Brazilian Blow Dry Hair Straightening Keratin Treatment Mask & Shampoo Kit S

Brazilian Blow Dry Hair Straightening Keratin Treatment Mask & Shampoo Kit S

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Brazilian Blow Dry Hair Straightening Keratin Treatment Mask & Shampoo Kit S :

Kerapremium™ Original Advantages:Wash hair in 72 hours.Suitable for all hair types. Including afro-hair, dry hair or coloured hair.Reconstructs and helps to straighten the hair, reduces frizz, leaving hair silky and smooth.Easy to use at home, all you require are hair straighteners and a blow must be able to reach 230 Celsius this is the temperature at which keratin will fuse to the hair. If this temperature is not reached the treatment will fail and the keratin will simply wash out.2)This product does not contain formaldehyde but does contain aldehyde and therefore must be carried out in a well ventilated room or outside3)Brazilian keratin treatments should not be conducted on pregnant or nursing mothers, pre-pubescent children and should not be conducted by pregnant staff members. 4)All products are decanted from the manufacturer's larger containers into fully labelled bottles.
How much do I need?As a guide 50ml is sufficient for one application on average thickness shoulder length hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Brazilian Keratin Trade? We are a UK VAT registered distributor of Brazilian keratin treatments to customers worldwide. We have been advising hair professionals on the Brazilian keratin treatments process for over 3 years. Please note as we are a business we have a high turnover of stock and are not bedroom sellers – all our keratin will have the latest batch codes and longest life spans and are only sourced directly from the manufacturer. All our keratin treatments are salon professional formulas which will transform unruly hair by removing frizz, adding shine and relaxing curls. Our own brand of aftercare has become the largest selling aftercare for Brazilian keratin treatments online. We are proud to have exclusivity on a new brand: Kerapremium made inBrazil this new professional keratin line harnesses the transformative effects of hydrolysed keratin, argan oil and cocoa extracts. If you have any questions please email us we would love to hear from you.

What is the difference between a basic kits and the full kits you supply?A basic kit is all you need to carry out a Brazilian keratin treatment but does not include the salt free shampoos/conditioners necessary to prolong the treatment's longevity.Whereas, a full kit is all you need to carry out a Brazilian keratin treatment and combine the salt free after care products needed to maximise the treatment's longevity. Please view ourshopfor our full range of kits.

What is a Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT)? A Brazilian keratin treatment, also known as a Brazilian Blow Dry, is a means of reducing volume, frizz and curliness in the hair. A BKT harnesses the power of keratin, a protein similar to the building blocks of your hair. Through age, heat exposure, colouring, bleaching and combing the hair loses keratin resulting in damage. A BKT restores the keratin lost in the hair resulting in brilliant shine, volume reduction and manageability. A BKT adds a layer of keratin resulting in added strength and therefore is distinguishable from chemical relaxants as it reconstructs the hair.

What type of hair can a BKT be applied on? A BKT can be applied to all types of hair including: bleached hair, coloured hair, chemically relaxed hair, highlighted hair, low lighted hair, virgin hair, Afro-Caribbean hair, wavy hair and even straight hair (to add strength.) A BKT will be more effective on chemically damaged hair than virgin hair as the hair cuticle is raised giving the keratin a firmer foundation to adhere to. A BKT will not last as long on virgin hair as it would on chemically damaged hair as the hair cuticle is not so raised.

How long does a BKT last for? A BKT will last for weeks and weeks with correct maintenance. The longevity of a BKT is dependent on the skill of application, how often the hair is washed, whether the hair is coloured or bleached post-BKT, hair type and whether or not sodium chloride free products are used. After a few applications and provided the above factors are met and professionally applied, your client will start to enjoy a couple of months the effects of the BKT as the keratin layer has built up. Due to these myriad of factors we make no warranty as to the lifetime of the keratin treatment but please do see our positive response and list of return customers.

