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Pan American Aviation Day

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December 21st, 2014
December Solstice



Build Plans-flat File, Scrapbooking, Or Craft Cabinet, Bookcase, Worktable For Sale

Build Plans-flat File, Scrapbooking, Or Craft Cabinet, Bookcase, Worktable

For sale is a complete set of design specs to build your own scrapbooking, craft or general worktable with a flat file type cabinet at one end and a large bookcase at the other. Please be aware you are not buying the actual cabinet workspace components, but are instead buying the plans to build these items.

My wife loves to scrapbook and needed to have a workspace to efficiently store all her tools and supplies and also have a large surface to spread things out while she is working. I looked and looked for cabinetsthat would work together as a table unit and provide lots of storage. With much research, I came to the conclusion that finding a system of individual components that would work together in height, width, and length while providing the desired amount of drawer space was not easy andif found, would cost hundreds of dollars.

As a professionalengineer and woodworker, I decidedthe only way to provide my wife with the type of workspace that she needed without breaking the bank, was to design her the rightsystemand build it myself. Since I've already done the planning and design, I am offering these plans to anyone who would like to build the same type of system. I've put them in a format that can easily be used by others and providing them herefor a very reasonable price.


The cabinet is designed with flat file storage in mind, providing over 16,000 cubic inches of storage. It stands 34 ½ inches tall not counting the table top thickness and has 7 total drawers. Four of the drawers are 2 ½ inch deep and the bottom three are 3 ½ inch deep. It is designed for full extension drawer slides allowing you to take advantage of the entire cabinet space and access the entire drawer contents without being restricted. The drawer fronts are an overlay design overlapping with the cabinet frame by 1/4" on all edges. If desired, the cabinet can be turned such that the drawers are facing out toward the front as opposed to opening to the side. You can put the cabinet and bookcase at either end, it's up to you.


If you are a scrapbooker, you know there is always a need to have some bookcase storage for large heavy albums and also for smaller baskets of items that work better on a shelf as opposed to a drawer. If you look long enough at bookcases, you’ll find plenty, but they always seem to be too tall or too narrow or too short. The shorter ones typically only have one removable shelf, plus they are almost never deeper than 10 inches. I designed this bookcase to be almost 16 inches deep to accommodate the widest of albums and provides more than 17,000 cubic inches of storage volume. It also has the ability to have as many as 3 removable shelves allowing you to customize the storage to best fit your needs and take optimum advantage of the storage available.


Providing a full 36 inch x 80 inch work area allows you to spread out while you are working while still having enough space to have various tools on top of the work table with you without being in your way.


Table Top: 36” wide x 80” long x 1 ¼" thick

Flat File Drawer Cabinet: 28” deep x 35” wide x 34 ½ " tall

Bookcase: 16” deep x 35” wide x 34 ½ " tall

What Is Included:

When you buy a set of these plans, I will EMAIL you all the plans in PDF and JPG filesto the email address presented to me through and PayPal. If they each have different email addresses, I send to both just in case.


The files I will send containthe following documentation:

1. Required tools to be able to build this workspace

  • Also provided below to allow you to evaluate before committing to buy the plans

2. Raw materials list

  • This will tell you exactly the size and number of lumber and hardware items that you will need to buy

3. Wood parts list

  • Each group of boards are identified with a unique letter, referenced in the instructions, and shows the exact dimensions to cut each board

4. Step by step instructions

  • This details all steps necessary to build all components, in the proper order, referencing diagrams and pictures as appropriate

5. Diagrams

  • Easy to read supporting diagrams are provided to go hand in hand with the step by step instructions depicting key measurements and visual representation of how the items are to be built

6. Pictures

  • Pictures taken at various key stages in the real construction of a workspace unit are provided for visual assistance in explaining the proper build process

Tools Required:

  • Table saw (does not need dado blade capability)
  • (2) large 36 in clamps and (2) small 6 in clamps
  • Router
  • Rubber mallet (not mandatory, but handy)
  • Air nailer
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill and bits
  • Paintbrush and roller

Instruction Step Example:

Below is a copy of Step #5 of the actual Step By Step Instructions to give an example of the detail and style that the instructions are written in.

5. Cabinet assembly – top frame to sides (See Diagram 3 and Picture P1):

• This step is easier with a helper. Assemble the 2 cabinet frames, top and bottom, to the 2 cabinet sides (D). I would recommend doing one frame at a time.

• On a level surface, stand the 2 (D) sides up resting their front edge on the floor. Start with the top frame and insert it between the 2 sides also with its front edge resting on the floor lining up with the front edges of the 2 sidewalls. The top of the frame should line up flush with what will be the tops of the 2 sidewalls and the back of the frame should be level with the bottom of the rabbit joint cut for the back panel. This will allow the back panel to sit flush against the top and bottom frame later.

• Glue and clamp the top frame at this point.

• While the glue sets up, nail the sides to the frame using 1 ¾ inch nails, spacing them around every 4 inches along the top of the sidewall.

Diagram Example:

• See image attached to the sale for a look at one of the many diagrams referenced in the instructions.

Build Plans-flat File, Scrapbooking, Or Craft Cabinet, Bookcase, Worktable

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Build Plans-flat File, Scrapbooking, Or Craft Cabinet, Bookcase, Worktable:

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