Beautiful Planetarium Brass Orrery,solar System Model,tellurian

Beautiful Planetarium Brass Orrery,solar System Model,tellurian

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Beautiful Planetarium Brass Orrery,solar System Model,tellurian:

    New Assemblied and Ready-To-Work Planetarium Antique Style Orrery,Clockwork Solar System Model,Trippensee .Mainly made from brass. In stock.Supply replacement for broken part.Please do give me your phone number after you buy it,or the shippment could be delayed.With instructions now.Securely double boxed.Fast shipping.Buyer's adress must NOT be PO. BOX adress!

    • Our company is the original factory of the orrery of this type,who has been engaged in manufacturing orreries and the planetary gears for more than ten years.Basically the orreries of this outlook all come from our company.We and several other companies(mainly produce the colored planets) nearby cooperate together to manufactur all the parts an orrery needs.

      This is a very good quality antique style mechanical orrery,also called solar system model,and it was already assemblied and ready-to-work.It's new and unused.The plantes it contains is compete,even includes the celestial bodies Ceres and Eris as well as including Pluto.By the way,Ceres is the firstly found Asteroid by mankind,Eris is the latestly found Asteroid,in 2005,and Pluto was expelleded from the family of planets in 2006,because it's too small.

      This model's style is very ancient and was used for teaching since 18th century.This orrery can vividly show the solar system we live in,very smartly designed and perfectly manufactured. The gears's ratios are precisely calculated,which make the model matches the movements of the real planets.The relative speed of each planet,distance,appearance and many other features simulate the real solar system very well.Almost assemblied,you just need to assembly the planet and the three feet,which is very easy to do.

      Some of other great features:
      (1)In this item,the earth'period of revolution is about 42 seconds,and you can calculate? other plants' period ,since the ratio of the speeds of the planets is as the reality.
      (2)the sun and the earth can rotate itself,which is as the real natural phenomenon,and the self-rotating speed relative to simulates the reality, too.
      (3)there's still other great features I don't talk about here. We do our best to make it perfect in many other details of this item

      Size: width:330mm,height:330mm, 3.7kg.

      Material:mainly made from brass

      If any question exits,please contact me by the "Ask a question" link at the bottom of this page.
      I'm happy to help with any concerns or questions. If you need help after your purchase,you can contact me,too.

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    • -----What's the speed of the planets?
      Normally the earth'period of revolution is about 42 seconds,and you can calculate other planets' period ,since the ratio of the speeds of the planets is as the reality.In fact,there's a little speed controler at the bottom,and you can regulate the speed.

      -----Is it's speed as the real or is faster?
      Faster.If it's speed is as the real,you can't see it moving,but the ratio of the periods of the planets is very accuratly as the real.

      -----the orbits of the planets are circular or oval?
      Circular.Althought in the reality they are oval,but make them in a mechanical model is not easy,and according to my knowledge,any other orrery in history doesn't meet this requirement.Maybe we will consider this in future.

      ----- Will it break during travel?
      Normally it doesn't,and we have ship this assemblied orrery for many times.We package it in customizing poly velvet box.

      ----Can you supply a replacement part if any part was broken?
      If it was broken during travel(normally it won't happen),we can supply a replacement part for free,and ship it through standard international post,and not free it you break it your self.But note that it's possible that we lack this part in a period of time,in this situation I'm afraid you have to wait us to supplement this part for many days.Anyway,we will try our best to satisfy your requirement.

      -----Is it possible to send the orrery to Italy, Rome?
      Normally we can ship it to anywhere,if we found that no express company can ship it to where you live,I will remind you to cancel the transaction,so you can get back your money.

    • An almost assemblied and ready-to-work orrery,you just need to assembly the planet and the three feet,which is very easy to do.
      An AC adapter matches your country's standard voltage.For safe,you'd better tell me the standard voltage in your place,or
      I'll check it from public information.
      A simple tool used to assembly the feet
      Others if necessary.

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