Should I colour or bleach my hair before a BKT? It is highly advised to colour or bleach your hair before a BKT. Colouring and bleaching will strip the keratin from the hair so if you intend on changing your whole head colour please do so before a BKT. Please wait at least two weeks before colouring the hair unless you use a natural keratin in which case the time drops to 48 hours.

Can hair become damaged by using a BKT? A BKT is a hair reconstructor, by adding a keratin layer the hair is strengthened and feels softer and more manageable. The keratin itself cannot damage the hair but over application of heat can cause damage so it is advised to follow instructions precisely. A BKT in the long term will improve condition and manageability.

How much product is required? On shoulder length hair 40ml of keratin is required. For thicker shoulder length hair no more than 50ml will be required. These products are extremely economical to use and can be reapplied as and when is needed.

What precautions should be taken when carrying out a BKT? Although we are not aware of any reported adverse effects on pregnant or nursing mothers in relation to the keratin formulations, it is advised that neither pregnant women nor pre-pubescent children receive the treatment. In the same way, staff members who are pregnant should not carry out a BKT on a customer.

Is specialised aftercare required for Brazilian keratin treated hair? Brazilian keratin treated hair requires after care products (shampoos, conditioners and styling products) which are: 1) Sodium chloride free (salt free) 2) pH balanced and/or 3) sulphate free. The sulphate free requirement is preferential but not mandatory. Sodium chloride (salt) strips the keratin away from the hair, all benefits will be lost and the hair will return to its usual self. The pH must be correctly balanced between 4 and 4.5 pH (closer to the hair's natural pH level). You cannot use baby shampoo as it is far too alkaline (pH 8) & is harmful Brazilian keratin treated, coloured or chemically treated hair. Sulphates are an industrial by-product which aggressively cleans the hair, if you use sulphate free products your hair is gently cleansed thus the keratin will last longer. Also the natural oils will not be so abraded and the hair will become healthier.

We have professionally formulated the number one selling after care products for Brazilian keratin treated hair which adhere to these three requirements. Our after care is UK made, natural, competitively priced and is the number one selling aftercare care product on , for more information please visit here

Our PhilosophyKerapremium AdvantagesWe all know how important hair is to making the right first impression and to boost confidence levels. Our products are salon professional keratins, and thus will deliver salon quality hair just like your favourite starlets but without the celebrity price tag.Here at Brazilian Keratin Trade we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, new and returning customers are always welcome here. Our team will be more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have.response
We value the response from our beautiful customers, everyone of you is valued highly and your satisfaction is our paramount concern. All new customers are extremely welcome and will receive the same high exacting standards as our returning customers who grow day on day. Our salon clients span the world & we love to hear from new salons, from those who are new to Brazilian keratin treated hair, to those who are familiar with the process; we understand your needs.We Deliver Worldwide
We aim to post all items within 24 hours of payment clearing. To ensure Kerapremium Professional is accessible to everyone, we now have low international postage rates.
To straighten hair resulting in more manageable, glossier and silkier hair.To remove and ease frizz from the hair.To reconstruct over-processed hair from the negative effects of bleaching, dying and over-styling.To blend hair extensions with your natural hair. Straightening with keratin will achieve the same silky straightness of your newly fitted human hair extensions.To minimise the use of hair straighteners on a daily basis; saving you time & protecting hair from heat damage.Suitable for all types of hair including: Afro-Caribbean hair, curly hair, wavy hair, coloured, bleached and grey hair. Can be used on straight hair to give extra strength as the keratin will reconstruct the hair.(c) Brazilian Keratin Trade 2012 and Kerapremium 2012. All text and graphics contained on this web page are covered by UK and International copyright and trademark laws. They are either the copyright or trademark of Brazilian Keratin Trade or Kerapremium and used with the permission of the other entities owning such material, and cannot be used without written consent.

Brazilian Blow Dry Hair Straightening Keratin Treatment Mask & Shampoo Kit S :

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