Beautiful Antique Brass Hilted Estoc Sword

Beautiful Antique Brass Hilted  Estoc Sword

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Beautiful Antique Brass Hilted Estoc Sword:

A beautiful antique estoc.

a beautiful and interesting sword of hand and a half hilt length.
this sword with bronze hiltwas used in the 17th or 18th century during processions.

Blade: very complex three-sided blade with hollow grounds and flattened sides making it a very stiff and sharp blade for stabbing. at the beginning of the blade is acoat of armsetched at both sides.

Hilt: one and a half hand with a brass teardrop wheel pommel and very nice shapedcrossguard with fleur de lys finals.The handle has a brass frame in order to get structure in the grip leather unfortunately the grip leather perished.

allover length: 102cm blade 83cm.

beautifully crafted sword, quality work!

goodluck with offerding!!!

Beautiful Antique Brass Hilted Estoc Sword:

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