother was from an old Yankee family but attention focused on his father, who was of Jewish stock.[3]He was the first candidate withethnically Jewishheritage to be nominated for President by a major American party.[4][5]Goldwater's conservative campaign platform ultimately failed to gain the support of the electorate[6]and he lost the1964 presidential electionto incumbentDemocratLyndon B. Johnson, bringing down many conservative Republican office-holders as well. Jeff Fishel says, "The conservative faction of the party was on the defensive as a result of the magnitude of the election losses."[7]Liberal critics painted him as a reactionary, while supporters praised his crusades against theSoviet Union, American labor unions, and thewelfare state. His defeat allowed Johnson and the Democrats in Congress to pass theGreat Societyprograms, but the defeat of so many older Republicans in 1964 also cleared the way for a younger generation of American conservatives to mobilize. Goldwater was much less active as a national leader of conservatives after 1964; his supporters mostly rallied behindRonald Reagan, who became governor of California in 1967 and the 40thPresident of the United Statesin 1981.

Goldwater returned to the Senate in 1969, and specialized in defense policy, bringing to the table his experience as a senior officer in theAir Force Reserve. In 1974, as an elder statesman of the party, Goldwater successfully urged PresidentRichard Nixonto resign when evidence of a cover-up in theWatergate scandalbecame overwhelming and impeachment was imminent. By the 1980s, the increasing influence of theChristian righton theRepublican Partyso conflicted with Goldwater's views that he became a vocal opponent of the religious right on issues such asabortion,gay rights, and the role of religion in public life. After narrowly winning re-election to the Senate in 1980, he chose not to run for a sixth term in 1986, andwas succeededby fellow RepublicanJohn McCain. A significant accomplishment in his career was the passage of theGoldwater–Nichols Actof 1986, which restructured the higher levels of thePentagonby placing the chain of command from thePresidentto theSecretary of Defensedirectly to the commanders of theUnified Combatant Commands.

William Edward Miller(March 22, 1914 – June 24, 1983) was aNew Yorkpolitician. He was theRepublican Partynominee forVice President of the United Statesin the1964 election.[2]He was the onlyCatholicvice presidential nominee of the Republican Party untilPaul Ryanin2012.

Life and career[edit]

Miller was born inLockport, New York, the son of Elizabeth (Hinch), who owned a small millinery shop, and Edward J. Miller, a factory floor sweeper.[3][4]His paternal grandparents were German immigrants, and his mother was of Irish descent.[5]Miller attended theUniversity of Notre DameandAlbany Law School. He served in theUnited States ArmyduringWorld War IIand later helped prosecute German war criminals at theNuremberg trials. Miller was appointeddistrict attorneyofNiagara County, New Yorkin 1948, by GovernorThomas E. Dewey. Miller served in theUnited States House of Representativesfrom 1951 to 1965 and was chairman of theRepublican National Committeefrom 1961 to 1964.

Goldwater stated that he chose Miller to be his running mate simply because "he drives Johnson nuts" with his Republican activism. But by some other accounts, Johnson "was barely aware of Miller's existence." Miller's Eastern roots and Catholic faith balanced the ticket in some ways, but ideologically he was conservative like Goldwater. His relative obscurity—"he was better known for snipes at President Kennedy than for anything else"—gave birth to the refrain"Here's a riddle, it's a killer / Who the hell is William Miller?"[6]

Following the defeat of theGoldwater-Miller ticket, Miller returned to his hometown of Lockport, where he resumed his law practice. He also appeared in one of the first "Do you know me?" commercials forAmerican Express.[7]Mark Z. Barabak suggests that by the time he died, Miller was "was better known for his advertising appearance than his years in Congress."[8]He is buried atArlington National Cemetery.

He and his wife, Stephanie (Wagner), had three daughters and one son. His youngest daughter,Stephanie Miller, was astand-up comedianin the 1980s,CNBCand late night TV host in the 1990s and is now a nationally syndicated liberalradio talk showhost based on the West Coast. His son, William E. Miller, Jr. ran unsuccessfully as a Republican for the House of Representatives in 1992 and 1994 to represent New York's 29th district.[9]

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Barry Goldwater 1964 President Political Button Pinback Pin Badge If I Were 21:

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