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Beautiful Primitive Antique Victorian Era Carved Wood Pediment Piece For Sale

Beautiful Primitive Antique Victorian Era Carved Wood Pediment Piece

maureenfs Store
Beautiful Primitive Antique Victorian Era Carved Wood Pediment Piece

I have to tell you about the sale that I went to last week. It was in Geneva Illinois, in a sandstone building that was built before the Civil War. The sale was the final liquidation of an antique store (they‘d had one previous sale - so much stuff, they had to have two) that used to operate out of this location - but the building has been closed, as well as the business, for over 20 years following the passing of the previous owners. Now, we’re talking two stories, an attic and a basement PACKED with antiques - it’s hard to imagine, and all of it just sitting for two decades. These folks had amassed a huge antique collection - many many items dating back to the early 1800s and before. There’s some gorgeous pieces of primitive Americana that I found. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be listing my treasures from the sale. I will be listing them for weeks to come. I also have the last of my farm sales and South Dakota finds listed this week, so there’s something for everyone!

Here's a lovely antique Victorian era carved wood pediment piece. I don't know if it came from a piece of furniture, or a piece of architecture, but wherever it was - it was grand! Made of solid wood with beautiful carved detail, it measures 15" wide, 4 5/8" high and is about 1/2" thick. It weighs 1/4 lb. It is in excellent solid and sturdy condition. You can see rusty snipped nail heads at the backside, and one nail hole at the front, which is on the far right. You also see what appears to be dried yellowed adhesive at the back too. I'm showing in photos 7&12 how the top of the round "circle" on the right end has chipped off - I do not have it, but it's really hard to notice too.There's very minor wear to the finish and wood - scratches, scrapes, nicks and rubs, and it's dirty/dusty - needs a good cleaning as I have not messed with the as found patina in any way. The patina is dark, almost black in some lights, and you can see the alligatoring of the finish when you look really closely. This one will sparkle when cleaned up a little. Beautiful!
Please ask if you have any questions, or feel free to inform me if you have any information about one of my listings. As with any of my items, if you ever need extra pictures, let me know, just make sure that you give me an email address to send them to. Pick up is welcome on all of my items. I’m happy to combine shipments for you, but I do ask that there be no more than 7 days from the purchase of the first item - I will invoice after 7 days, as I cannot hold the items longer than that.
Also, many of my items come from local rural estate sales and sales. They are coming right from the barn or attic to you, dust, cobwebs and all! I do not clean and polish before I sell - they are in the condition found, as you see in my photos - and I leave the patina exactly as it was when I bought the item. I do my best to photo and describe thoroughly.
Please email me before offerding if you do not use Paypal, and we can discuss possible alternatives. Payment is due within 3 business days after close of sale, after that, the sale will be void, and I may relist the item.
I only mail via USPS. I have had some trouble with the shipping calculator giving people bombastic shipping rates (especially after purchase with the “Pay Now“ invoice on Parcel/Standard Select rates). So, if you think it’s too high, email me so that I can check it out, before you pay me. That being said, we pack very well, so that will add to the weight, combined with the constantly increasing shipping charges of the Post Office.
I ship within one business day of receipt of your payment, unless there’s a holiday that closes the post office, or I notify you otherwise. As I shop for treasures on Saturday, I most often do not ship on Saturday. If you email me on either day, I may not be able to get back to you until the end of the day - so you know.
With postage rates going up and up, I am shipping more items Parcel/Standard Select. Please realize that this can mean a 2-3 week delivery, sometimes longer. As a matter of fact, this year, I’m finding the “longer” more the norm. Parcel Post travels by land or rail and, at least in this area, packages do not leave the regional post office until they fill up a bin going in the same direction (so there’s no estimated exact number of days like you have with Priority Mail - the Post Office says 5-7 days, but that‘s not what I’m finding). I mail right away so it can get to you as soon as possible.
With the exception of the most heavy and/or large items, I will always give both Priority Mail and Parcel Post as shipping options, with Priority being first for my lighter items. Be sure you check out both rates . I will be happy to ship an item in a flat rate Priority mail box, if that is cheaper to you - as long as the item will fit well packed in the box - ask me before you offer if you think that’s the case for you.
INTERNATIONAL AND NON-MAINLAND USA: Shipping costs are available to mainland U.S. only. IF OUTSIDE OF THE MAINLAND USA, PLEASE ASK ME FOR SHIPPING BEFORE offerDING IF NO SHIPPING PRICE IS LISTED. Shipping times vary and I’ve experienced up to 8+ weeks for delivery after I have mailed internationally (and longer if it‘s stopped for inspection). Please keep this in mind when offerding. ALL INTERNATIONAL ITEMS WILL BE SHIPPED PRIORITY MAIL OR EXPRESS MAIL WITH SIGNATURE AT MY DISCRETION, UNLESS PRE-ARRANGED PRIOR TO THE CLOSE OF THE sale WITH ME. Also, import duties, taxes, and country specific charges are not included in the purchase price or the shipping price, AND THEY ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER. Please do not ask me to declare an amount that is different than the purchase price - I will not lie! All international buyers must pay with Paypal, no other payment types are accepted.
Sales tax will be added for Illinois buyers.
Customer satisfaction is extremely important to me. If you receive an item and are not satisfied in any way, please contact me. .…and thanks so much for looking, I appreciate having you as a customer!

Beautiful Primitive Antique Victorian Era Carved Wood Pediment Piece

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Beautiful Primitive Antique Victorian Era Carved Wood Pediment Piece:

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