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Bearded Axe Head Type Pettersen's Type G. Hand Forged Steel. Viking Saxon Celtic For Sale

Bearded Axe Head Type Pettersen's Type G. Hand Forged Steel. Viking Saxon Celtic

Medieval-Fightclub proudly presents
Bearded Axe Head - Pettersen's type G

Respected and trusted power-seller
Head size -
Length: 190mm (7.5 inches) - including socket
Height (Blade length): 130mm (5 inches)Weight: 870 gramsThis large and heavy axe head is styled like Type G from Patterson's axe typology. Item is hand forged steel and will rust if not coated or covered.EXTRACT - Seems to be a further development of the longer specimens of the A-type, but the shape is even more slender, the shaft hole lobes even more developed. The neck is slender, often faceted. The edge more outwardly curved, the part behind the shaft hole section not as broad. As a kind of transition from the earlier types, I count C1978 from Opphus, Vang, Hedemark, found with a sword of the D-type; the edge here begins to
be more developed, but this axehead is closer to the older forms. Of swords this type is found especially with the M type, also the H-type, K-type, and F type, I type (1 find), also one find (C 4115 ff. From Nordby, Fet, Akershus) with a noicemaker of decidedly younger type. Of spearheads the C and F-types.
The typological development, should it be correct, suggests that this type belongs to the last half of the 9th century, in its fully developed form, while examples like C1978 must be older. The find combinations also match with this, though the type can also be found in the 10th century. This is not surprising with such a simple type.
Combat Readiness Score: 9/10
Corners may need rounding and shaft required. Dull blade for re-enactment.

Medieval-Fightclub is a well known, well establishedand respected supplier of all things historical. We will never knowinglygive you incorrect informationor make overstated claims just to secure a sale. Our product knowledge is more accurateand superiorto thatof our competitors because we have beeninvolved with combat re-enactors and living historiansfor over 25 years.


Our customer service is second to none because this is our business we will not leave you waiting for answers. We offer great prices to re-enactment groupss & collectors because we are passionate about what we do and hope to encouragea similar passion for

Beware of dishonest sellers, unlike them we won't tell you a sword or dagger is full tang or that any weapon or piece of armour is combat ready or made of something special if it is not. We will give you accurate measurements and detailed descriptions of each item. Our product descriptions will not include irrelevant customer response copied from other products. Independent product response and reviews are available from our website.

We do not run a shopfront but we welcome visitors to our warehouse so that you can check out our gear in person...and save on shipping costs! We also offer additional groupdiscounts to re-enactment clubs - please contact us for details.

Competitive pricing
We are a manufacturer, wholesaler and designer of many products so you can be assured of the best price. If you have a bulk order then you won't find a better price anywhere.

Why buy from Medieval-Fightclub?
Because we know what we are talking about.
We don't need to check with a supplier when you ask us a question.
We are re-enactors and therefore we know our products and their limitations.
We don't just make stuff up and pretend to have experience.
We know that after one purchase you will be back - not only because we have the best prices but also because you'll trust our experience and opinions.
If you have any questions then you can ask the owners who have over 30 years re-enacting experience.
Aaron Southwell is one of the owners he has over 25 years of historical combat experience.
If you have any doubts, put us to the test.

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We do not run a shopfront but we welcome visitors to our warehouse so that you can check out our gear in person...and save on shipping costs!

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The experienced truth about swords
We don't need to pretend we know about swords, daggers and other weapons, we actually use them regularly in combat scenarios and can give honest & truthful advice. If you plan on hanging this sword on the wall you won't need the following but it may be of interest when comparing swords. Our invaluable scoring system comes from experience and not guesswork. We don't need to copy information from any of our less knowledgeable competitors. At Medieval-Fightclub you can be assured that we tell it like it is -no bogus claims to secure a sale. Many other sellers of swords would have you think that every sword in their range is "full tang" and "hand forged". We have the experience it takes tobe accurate and therefore here at Medieval-Fightclub you will only get the truth about each and every item we sell. You can trust us and you only need to try us to find that out for yourself. With the best range, the best price, the most truthful &accurate advice - you will never buy from anyone else again.

Combat ratings
Why do we feel a combat rating is important with weapons? The short answer is because we know what we are talking about. Medieval Fightclub battle test all the weaponry & armourthat comes into our warehouse even when it clearly isn't battle ready we feel it is important to be able to give you an honest view of each item. Please look in the description for the "Combat Readiness Score" & for a simple description of how combat ready our tests show that item to be. This score is given despite appearance and is purely about the function of the sword. Please note all our scoring is out of 10, if you find apotential combat itemthat has not been scored, then let us know and we will give it acombat test & supply a score as soon as we can. Tang type - what does it mean?
A sword's tang is a term that describes how a blade is fitted to the handle. The strongest tang type is “Full Tang” and our full tang swords have been forged as part of the blade and then sandwiched between two halves of the handle. Usually you can see the base of the blade edge exposed on the side of the handgrip. The tang should penetrate right through the pommel and be peened over at the end. The most common tang style is called encapsulated or hidden where the blade becomes a thin “rats tail” to fit within the handgrip. While many of the hidden tang swords will have blades that are suitable for combat you could find that over time the hilt may eventually loosen. As with all tools, a sword is only as strong as the weakest part and therefore where possible I would always recommend using a full tang sword for any kind of sword on sword combat from simulated full contact to theatrical. Never USE a push tang sword as the blade is prone to becoming a projectile weapon. WARNING: Not all full tang claims are equal, we can only assume this is because of lack of knowledge.Other suppliers will incorrectly promote "hidden tangs" as "full tang" so please be aware of the truth before perpetuating this mistake.

How are they forged?
With exception to smiths crafting single swords, almost no sword manufacturer uses hand forging techniques. Often, claims of hand forging is pure forgery itself or it shows a lack of knowledge about how modern swords are really made. Our swords are made by hand using state of the art machinery that perfectly measure temperatureand mill the shape toproduce an exacting result time after time.Even the occasional item like our pattern welded products are made using power hammers. In short, after the shaping has been done,we use ancient techniques with the most modern equipment.

Tempered Steel
This is what sets us apart from other sellers. Our swords are often tempered, which is a balancing act between hardness and flexibility. Each sword has a different temper which has been adjusted depending on its expected use. We use a variety of high carbon steels that after shaping are re-tempered to an exacting standard. Don't be tricked into thinking that high carbon content and tempering are the same thing as they are not. With good tempering even the poorest steel can becrafted into awe inspiring weapons.It is a complicated subject to explain, however we have written detailed articles on this subject and other articles on swords and armour including how to select the right sword for you. For more info, please ask.

Practical Range
This is a range of items designed for the rigours of combat and especially regular combat training. They are always a proper full tang and will last a long time even with some of the heaviest abuse you can give them. Ordinary swords will not last as long as our practical range. For the best pricing on a sword you want to use every week you will not find better value anywhere.

Medieval FightClub - Thy dost nay speaketh of thyne brawling fellowship.

Bearded Axe Head Type Pettersen's Type G. Hand Forged Steel. Viking Saxon Celtic

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Bearded Axe Head Type Pettersen's Type G. Hand Forged Steel. Viking Saxon Celtic:

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