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Broccoli Seeds 2.5 Pounds Organic Sprouting For Sale

Broccoli Seeds 2.5 Pounds Organic Sprouting

BROCCOLI seeds 2.5 POUNDS ORGANIC Sprouting!



If you know of a lower delivered price, let us know and we'll beat it!

The key to starting sprouts is to buy a goodorganic, untreated seed. Common garden seed found in your garden centre is often treated with chemical fungicides and should not be used for sprouting. You are lucky that you found us!

Sprouts are an excellent source of digestible protein, fibre, and Vitamin C, and are full of antioxidants. A 1997 study at John Hopkins University found that broccoli sprouts contain higher levels of cancer-fighting compounds than fresh broccoli itself.

Sprouting is so low-tech that it doesn't even require a green thumb. Some simple equipment and just a few steps will ensure that you and your family have a safe supply of this extremely nutritious food source.

Most people have heard of sprouting seed in a jar. However, as easy as this method sounds, it can be difficult to ensure that all of the excess moisture has drained. The humid environment inside a sprouting jar can encourage fungi and bacteria to grow. You'll find a slimy film on sprouts that have been sitting in water too long without being rinsed properly. I would not recommend growing sprouts in jars for anyone suffering from a suppressed immune system or for young children or the elderly.

The safest way to grow sprouts at home is to actually grow the seeds in soil. Any type of soil can be used but sterilized potting soil is the easiest to work with. Use whatever containers you have around the house - yoghurt containers, bowls, even baking dishes, the shallower the better. The sprouts won't require any fertilizer since all the nutrients required for growth are in the seed.

Next, just follow these simple steps:

  • Soak the seeds overnight in lukewarm water.
  • In the morning, drain the water
  • Place a layer of seed in your container which you've already pre-filled with moist soil.
  • Cover the seed with more moist soil and then cover the entire dish with Saran wrap
  • Place in a warm, dark corner of your kitchen.
  • The seeds will begin to sprout in about 3-5 days

To harvest, just take your kitchen scissors and cut what you need. The rest can be left to keep growing and harvested later. Refrigerate any unused, harvested sprouts.

If you still prefer the soil-less method, I would encourage you to invest in a spouter that has multiple layers and trays with drainage holes. Not only do the drainage holes ensure that the sprouts remain disease-free, sprouters will encourage you to keep growing more sprouts when you see how easy it is to use them. Sprouters work best with small seeds like alfalfa, clover, and onion. All you have to do is rinse the sprouts once a day and refrigerate them once they have sprouted.

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Broccoli Seeds 2.5 Pounds Organic Sprouting

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Broccoli Seeds 2.5 Pounds Organic Sprouting :

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