Barbie Size Black Silver Mesh Dance Skating Dress Hair Bow Tnt Doll Clothes A17

Barbie Size Black Silver Mesh Dance Skating Dress Hair Bow Tnt Doll Clothes A17

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Barbie Size Black Silver Mesh Dance Skating Dress Hair Bow Tnt Doll Clothes A17:


This listing is for the clothing item(s) in the photo only, no doll/mannequin/props are included. You will receive exactly what is pictured.



Please see photos. There will be zoomed in photos of any flaw or defect as well as to show special details if needed.Please see Item Description for more details on each condition, and feel free to send a message with any questions you may have.

See below for more information on requesting an invoice for a combined shipping discount. I CAN SHIP A LOT OF CLOTHING FOR $3-$5, SO PLEASE CHECK OUT MY OTHER ITEMS. MORE TO COME!

Thanks for looking!

:) Jess

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NEW:An item still in its packaging, or that was removed from its packaging by me for sale. Please keep in mind that even new items often have slight flaws from the manufacturing and packaging processes, such as light marks or indentations on the ankles from shoes being banded on, and pinholes in clothing, disintegration of rubberbands, etc. If a new item has more significant flaws, I usually sell it as used.

USED, VERY GOOD:An item showing minimal wear, often a display doll or play doll that was barely used. Hair, face paint and joints are not necessarily as good as new but are all in great shape and the joints hold position. Any functions will be in good working order. May have a couple light marks or other light wear. This condition also applies to new out of box items that show more significant flaws such as staining from clothing or deeper than normal marks from banding.

USED, GOOD:An item that shows wear from use and/or age, but is still in good usable condition. Hair will probably show some wear, face paint may have small flaws, and joints may be somewhat loose in that they move more easily and do not always hold position. There may be one or two joints that are overly loose. Any functions may or may not work, may partially work or may not have been tested. There may be marks, scratches, and light bites, etc.

USED, FAIR:An item that is not good enough to be in good condition, but not poor enough to be in poor condition! Often a fair condition item will be in decent condition overall, with some major wear to certain parts, but see the Condition Description and photos for details.

USED, TLC/POOR:An item that shows significant wear or damage, and is suitable for use as parts, or for repair or possibly play. Hair will show definite wear, face paint may be worn off, and joints will most likely be loose and may swing freely andnot hold position at all. There will most likely be significant damage such as severe bites, broken or missing parts, deep scratches, dark marks, and the like. Any functions will most likely not work, or not have been tested. These items are sold as is andshould be expected to be an overall poor condition.

Please feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have, and thanks for stopping by!

Take a peek at the many other items in mystore!If you are looking for something in particular, there is a “Search within Store” feature, or browse my many custom categories.

I am more than happy toCOMBINE SHIPPINGwhen you purchase more than one item. I am working on getting an automatic discount set up, but if that does not happen, click on"Request Total from Seller"in your cart(you have to be on a computer, or on the classic site on a mobile browser, to have this option-- unfortunately it is not available on the app or the mobile site),and I will send you an invoice with the shipping discount.

Feel free to send me a message if you would like a shipping quote, or have any other questions.There is a jump in price when going over 1 pound of weight (3-4 normal size Barbie dolls) for domestic shipments, and over 8 ounces (1 Barbie doll) for international shipments, and different dolls/items have different weights, so it all depends on your selection.MORE INFO BELOW!

International customers, please note that my shipping costs do not include any import fees, taxes, or other fees that may be charged by your country's customs office. I have no way of knowing what these charges will be, so if you have any questions, please contact your local customs office. Also, I purchase my labels through , and I am not able to change the cost of the items or mark the package as a gift. Thank you for your understanding, and please let me know if you have any other questions.

Welcome toSecond Childhood Dolls and More!

Last Updated November 2017

I love dolls, especially the world of Barbie!I'm always finding doll lots I want to buy, so I keep some of the dolls, and then offer the rest for sale to you, so that I can keep on adding to my own collection for my own and my daughter's enjoyment.

I strive for 100% buyer satisfaction. I want you to be as thrilled receiving dolls from meas I am to be buying them and selling them to you. :)Let me know if there's anything I can do for you, and have fun shopping!See below for more information on my policies, and thanks for stopping by.


