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Brady Confederate's Andersonville Prison Camp Relics Of Civil War, Clara Barton For Sale

Brady Confederate's Andersonville Prison Camp Relics Of Civil War, Clara Barton

Please Note: This week we are offering selections from three Lincoln and Civil War collections… wonderful, important pieces of history along with some downright fun stuff!  Please take a look at all our listings – we are also offering wonderful reference books from a vast Lincoln and Civil War library! As always, s! Thanks for having a look.Brady's Andersonville Prison Relics Carte-de-Visite Photograph. Wonderful photograph featuring many items collected of the Confederate's Andersonville Prison, prisoner-of-war camp in Georgia. Type in lower margin notes the collection of items were brought from Miss Clara Barton and Dorence Atwater, August 1865 for the great National Fair. Credited by "Brady & Co", Washington. An ULTRA-RARE Carte!Andersonville Prison (also known as Camp Sumter), located near Andersonville, Georgia, was a Confederate prisoner-of-war camp during the American Civil War. Most of the site lies in southwestern Macon County, adjacent to the east side of the town of Andersonville. As well as the former prison, the site also contains the Andersonville National Cemetery and the National Prisoner of War Museum. Of the approximately 45,000 Union prisoners held at Camp Sumter during the war, nearly 13,000 died of starvation, malnutrition, diarrhea or communicable diseases. The prison, which opened in February 1864, originally covered about 16.5 acres of land enclosed by a 15-foot high stockade. In June 1864 it was enlarged to 26.5 acres. The stockade was in the shape of a rectangle 1,620 feet by 779 feet. There were two entrances on the west side of the stockade, known as "north entrance" and "south entrance". Andersonville Prison was liberated in May 1865. The National Prisoner of War Museum opened in 1998 as a memorial to all American prisoners of war. Exhibits use art, photographs, displays and video presentations to focus on the capture, living conditions, hardships and experiences of American prisoners of war in all periods. The museum also serves as the park's visitor center. Clarissa Harlowe "Clara" Barton (1821 – 1912), was a pioneer American teacher, patent clerk, nurse, and humanitarian. At a time when relatively few women worked outside the home, Barton built a career helping others. One of her greatest accomplishments was founding the American Red Cross. This organization helps victims of war and disasters. Clara Barton became a teacher in 1838 for a dozen years in schools in Canada and West Georgia. In 1850, Barton decided to further her education by pursuing writing and languages at the Clinton Liberal Institute in New York. Following these studies, Barton opened a free school in New Jersey. The attendance under her leadership grew to 603, but instead of hiring Barton to head the school, the board hired a man. Frustrated, in 1855 she moved to Washington D.C. and began work as a clerk in the US Patent Office; this was the first time a woman had received a substantial clerkship in the federal government and at a salary equal to a man's salary. Before her father died, Barton was able to talk to him about the Civil War effort. Her father convinced her that it was her duty as a Christian to help the soldiers. In the April following his death, Barton returned to Washington to gather medical supplies. Ladies' Aid societies helped in sending bandages, food, and clothing that would later be distributed during the Civil War. In the August of 1862, Barton finally gained permission from Quartermaster Daniel Rucker to work on the front lines. She gained support from other people who believed in her cause. These people became her patrons, her most supportive being Senator Henry Wilson of Massachusetts. In 1864 she was appointed by Union General Benjamin Butler as the "lady in charge" of the hospitals at the front of the Army of the James. Among her more harrowing experiences was an incident in which a bullet tore through the sleeve of her dress without striking her and killed a man to whom she was tending. She is known as the "Angel of the Battlefield".After the war, she ran the Office of Missing Soldiers, at 437 Seventh Street, Northwest, Washington, D.C. in the Gallery Place neighborhood. She met Susan B. Anthony and began a long association with the woman's suffrage movement. She also became acquainted with Frederick Douglass and became an activist for black civil rights. In 1869, during her trip to Geneva, Switzerland, Barton was introduced to the Red Cross and Henry Dunant's book A Memory of Solferino, which called for the formation of national societies to provide relief voluntarily on a neutral basis. At the beginning of the Franco-Prussian War, in 1870, she assisted the Grand Duchess of Baden in the preparation of military hospitals, and gave the Red Cross society much aid during the war. At the joint request of the German authorities and the Strasbourg Comité de Secours, she superintended the supplying of work to the poor of Strasbourg in 1871, after the Siege of Paris, and in 1871 had charge of the public distribution of supplies to the destitute people of Paris. At the close of the war she was decorated with the Golden Cross of Baden and the Prussian Iron Cross. When Clara Barton returned to the United States, she inaugurated a movement to gain recognition for the International Committee of the Red Cross by the United States government. When she began work on this project in 1873, most Americans thought the U.S. would never again face a calamity like the Civil War, but Barton finally succeeded during the administration of President Chester Arthur, using the argument that the new American Red Cross could respond to crises other than war. Barton naturally became President of the American branch of the society, which held its first official meeting at her I Street apartment in Washington, DC May 21, 1881. The first local society was founded August 22, 1882 in Dansville, Livingston County, New York, where she maintained a country home. The society's role changed with the advent of the Spanish-American War during which it aided refugees and prisoners of the civil war. In 1897, responding to the humanitarian crisis in the Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of the Hamidian Massacres, Barton sailed to Constantinople and after long negotiations with Abdul Hamid II, opened the first American International Red Cross headquarters in the heart of Turkey. Barton herself traveled along with five other Red Cross expeditions to the Armenian provinces in the spring of 1896, providing relief and humanitarian aid. Barton also worked in hospitals in Cuba in 1898 at the age of seventy-seven. Barton's last field operation as President of the American Red Cross was helping victims of the Galveston hurricane in 1900. The operation established an orphanage for children. As criticism arose of her management of the American Red Cross, plus her advancing age, Barton resigned as president in 1904, at the age of 83. After resigning, Barton founded the National First Aid Society. On April 12, 1912 at the age of 90 she died in Glen Echo, Maryland with her friends by her side. Minor wear to board with typical foxing, as shown, clean verso. Wonderful condition. Needless to say, this is a genuine original, period piece, not a copy or reproduction. Please see below for more specific details.Please see our OTHER sales and check back each week for more material.WE SHIP WORLDWIDE, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US FOR AN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING Rules: All payments are due within 10 days of sale close. buyers who default on sales will be blocked from further offerding. We accept Paypal. Please contact us for payment methods for pay on pickup.  We endeavor to provide the fullest most accurate descriptions possible but offer a full money-back guarantee (less postage and PayPal fees) on any single-item lot if not as represented for two weeks. After that point the sale has concluded. Group lots are sold "as is" and cannot be returned unless truly misrepresented. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have! Thank you! Note: New York residents will be charged applicable sales tax unless we have a valid and current resale number on file. Shipping: All domestic shipments are sent via the United States Postal Service and are sent by first class or media mail where applicable and is available for the price quoted. When purchasing multiple items, we will recalculate shipping to reflect combined shipments. International shipments are normally sent via first class air mail at the price quoted. Those wishing further security for their international shipments can request other services and will be re-quoted accordingly. Please note that normal handling time prior to shipment is between one and five days of receipt of payment. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CAN'T COMBINE SHIPMENTS WITH LOTS SOLD VIA OUR OTHER ACCOUNT ( ID: extantamericana). WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. _gsrx_vers_486 (GS 6.5.1 (486))
Brady Confederate's Andersonville Prison Camp Relics Of Civil War, Clara Barton

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Brady Confederate's Andersonville Prison Camp Relics Of Civil War, Clara Barton:

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