Beatles Please Please Me Uk Parlophone Lp *gold* Label Mono 1st Pressing Ex+/m-

Beatles Please Please Me Uk Parlophone Lp *gold* Label Mono 1st Pressing Ex+/m-

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Beatles Please Please Me Uk Parlophone Lp *gold* Label Mono 1st Pressing Ex+/m-:

I am a 40 year collector of LPs and 45s from the 50s and 60s. I have been collecting The Beatles UK LPs for 25 years. The Beatles LPs I have listed on are from my personal collection.

I have also been an audiophile for 40 years (analog only). The unsealed LPs listed have been play-graded on high quality equipment (turntable, tone-arm, cartridge, pre-amp, amp, speakers, and subwoofers). My system picks up the slightest surface noise on vinyl; i.e., ticks, pops, hiss, and sibilants due to groove wear. The standard I have used in adding a record to my collection has been how well it played (no surface noise present) in addition to how it looked. Over my years of collecting I have continuously upgraded my personal collection of Beatles LPs to where almost all of them play as new. To me, this means quiet surfaces; i.e., no ticks, pops, crackle, or hiss in the music or the dead wax.

The outer sleeves/covers of these LPs have been stored in polyethylene sleeve protectors since I acquired them. I also removed the LPs from the original Emitex inner sleeves and stored the LP in a custom rice paper sleeve while keeping the original Emitex inner sleeve in the LP jacket.

I have used strict grading standards of the UK publication Record Collector. I will use a mint grade only if I know a record has never been played. Unless a record is sealed, M- is my highest grade. I have described the flaws, if any, on the labels, vinyl, and sleeves. All the LPs I have listed will play as good as, or better than, they look. If you wish to see larger pictures than those shown on , I can send you much larger photos attached to an e-mail. I hope you find something you can add to your collection and enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed listening to vinyl records for the last 57 years.

This is a gorgeous first-day pressing of the Beatles’ Please Please Me with Dick James Music Co. credits and black and gold labels. It is a mono LP, catalog # PMC 1202 and was released on March 22, 1963. The combination of its superb condition and its having been pressed on the first day of production makes this historic LP extremely rare.

In my 40 years of collecting vinyl I believe this first-day pressing of the Beatles ground-breaking LP is a legitimate piece of musical history. These black and gold label LPs were only available for a matter of weeks upon the initial release of Please Please Me and I would venture to say there are few, if any, left from the first stampers that are in this condition. I won’t see the likes of this one again.

As most Beatles’ fans know, this album was recorded in one day, February 11, 1963. It is considered the most productive 585 minutes in the history of recorded music. Today, it can take weeks just to mic the instruments before any recording session begins. The Beatles were able to accomplish this unequaled feat because the album is mostly the songs from their live stage performances, which they had been performing for months in late 1962 – early 1963.

There were very few edits to the original music the Beatles laid down on tape that day. 99% of this LP is the Beatles live in the studio….. minus the screaming audience. The Please Please Me LP is the closest you can get to a live Beatles performance that can actually be heard and this first day pressing is absolutely stunning for its sonic quality.

Matrix #s:

Side 1: XEX 421-1N

Side 2: XEX 422-1N


Side 1: 1

Side 2: 1

Stamper letters:

Side 1: G

Side 2: R

Stampers from this era lasted for about 300 pressings (somewhat less for stereo) so this LP is one of the first 300 pressed.

Labels: EX+

The labels show no signs of handling wear. The gold lettering is bright and luxurious and the black background is unmarked with one exception. Next to the spindle hole on Side 1 there are two small spots where a spindle has rubbed the black color off the label. This can be clearly seen on the photos and you can judge how much or how little this detracts from the label. There are a few very light spindle tracks around the spindle hole. The lack of label wear and the few spindle tracks (and the condition of the vinyl) indicates the LP has not had much time on a turntable.


Visual Grade: EX+/M-

There is very little to critique. The vinyl has a bright, just-pressed gloss to it that is rarely seen on this early of a pressing. On first inspection under normal lighting, the vinyl is an easy M-. On close inspection using a bright LED light, I can see a few wispy lines barely visible on the vinyl. These are consistent with sleeve loading and removal rather than playing, but they are the reason I have not given the LP a full mint- visual grade. There are no scratches or scuffs to the vinyl and it shows the sheen and high gloss of a new LP. It is completely free of dust or dirt that would dull its natural sheen and affect its sonic qualities.

Play Grade: M-

It plays like new vinyl with no ticks, pops, or surface noise. You will hear nothing but the music in the songs and silence in the dead wax on the run-ins, run-outs, and between songs. The sound is simply stunning. It’s like being in Studio Two at #3 Abbey Road with the Beatles. The sound has a clarity and presence that can only be produced when the plates are sharp and new.

Sleeve: EX+

The sleeve is the original Ernest J. Day sleeve with the Angus McBean credit to the right of “songs” on the front. The only flaws on the cover are a Sellotape mark along the mouth of the sleeve on the reverse side and slight wear to the lower right corner. The tape has been removed and only the brown tape mark is evident. See the photos. The sleeve has no marks, creases, seam splits, or ring wear. This is a gorgeous sleeve that is as close to new (minus the Sellotape mark) as I have ever seen this original EJ Day gold sleeve in all my years of collecting.

The Emitex inner sleeve looks as new. It is more evidence of how carefully this LP has been handled and played.

Payment, Shipping, and Returns:

Please do not remit payment until you receive an invoice. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. All boxes and other shipping materials are new. Each LP is carefully packaged in custom made LP mailing boxes with the disc removed from the sleeve cover. Where double-boxing is deemed appropriate, the LP mailing box is placed inside a larger box filled with Styrofoam material. Shipping costs include only the actual costs of shipping and the required shipping materials. Shipping services within the US are USPS Priority Mail. For a single LP in a regular custom mailer, this cost is $13.00. Double-boxing is often appropriate and necessary to ensure the LP is not damaged in transit. This cost within the US is $18.00. Shipping services include a signed for receipt.

Shipping costs vary widely outside the US. International shipping services are either USPS International or Federal Express International. For all locations outside the US please contact me for an exact shipping cost. The buyer is responsible for any customs or import duties. Shipping services include a signed for receipt.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Notification of intent to return an LP must be made within 48 hours of receiving the LP and must be returned to me within 7 days of receipt. Shipping costs are not refundable and the buyer pays return shipping. A returned LP must be packaged in the same manner in which it was received and I must receive it in the same condition as it was received by the buyer.

Other Listings:

I have many other Beatles mono and stereo UK LPs listed on , including first-day pressings, Factory Samples, and export LPs.

Beatles Please Please Me Uk Parlophone Lp *gold* Label Mono 1st Pressing Ex+/m-:

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