Birds Cardinal Robin 19x10 Bird Stained Glass Art Panel

Birds Cardinal Robin 19x10 Bird Stained Glass Art Panel

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Birds Cardinal Robin 19x10 Bird Stained Glass Art Panel:

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BIRDS OF A FEATHER 19"x10" Art Panel click picture to enlarge
Magnificient New Art Glass
Window Panel

Birds of a Feather
This lovely bird design features a beautiful Cardinal, Goldfinch, Robin, Blue Bird, Chickadee, Canary, Oriole, and perhaps a Lark or a Wren peacefully sitting on branches on a beautiful summer day.

A Spectacular Work of Art in Glass!

Saturated with hundreds of jewel-toned sections of sparkling quality art glass!Stunning colors and textures saturate this vibrant work of art! Gorgeous rich colors, as well as clear and textured glass, along with many clear and colored glass "jewels" are artistically designed into this spectacular design.Measurements: 19" x 10" Completewitha chainon top, ready for hanging. This panel also comes ina 10x37 size

About Our Art Glass

These magnificient creations are crafted on a single pane of glass through high temperature kiln firing. Artists individually apply the finest quality enamel colors, one section at a time. Once the artwork is laminated onto the underlying glass it is entered into the kiln to be fired. After firing, the enamels become permanently fused into the glass which gives each piece a richness and depth of color. Each individual section in the design is unique in color and texture, and is separated by an epoxy resin which is raised similar to lead solder on traditional stained glass work. With the single pane method of stained glass, we are able to use much more intricate designs, than you could ever obtain with traditional cut glass, with more vibrant colors and many more variations of color. The resultant art panels are visually stunning! PHOTOS DO NOT DO THIS JUSTICE!
These panels have gorgeous colors and diverse individual raised textures, each one unique, that truly make these windows a masterpiece! Our Collection of Stained Glass Creations will be an eye-catching addition to any room in your home!Stained glass provides beautiful colors in your home during the day, and looks beautiful and sparkly at night from the outside when your interior lights are on.Many people buy stained glass to replace window blinds, curtains and shades, for both privacy and beauty, to camouFlage an undesireable view, adding privacy to a room or bathroom without blocking all of the light, used as room dividers, ceiling windows or creative stained glass inserts in kitchen cabinet panels! Casts myriads of richly colored light into the room on sunny days, and cheers up even the not-so-sunny ones.The beauty of these panels will enhance any style of decor! Please visit our Store
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Birds Cardinal Robin 19x10 Bird Stained Glass Art Panel:

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