If you purchase and pay for an item by 8 p.m. Pacific Time on a weekday, I will ship your item the next day.If it is after that time, I may not be able to ship it until the next day.I usually use USPS First Class Mail for quick delivery for items weighing 1 pound and under,and USPS Priority Mail for items weighing over 1 pound and also for some higher value items.

For international shipments, I use First Class Mail International for orders up to 5 pounds of weight, and Priority Mail International for orders over 5 pounds. However, I may discontinue First Class Mail shipments during the months of October, November, December, and January to minimize the risk of lost packages due to high volume holiday mail.

Please ensure that your shipping address is correct before you pay for a purchase. I no longer change shipping addresses as this makes me ineligible for seller protection. If your shipping address is incorrect, we will have to cancel your order, and you can repurchase after updating your information.

Combined Payment & Shipping

If you wish to purchase more than one item from me, you can pay for them together and save on shipping cost.Your shipping discount should automatically apply as you add items to your cart...if I can ever figure out how to get this set up correctly!If it does not, click on a blue button that says, “Request Total from Seller” (you will need to be on a computer or the classic site on a mobile browser--go to and scroll to the bottom of the home page to click on "Classic Site," and you will be able to do anything you can do on a computer--in order to do this, not the app or the mobile site), and commit to buy the items. I will then be able to send you an invoice with the discounted shipping cost for you to pay from.

Shopping in my store

Please feel free to browse my store!If you are looking for something specific, enter your information in the search box, and see if I have what you’re looking for! You can also look through my custom categories, but please be aware that I can only list items under two categories. So a doll may have a Steffie face, short hair, an ethnic skin tone, and a Model Muse body, but I have to pick what I consider the top two categories to list her under. However, I do try to include all important attributes in the listing title so that all applicable items will come up when you search for specific qualities.

Smoke Free

These items come from a smoke free home and a pet free area, however, many of them have been bought in lots and prior conditions are unknown.I do my best to clean the items before I sell them, and I do not sell any items with noticeable odors without making note of it in the listing.

Sold As Is

I am not a professional, just someone trying to expand my own Barbie collection and selling off extra items to continue to fund my purchases!However, I do my best to accurately describe and thoroughly photograph my items.It is my intention to point out any and all flaws that I can find in an item, so you will know what you're getting and be satisfied with your purchase.

But there may be cases in which I miss something, so please inspect the photographs and use the zoom feature.If you need any clarification on anything, just send me a message and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

Buyer Satisfaction & Returns

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FAQ: Why buy new deboxed items?
Some of you may be asking why you would want to buy a new item out of the box, when you can get it new in the box with all the accessories for just a little more. Well, I'm glad you asked! This used to mystify me as well, and here is what selling hundreds of dolls has taught me:
You know exactly what you will be getting.If you've deboxed as many items as I have, you know that new items are rarely flawless. There may be marks and distorted limbs from overly tight banding, stains from clothing, manufacturing defects, odors from storage, fashions that are not made to be removable, etc. When I open the item, describe it and photograph it, you can take a close look and make an informed decision.
You love this doll, but that fashion.No offense to doll designers, but sometimes we have other ideas and visions for the gorgeous dolls or fabulous fashion ensembles they've created. That's the beauty of the nude doll--you can customize her (or him) to your heart's desire, and transform her into whatever you can imagine or dream up. And you can look through loose fashions until you find the perfect one to complete your vision. Many of my used dolls come to me nude or misdressed anyway, but I usually part dolls out even if they are brand new, to free them for custom possibilities as endless as the human imagination.
It's not quite as fun as it used to be.Remember Christmases as a child, how magical it was to pull back that pretty paper and find a gleaming package with the coveted item inside? It's still magical now, but mom & dad aren't on hand to fight through the tornado-proof packaging to free your new toy. Lucky for you though, I am, with my basket of tools to undo whatever Mattel (or whichever company it may be) may have decided was necessary to keep Barbie in the perfect pose in the event of an Apocalypse.
More FAQ coming in the future!

Barbie Size Black Silver Mesh Dance Skating Dress Hair Bow Tnt Doll Clothes A17:

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