Beginning To End Vintage American Watches Roy Ehrhardt

Beginning To End Vintage American Watches Roy Ehrhardt

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Beginning To End Vintage American Watches Roy Ehrhardt:

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Beginning to End VintageAmericanPOCKET
Watches, Dials, & Cases.
Identification & Price Guide1830-2009 Roy Ehrhardt-William Meggers MEMORIAL EDITION 8 1/2 x 11 inches or 215 x
275 mm - 2 lbs FullColor 90pagestotal of469Pages 469 pages Total with90pages with 339 watchesin FULL COLOR inaddition including 245movement and dial pictures
of the most sought Railroad
& American Movements
and Specialty Dials known. Read This Carefully: This
is for those of you who do
not know- BUT DO KNOW- there is information aboutwatches they do not know
that they do not know and
know they are missing andgiving away valuable
watches with no knowledgeof it at all! -AND- Are
willing to pay for knowledge
rather than using the oldsaying of Roy. The only
substitute for knowledgeis money! Think about it. Money does not equal
knowledge, but it seemslike it to those using it
as their Guide. This book costs $50.00Reduced- FORAREASON.This is the culimination ofknowledge of the life ofRoy Ehrhardt. This
book has 93 color pages
of remarkable watcheswith more remarkableprices realized in the
New York Watch sale
of the Century of American
Watches. The updates
were done by Roy,Larry,and Bill just before Bill'sdeath. Collectors and
Dealers need this book
for variations are shown
that were first shown in
the 1970's Price Indicatorsof Roy Ehrhardt, along
with many new dial and
movement variations.
More variations appear
monthly as old watches
are still out there being
inherited, sold and foundin pawn shop safes, and
watchmakers drawers. Collectors who have longstanding experience knowthat one piece of knowledgein each book will pay forthe price of that book andmore. IF ATTENTION
is paid to the informationcontained THERIN and
it does not become a coffeetable collector edition.
This is not for coffee tablewatch collecting but for
Avid Raoffer Watchnatics
seeking the fun of the hunt
and needing the tools of thetrade of the KnowledgeableElite Dealer. Roy Ehrhardt'sBooks are proven reliableinformation and all us early
dealers have everything he
ever wrote in books and knowit is money in the bank and
jewels in our collections. Youcan be an averge collectoror dealer and still as the
I have received calls where
my answer was- you do not
have that watch they onlymade 25- and the reply
was come and see it for
yourself it just came in thefront door and cost $150.00,a 23 jewel Sangmo SpecialHunter. Other similar
watches are waiting and
being bought, you might
as well own the rare watchesthat pass through your handsor at least receive the right
money for them. I have been told to--Dumb Down-- This
Introduction and thisbook
would sell better for it isabove the watch traders
level of understanding.THEPURPOSE of thisbook is to raise the levelof understanding of the
watches that are weekly
passing through your handsfrom pawn shops, gold
buyouts, and collections
breaking up due to the
desparate economy we
are now all in. If I dumb this introductiondown you will still be dumb.This book can fix dumb,
it can train you to detailand critical examination,but willful ignornace
cannot be fixed. If you
choose not to know morethan you presently knowwhen opportunity ispresented the level of
collecting you are at will
remain the same. Ignorancedoes not mean lack of all
knowledge but lack of
knowledge you are unawareof that others are aware of. This book is the culiminationof wisdom andresearch
information of the life of
Roy Ehrhardt, Col. GeorgeTownsend, and Bill Meggersalong with the list of
contributors and the
unlisted thousands thattook serial numbers
and movement variationsfor Roy and Bill and allof us at the start of Col.
Townsend's publishing
career who recorded serial
numbers for him. George
and Roy have a large recordof corresspondence over
the years as he was a largecontributor to Roys workin later years. ATTENTION-ATTENTION-ATTENTION to Detail and Comprehension of featuresof what you are looking
at that is Unique or Specialsets apart the watch traderfrom the knowledgeable
dealer or collector. Dial Variations-Colored
Dials and RR Inspector
names make a remarkabledifference in price to a
low jeweled or gold-filled
watch. A Railroad grade
watch can be boosted in
price as much as 10 timesor more. Jeweler Namesand Personalized Specialorder customer names
are the sleeper of the
present and future
according to Larry Ehrhardt.Many dealers have made
a good side living buying
and selling these personalizedname watches for years. The value of this book isto use this book as a StudyGuide. To benefit from
it you must have the desireto Focus your Attention
to the Critical Variationsof movement models
that make the DramaticDifference in prices
from one to the same onewith the gold flashing orspecial dial or special RRInspector name or other
feature that is a special
order or short factory
run, or a- ONEOFF-
for a special reason.
Workmen took home
with and without permission movements and whencompanies were in hardtimes or closing paid
salaries in movements
and workmen finishedthese are home or
sometimes on companypremises. Factory handfinished movements
are more valuable thanmost home finished
movements by workmen,but exceptions exist wherethe home finished
movement is superior
to the finish of a companyproduction. Patent Modelsare also found using factorymovements finished by aworkman to show his
patent- regulators- areone common example-but 8 day or special
escapement models alsoshow up and special dialtrain features also. The Most ComprehensiveIdentification & Price
Guide Ever Written
Combined as a MemorialEdition with IN COLORthe Most Important
sale of 339 AmericanVintage Watches this
Century, including 14 pageswith 245 pictures of themost sought American
& Railroad Movements& Specialty Dials Known.4 pages of Dial Foot
Positions to Identify ALLAmerican Dials,Including
American Movement Weightsin Pennyweights. 922 EA
drawings on 82 pages to
identifyALL American
Watch Movements with
or without identifying
writing on the plates. Serial
Numbers & Grades with
Production Dates forBall-Hamilton-Rockfordin 30 pages. 3 pages
Watch Company ProductionDates. 203 pages of over11,000 Alphabetical listings
ofALL known AmericanWatches with over 1,100
RR Inspectors and PrivateLabel Names LISTED ALPHABETICALLY. This bookIdentifies everyone of the 100 millionjeweled and 300 millionunjeweled American-Made POCKET WATCHES
dating from 1830-2000.
This is the FoundationalDefinitive Work ofAmerican Pocket Watches.A Reference Work Referred totheWORLD over by
sale Houses, Pawn Shops, Coin Shops, Antique Dealers, Appraisers, DEALERS and COLLECTORS to separatethe Cheap from the Rare,Cheap watches are not
cheap they never raise invalue over time, they
STEAL your Money,
junk returns to junk afterthe trend is over Qualityis Quality forever and MINTis MONEY. The Only Substitute forKNOWLEDGE is MONEY, Information makes theKnowledge, Knowledgecreates confidence in
investing and confidencein buying creates a marketaccording to how deep the
pockets of the buyers are, WIDESPREAD Knowledgecreates a Supermarket ora Trend resulting in a
collecting field, the EndResult isdedicated collectorsof the scarce and finerexamples. There are always buyersof the cheap watches but
we are talking about INVESTINGfor PROFIT not accumulation
of quantity. DISCRETION ANDWISDOM DETERMINE THE RESULT Beginners become expertsthrough proper resourcematerials. The History of This Book

