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Brand New July 2012 Model Crosley Cr1205a Mp3 Jukebox For Digital Tablets For Sale

Brand New July 2012 Model Crosley Cr1205a Mp3 Jukebox For Digital Tablets

The Longest Dealer Warranty on
********(15 Months Parts & Labor)*********


This Jukebox w/ optional stand weighs well over a 130 pounds making the average defective return shipping cost $240.00

It is very important to always check each and every listing to see who pays for return shipping, the BUYER or the SELLER.

You can find each seller's return policy listed under the first "Buy it Now" and "Watch this item" buttons at the top
of each listing.

If the seller's return policy states, "Buyer pays return shipping", then that is a real $240.00 added to the costs of the Jukebox.
If a buyer needs to return this Jukebox during the first 30 days, we will pay for the cost of return shipping, not the buyer.

Our defective item return policy is for a full 30 days. We also include a 12 Months parts and labor Crosley Factory Warranty and a FREE 3 month Dealer Extended Warranty.

Buyer Protection Note: Be Safe, always try to purchase from a seller
who's response number is above 4,000 with a positive % of over 99.7%

For Merchant Direct Payment using Visa,
MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express

Call CATVision Digital

(Does not include Digital Tablet)

's Largest Crosley Authorized Gold Seal Dealer

(Does not include iPad)

Crosley Full Size Floor Standing iPad Jukebox

Crosley's Tallest Jukebox

Crosley Floor Standing Digital Tablet Jukebox.

(Does not include Digital Tablet)
(Shown with optional Crosley ST12 Matching Storage Base Stand)

Crosley Floor Standing CD MP3 Jukebox
with Digital Tablet Docking Built-in

CATVision Digital (901) 766-2989

If You have any questions about this "iJuke Deluxe" Jukebox
Please Do Not Hesitate To Call Us

Brand New 2013 Model

Factory Sealed

Full Size Jukebox

w/ iPad Docking

w/ Digital Tablet Docking

w/ Full Function Jukebox Remote Control

w/ Light Show Remote Control

w/ CD Player

w/ AM/FM/FM Stereo Radio

w/ Prizma LED Light Show

w/ Random Play

w/ 64-Tack Memory

w/ 2 Remote Controls

Play up to 200 songs in MP3 Format

Using your iPad play up to 40,000 songs
In Jukebox Style

Turns your iPad into a Full Size Jukebox

Auxiliary Audio Inputs For your Satellite Receiver

Non-Coin Operated

4 Speaker System

Nostalgic 1950s Design

The Tallest Crosley Jukebox Made Today

(Does not include Digital Tablet)

Continue to scroll down to see all of the CR1205A Jukebox descriptions and features.

The Crosley Radio Company does not sell on and they do not honor any warranty of their product sold on , unless sold by a Crosley Authorized Dealer. Most of the Crosley product listed on are from non-authorized sellers, and therefore do not have any Crosley warranty. The items, when listed by Crosley Authorized Dealers will always state that they are authorized.

The Crosley Company, its distributors and its dealer network keep a close watch. If the sale listings does not specifically state that the seller is an Authorized Crosley Dealer, then they are not. Full Size Jukeboxes, especially those that contain Digital Tablet Docking and Prizma Light Shows, really do need to come with a Factory Warranty.

Be careful and be safe.

If there is one era we wish we could travel back in time to visit, the 1950s have got to be tops on our list. There's simply no other 1950s era icon that evokes the period like the timeless neon Jukebox. It was an era that saw the birth of rock n roll and the diner. Happy Days indeed.

Today's life-style has rediscovered the nostalgic charm of the forties and fifties. The beloved design of those days with chrome, glitter and lights is a welcome change to the priority of functional and abstract features which dominate now-a-days.

But of course, the most important aspects of the "Fabulous Fifties" was the music. If a picture speaks more than a 1000 words, then the music must speak more than 10,000. It is the music that takes us back to the "good ole days".

The best way to let the music take you back to the Fabulous Fifties is with your very own professional-quality floor standing CD/MP3/iPod Jukebox. Let The Jukebox take you back, to the time when everybody's dream car was a 57 Chevy. Take you back to when a new house cost under $8000.00 and gas was 18 cents a gallon. Ah, those were the "good ole days". And with all of our progress, don't you wish you could slip back in time and savor the slower pace and share it with the kids of today.

Share the music of yesteryear and listen to the music they way they did back then, with The Jukebox. Listen to the music of Buddy Holly, Elvis, The Platters, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, Brenda Lee, Pat Boone, Dion and the Bellmonts and Richie Valens. Go back and Dance to The Jukebox: The Bop, The Swing, The Stroll, The Hand-Jive, the Jitterbug, and the Cha-Cha.

Crosley iJuke Digital Tablet Full Size Jukebox

There are just some things that will always be timeless. The jukebox is one of them. The Crosley brand is another. To many, a jukebox is a way to let the "good times roll" and to others, it's a way to add a little flare to an environment.

Crosley has found a way to let you travel back in time with Crosley’s new Tablet Jukebox. Based on a classic jukebox design, this ultimate entertainment companion is a real treat for the eyes and ears. Complete with color shifting programmable LED lighting and a backlit song chart, this Jukebox is sure to put the cherry on top of your double root beer float. Be warned though, outside appearances can be deceiving. While providing a good dose of nostalgia on the exterior, the interior is full of all the modern technologies we've all come to love. Just dock your tablet onto the face of the jukebox and you can listen to your music playlists or watch videos on its screen. This Crosley Jukebox, featured by CATVision Digital, turns your Digital Tablet into a Full Size “Fabulous Fifties” Jukebox: Your tablet, Your music and Your playlist.

This rockin' good time Jukebox comes complete with an Am/Fm/Fm Stereo Radio and a Programmable CD player that reads MP3 and WAV digital file formats. Now, didn't we tell you it would knock your socks off?

The nostalgic ambiance of the "good ole days" has now been rediscovered for the modern lifestyle! Nothing matches the fun and excitement of unveiling your own professional-quality floor standing Jukebox to your family and friends. {Don't be surprised if your neighbors become frequent visitors, as there is nothing more fun than The Jukebox.}

But, getting your hands on an original vintage jukebox is not only difficult, it's costly. Even reproduction Jukeboxes on the market can cost well over $5000. So Crosley decided it was time to create a Jukebox that, not only everyone could enjoy, but that everyone could also afford.

Of course, Crosley made sure to install a sound system that will make you want to dance the night away. Dynamic 2-way, 4 speaker system with woofers and tweeters and a good solid audio amplifier provide that unmistakable Jukebox Stereo Sound. The Jukebox is all about music and the speakers are what make the difference. The sound quality will sooth your stress or rock your body. So go ahead and convert your iPad, or other Digital Tablet, into a full sized floor standing Jukebox.

There are also external speaker terminals for using additional speakers. Includes 2 Multi-function Remote Controls and RCA audio auxiliary inputs.

Who would not like to have a floor standing Jukebox in their home? It is just so cool. This Jukebox was made for the perfect recreation room of any home. Play your CDs in Jukebox style and sound. Turn your iPad into a full sized floor standing Jukebox and listen to over 40,000 songs with your own tablet and without ever needing to feed it quarters.

This Jukebox will let you relive yesteryear, with all of its great music, and life styles. It will bring you bring back those pure, simple, and warm memories of the good ole days. So, go ahead and get the full use of your iPad or other digital tablet, have fun and enjoy the past.

The Crosley iJuke full size tablet jukebox uses a framemount docking system, to turn your digital tablet into a full size home Rockin’ Jukebox. The CR1205A design is optimized for the Apple iPad, the iPad 2 and the iPad 3rd generation, but its design is so creative that it allows use of ANY tablet under 9.6” wide x 7.3’ tall. That includes the iPads , the Samsung Galaxy tab 7, the Sony tablet S, the Blackberry Playbook, the Dell Streak 7, the Coby PG7 Google Android, and many others.

Actually, the framemount system uses 2 frames that holds the tablet, one inner frame and one outer frame. The inner frame is angled, which allows for use of the small sized tablets, smart phones like the iPhones and the Blackberries, and MP3 players like the iPods.

There is a compartment behind the inner wall, that allows for placement of the tablets or smart phones AC power/chargers. Simply plug in the charger and the audio cable into the Jukebox, close the frame and you have your own programmed Audio/Video Jukebox.

When your digital tablet is not docked into your Crosley CD MP3 Jukebox, it still will allow you to play standard music CDs or MP3 formatted CDs. While a normal audio CD will usually only have 10 to 20 tracks, a common 700 MB CD-R disc recorded in the MP3 format can hold up to (approximately) 200 songs. Playing an MP3 CD is essentially the same as playing a normal audio CD except that there are a few more features available for the MP3 format.

Put in 1 CD-R in the MP3 format and have up to 200 songs that this Jukebox will play randomly, while the programmable color shifting LED accent lights, puts on his own light show. The repeat function allows you to repeat a single track, repeat an album or repeat all tracks on the CD.

Song title, artist and album name will be displayed on the LCD if that information was included when the file was recorded.

This MP3 Jukebox will allow you to store up to 64 different tracks from different albums in the order that you want the songs to play. The push of one button from the remote control will start playing your pre-selected song list.

This Crosley masterpiece will allow you to search for an individual Song title or by Album name, after all it is a Jukebox.

This CR1205A comes with a built-in modern microprocessor-controlled CD player. With the repeat function you can play your favorite CD continuously or pick your favorite song to play over and over, which is great for learning lyrics.

Want a sampling introduction from each track, no problem this CD Player will play the first 10 seconds of each track on the CD automatically.

This full size floor standing Jukebox will allow you to program up to 64 tracks from a CD to play in any desired sequence and any track can be programmed to play more than one time. You are in full control of the play list.

Using the Random play mode you can let this Jukebox decide the play order and with anticipation wait for each surprise track to play.

Turn on the built-in audio equalizer to set all tone controls to the style of music that YOU prefer.

Turn on the Crosley built-in BBS for an enhanced base sound effect. Your CDs never sounded better.

Use the skip+ and skip- buttons to move forward to the next track or return to a previous track, and you can do all of this from the Full Function Remote Control.

Wow! A floor standing Radio Jukebox that plays continuously. Pre-select your music genre ie: Country, Pop, Rock, Classical, Golden Oldies, Heavy Metal, New Age, etc, then program in the radio stations that match. You can pre-select up to 20 of your favorite stations and then from the Full Function Remote switch to the genre of your choice. Switch from Classic rock to Golden Oldies, from Easy Listening to Talk Radio, all with the touch of one button.

This AM/FM/FM Stereo radio with its auto search function will find all of the radio stations in your area. Program in the ones that you want to keep and toss the others. Listen to your favorite radio stations in Jukebox style.

Want more bass? Turn on the Digital Radios Bass Boost Enhancer, that will start you dancing. But be careful, as some people call this Jukebox the "Neighbor Hater".

If you have a Digital Cable Box or a TV Satellite receiver, connect it to this Jukebox through the auxiliary input jacks and listen to your music satellite channels continuously with no interruptions. You are already paying for those satellite music channels, so you might as well enjoy them in Jukebox style.

This Floor Standing Crosley Jukebox contains a powerful amplifier/speaker combination to deliver superb Stereo Jukebox sound quality.

You also have the ability to connect external speakers so you can pipe your Jukebox music to another room or even outside for that outside party.

Audio Power Output: 36 watts RMS {18 watts x 2} / 90 watts IHF power / 200 watts IPP power

Speakers: 2 Dynamic Large Magnet Woofers, 2 Electrostatic High Performance Tweeters.

Speaker Enclosure: Ported Bass Reflex

Most Commercial and Home Floor Standing Jukeboxes, either do not come with remote controls or the remote controls are optional at an additional charge. That extra cost can be as high as $200.00.

Crosley includes a full function Remote Control at no additional charge.

Program the Jukebox radio and CD/MP3 players, change the volume, use the mute control, change radio stations, skip CD tracks, change functions, engage BBE, all from the Remote. Virtually anything that you can do at the Jukebox you can do from the Full Function Remote.

Before buying any floor standing Jukebox make sure that it comes with the remote and that it is included at the listed price.

For Merchant Direct Payment using Visa,
MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express

Call CATVision Digital

Put this retro, antique looking, nostalgic jukebox in your home with its chrome and glitter, rotating light columns with magically changing colors and it will take you back to yesteryear

The cabinetry of the legendary Crosley floor standing jukebox, originally built in the 1940s, with its distinctive round top and classic Crosley rotating color columns, create a visually spectacular special effects light show.

The Prizma Color company developed the light show for this Crosley floor standing Jukebox. The multiple LED columns of light change color continuously. In this description I have included pictures of the 6 colors of columns of light

You can let the rotating light show go on continuously or you can pick your favorite color and have that be the fixed color of your new Jukebox. You can set the duration time of the changing colors, you can mix the colors and you can even put the light show into a strobe mode. It is so really cool, especially since you can do it all from a remote control. Yes, the Prizma Light Show comes with its own remote control, you are in full control, and you do not even have to leave the pool game.


  • Framemount Tablet Docking System
    (Turns your digital tablet into a full sized Jukebox)

  • Optimized for Apple iPad, iPad2 and iPad 3rd Generation
    (Yes, a full size Jukebox made for the iPad)

  • Remote Controlled Advanced Light Show
    (A kaleidoscope of colors and lights)

  • Decorative Backlit Musical Playlist
    (Adds that authentic fifties look)

  • Programmable CD Player
    (Make your own Play List)

  • Plays MP3 CDR/CDRW
    (Playback 200 songs in Random Play mode)

  • Plays WAV Files
    (Your computer downloads never sounded better)

  • Programmable 64-Track Memory
    (You are the Disc Jockey)

  • LCD Display
    (Displays Song Title & Artist in Mp3 format)

  • Repeat Play
    (Play same song or entire CD continuously)

  • Random Play
    (Enjoy random music from CD, CDR, MP3, or iPad)

  • Am/Fm/Fm Stereo Radio
    (Listen to Talk Radio or Dance To The Music in Jukebox style)

  • Digital Tuner
    (Preset your favorite stations with this Jukebox Radio)

  • 300 Ohm Dipole FM Antenna Included
    (Provides FM Stereo at its best)

  • Built-in Graphic Equalizer Presets
    (Listen to Golden Oldies they way were meant to be)

  • BBS Bass Enhancer
    (Rock the house with all the added bass)

  • Prizma Color Shifting LED Light Show
    (With 6+ continuously changing colors, it looks as good as it sounds)

  • Decorative Musical Playlist
    (Gives an authentic "Ole Timey" Jukebox look)

  • 2-way 4 Speaker System
    (For that unmistakable Jukebox Sound)

  • Woven Grill Cloth Speaker Covers
    (It does look as good as it sounds)

  • Bass Reflex Tuned Port Speaker Enclosures
    (You can feel that pounding bass)

  • 3.5 mm Cable for Tablet Audio Feed
    (Already installed, just plug 'n' play)

  • RCA Auxiliary Input
    (Add you own 300 disc CD Changer, Satellite Radio or Record Player)

  • Full Function Remote Control
    (Change that song, Change that volume, all from a distance)

  • Color: Hand Rubbed Paprika Finish
    (With 6+ color strobe and light show)

  • Cabinet: Handcrafted Hardwoods And Veneers
    (Turned on or off, A beautiful piece of furniture)

  • Optional Storage Base Stand
    (Adds 10" to Jukebox Height optional at $99.95 w/ Free Shipping)

  • The Tallest Crosley Jukebox Made Today
    Almost 5 Foot Tall with optional matching Storage Base Stand
    (Jukebox 48" tall w/ Storage Base Stand 58" tall)


    • Power Source: AC 120V ~ 60 HZ

    • Power Consumption: 110W

    • Fits Tablets up to 9.5" wide and 7.25" tall

    • Optimized for Apple iPad, iPad2 and iPad 3rd Generation

    • FM Radio Frequency: FM 87.5 - 108.5 MHZ

    • AM Radio Frequency: AM 525 - 1710 KHZ

    • Play Back Formats Supported: CD / CDR / CDRW / MP3 / WAV

    • Audio Output Power: RMS: 36 Watts / IHF: 90 Watts / IPP: 200 Watts

    • Bass Speakers: {2} 6.5 inch Woofers ~ 4 Ohm ~ 40 Watt {80 Watt Total}

    • Tweeter Speakers: {2} Electrostatic 2 1/2" Tweeter Speakers

    • External Speaker Terminals: {2} Spring Clip Speaker Terminals

    • Auxiliary Input Jacks: {2} RCA

    • FM Antenna: External: 300 Ohm Dipole

    • AM Antenna: Internal Pressed Ferrite

    • Height w/o Base Stand: 48 Inches

    • Height with Base Stand: 58 Inches

    • Dimensions: 25.5" X 48" X 15" {W~H~D}

    • Shipping Weight: 118 pounds

    • Crosley Gold Seal Factory Warranty: 12 Months

    • CATVision Dealer Warranty: 15 Months

    • CATVision Exchange/Repair Warranty: 30 Days {With Free Shipping both ways}{US lower 48 only}

This Crosley Free Floor standing CR1205A-PA Jukebox is a Commercial Styled Jukebox, but since it has no coin acceptance, it is NOT a Commercial Jukebox.

The CR1205A is totally FREE PLAY.

The CR1205A does NOT USE title card display sections. The title card section is for illustration only.

The Album title or Single track title will be displayed on the LCD read out, if your CDR MP3 was recorded with that information.

Crosley Matching Storage Base Stand is optional

Want storage space for your CDs, ipod, manual and other accessories?

Want to add 10 more inches to the height of your Home Jukebox? You need not look any further, as the matching base/stand for the CR1205A, is available.

The Storage Base Stand will hold up to 42 CDs.

  • Jukebox Base/Stand Dimensions: 25.5" X 10" X 15" {W~H~D}

  • Shipping Carton Size: 30" X 14" X 20" {W~H~D}

  • Ships as oversize carton

  • Shipping Weight: 38 pounds

    The Base/Stand is shipped in a separate carton.

    To add the Storage Base Stand to your order, go ahead and order the Jukebox then simply contact us through the message system, that you also want the base/stand. We will then send you a separate PayPal invoice for the Storage Base Stand. The Storage Base Stand is $99.95 with free shipping.

    (Shown with Optional Storage Base Stand)
    ($99.95 with Free Shipping)

    For Merchant Direct Payment using Visa,
    MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express

    Call CATVision Digital

    If You Have Questions, We Have Answers.

    To view our other Crosley Jukebox listings click on the tab below.

    To view our response Rating or read About Us,
    click on the appropriate tab below.

    (Shown with Optional Storage Base Stand)
    ($99.95 with Free Shipping)

    ALWAYS check a sellers response rating. Check both the response rating number AND the Positive response %. Both numbers are important. We are very proud of ours. We have received over 4000 positive responses from our buyers.

    Please follow 's suggested policy and contact us if there is a problem BEFORE leaving neutral or negative response.

    We love to leave our buyers Positive response.

    All items are in stock at the time of their listing. But, pulling from my own local warehouse as well as other out-sourcing warehousers, things can happen. On the rare occasion the sale ends and the item is not in stock, the sale will be refunded in FULL, or if available a step up model will be offered at the same cost.

    15 Month Full Warranty

    The Longest Warranty of Crosley Product on

    With our 30 Day Fast Track Exchange/Reapair Warranty and our full 15 Months Parts and Labor warranty, we not only have The Longest Warranty on , we also have The Best Warranty on

    Because of our Warranties and our Product Knowledge, our buyers, whom we love and adore, have made us the #1 Crosley Authorized Gold Seal Dealer on all of . Crosley Authorized Gold Seal Dealers typically have longer warranties, faster shipping and special purchases from Crosley that the Crosley regular dealer does not have. There are very few Crosley Gold Seal Dealers on . We have the longest Dealer Warranty of anyone including all other Gold Seal Dealers.

    With this Jukebox Weighing well over a hundred pounds and return shipping
    costs at an average of $240.00 from the lower US 48,
    always check each listing to see who pays for return shipping
    if that becomes necessary, the BUYER or the SELLER.

    You can generally find each sellers return policy listed under the first
    "Buy it Now and "Watch this item" buttons.

    If the return policy states the "Buyer pays for return shipping" BEWARE

    At CATVision Digital we pay for the cost of return shipping,
    if a buyer needs to return a Jukebox, for the first 30 days, not the buyer.

    Also is the return policy for 7 days or is it for 30 days?

    The Crosley Radio Company does not sell on and they do not honor any warranty of their product sold on , unless sold by a Crosley Authorized Dealer.

    Most of the Crosley product listed on are from non-authorized sellers, and therefore do not have any Crosley warranty. The items, when listed by Crosley Authorized Dealers, will always state that they are authorized.

    The Crosley Company, its distributors, and its dealer network keep a close watch. If the sale listings does not specifically state that the seller is an Authorized Crosley Dealer, then they are not.

    15 Month Warranty Included

    Free 30 Day Fast Track Exchange/Repair Warranty {Lower 48 USA shipments only}

    3 Year Warranty available from @

    We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. We've set some basic guidelines you'll need to keep in mind when requesting an exchange. Initial defective items {DOA} must be returned within 30 days from date of delivery with a Return Merchandise Authorization number.

    Customers are NOT responsible for any shipping costs incurred in exchanging your Catvision Digital Crosley product for the first 30 days {Lower 48 USA shipments only}.

    At Catvision Digital we pay for the defective item to be sent back, you do not.

    Check your sales very closely, to see if the seller is going to pay for the shipping costs, in both directions involved in sending back a defective item.

    Most Sellers D.O.A. return policy is for 3-7 days, our policy is for 30 days.

    The shipping charges, if any, listed for this Jukebox is for merchandise shipped within the lower 48 continental United States via UPS or FedEx at our Option. UPS/FedEx do not ship to PO Boxes.

    Shipping includes Delivery Confirmation and on-line tracking.

    We do not ship Jukeboxes to Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska or Internationally

    We accept: PayPal and Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover through PayPal.

    For Merchant Direct Payment using Visa,
    MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express

    Call CATVision Digital

    For instant answers call:
    If You Have Questions, We Have Answers.

    To view our other Crosley Jukeboxes Click Below:

    Good Luck, Happy offerding, and God Bless the USA.

    Catvision Digital

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Brand New July 2012 Model Crosley Cr1205a Mp3 Jukebox For Digital Tablets

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Brand New July 2012 Model Crosley Cr1205a Mp3 Jukebox For Digital Tablets:

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