Buddha: Antique Shakyamuni Bhumisparsamudra From Thailand, 1600's, Gilt Bronze

Buddha: Antique Shakyamuni Bhumisparsamudra From Thailand, 1600's, Gilt Bronze

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Buddha: Antique Shakyamuni Bhumisparsamudra From Thailand, 1600's, Gilt Bronze:

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BUDDHA: Antique Shakyamuni Bhumisparsamudra from Thailand, 1600's, Gilt Bronze

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This is an ancient, venerable and very beautifulimage of the Lord Buddha cast in bronze by the lost wax process and gilded in Thailand, most likely sometime in the 1600's.

I acquired him at an estate sale of a gentelman who was employed by the State Department and posted to Southeast Asia in the early middle years of the last century. His widow said that he acquired almost all of his items from a very respectable dealer in Bangkok andshowed methe notebook in which he kept notes on all of his finds. For this Buddha he noted that he was"unearthed from a collapsed Stupa, in the central region of Thailand. The relic was discovered amongst similar images of different sizes, buried beneath the stupa rubble. The figure remains in its original condition as found, with stylistic considerations indicating an age of 350 years old or earlier". This was well before tight controls were put on excavations in Southeast Asia and this Buddha entered this country before the prohibitionsagainst the export of antiquities were in place.

The fact that this figure was buriedfor so long probably accounts for the good condition in which he is still is.The long time spent underground accounts for the rich coloration of the figure, and, although little of the original gold remains, it is very rare to find any gold remaining on figures from the 1600's.

Our Buddhais seated in vajra-paryankasana,or thefull lotus position, a posture usually reserved for images of the Buddha after his enlightenment. He holds his right hand in Bhumisparsa Mudra, the mudra or gesture with which he defeated the evil spirit, Mara, by touching the earth to avert to the goodness of the earth and all it contains. It was the moment when he became Buddha, the "Enlightened One".

He is seated on a three-footed, piercedthrone and has asmall conical shape atop his coiffure.

I love this figure for his wonderful expression and his beautiful patina.

His face has a most peaceful expression due in large part tohis fine and deeply modeled features. His connected eyebrows add a slightly fanciful note and his exquisitely detailed lips form a gentle smile.

Most of the gold of his throne has been worn away, but what remains, combined with the rich reds and green of the rest of his un-gilded figure, make for a gorgeous and complicated patina.

This figure is11 inches tall and6 1/2 inches wide at the bottom of the throne. The bottom is unsealed and the tempered core of sand and clay is substantially intact, probably the result of being buried for so long.

The photos give a very good idea of this venerable, ancient adn beautifulexample of Thai Sacred Art.

If you should have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

And thanks for looking.

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Buddha: Antique Shakyamuni Bhumisparsamudra From Thailand, 1600's, Gilt Bronze:

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