This book was first released

in 1987 and updated in 1994

and 1998 and 1999 and

released in small editions

and again updated in 2000

by Roy Ehrhardt and Bill

Meggers,Put into full

8 1/2 x 11 format for study use,

and revised and corrected

until 2002 when Bill Meggers

passed away, Larry Ehrhardt

updated the prices and Roy

finished the proof copy

corrections in 2003 and

due to health and 2 hurricanes

passing directly through

Umatilla, Florida and

seriously damaging the

building this book was

neverreleased and printed

.Roy died in 2004. I have

combined this book with

2 others making a Memorial

Edition. The most Complete

Book of the most Important Information on American

Pocket Watches Available.

This is the Collector's Collector
Book and the PawnbrokersDream the Rare Stuff withthe prices without all thetrash. This book should sell
Thousands ofcopies andupon widespread distributionprices will skyrocket on
Mint Perfect, MulticoloredDials, Gold-Filled MintCases, Railroad Cases forSpecial Models. Private
Label Names and RailroadInspector's Names. Gold
Unique Multicolor
Pocketwatches in All Sizeswith Interesting Mint
Multicolor Dials. The pricesnow in this book for saleresults will be dealer wholesaleprices and Are Now on
many of the watches listed. WE SELL RELIABLE INFORMATION The Price is $50.00 Reduced
delivered Media Mail in USAand Priority Flat Rate
Envelope Mail Worldwide and on Consideration of
the Cost of 90 pages of
Color Printingwith
8 1/2 x 11 Format for
Easy Reading and Notations---No Better Value is availablein the Pocket Watch Price
Guide Field.

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Beginning To End Vintage American Watches Roy Ehrhardt:

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