Beautiful Jielde Lamp 4 Arms Vintage 100% Original French Industrial... For Sale

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Hello, my name is Yann of Atelier-Industriel, I am a french professional specialized and fascinated
by these magnificent lamps jielde and I propose you :

Jielde Lamp 4 arms Vintage 100% Original Factory workshop Spirit...

Do you Know why is the jielde lamp also popular?

Simply because it brings immediately a soul to your inside. It is the ideal object to adopt theIndustrial style, Workshop(Studio), Loft. Whether it is in a kitchen, a lounge, or an office(desk),
it will always find a place of choice...

STRONG: it will make your happiness during years.

Factory workshop Spirit

This lamp was fixed to a magnificent very heavy steel base,assuring her a perfectstability. Her total height is of 2,10m when 4 arms are unfolded(displayed).

PERENNIALLY FASHIONABLE: Its design is simply timeless

100% of satisfied customers all over the world.....

PRACTICAL AND EFFECTIVE: give the shape which you want. it articulates in all directions

Some small tracks of sound lived testify of its long industrial past and he bring a very authentic and vintage charm.
Furthermore, her raw aspect in fact an industrial object par excellence which will become integratedperfectly
into a Design inside Loft Industrial Workshop(Studio). Delivery/Livraison :European Union, autriche , Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark = 44GBP Canada, ETATS UNIS = 118GBPAustralia, japan, brazil, turkey, hong kong = 118GBP
P.S : Every parcel is sent colissimo international with N° of follow-up and an insurancein case of lossorof break-in there.
In very soon,
Yann of atelier-Industriel.
Beautiful Jielde Lamp 4 Arms Vintage 100% Original French Industrial...

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Beautiful Jielde Lamp 4 Arms Vintage 100% Original French Industrial...: