Bicycle Frame Jig Plans Build Custom Chopper Bike Or ?

Bicycle Frame Jig Plans  Build Custom Chopper Bike Or ?

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Bicycle Frame Jig Plans Build Custom Chopper Bike Or ?:

Hey if you have a HOT mail e-mail you will not get the plans. They block them from coming through. Not me. Please provide another e-mail OR e-mail me direct using my Paypal e-mail under transaction details on Paypal. Add me to your address book and send me the e-mail. will not allow you to use the message system to send e-mails so you must use Paypal and get my e-mail direct so the product can be sent. This way when I send the plans to your hotmail they will come through for you. If you do not see the plans within a few hours say 8 or less contact me. Do not file a claim that you did not get them 60 days later. If they did not come through it was YOUR e-mail that blocked them. I do my end and send them right out. Please consider this before buying. If you are more willing to file a claim then send and e-mail to me direct then do NOT buy them. Thanks
I have added .01 to the shipping so international buyers can buy. It seems that the Paypal checkout to international must have a number to allow the transaction. Lets give this a go and message me if you have any troubles. Hello This is a full complete set of jig plans to build a bicycle frame jig. They will be e-mail within 24 hours of purchase and come complete with a full materials list and ALL specs to build the jig. The jig is full adjustable to build any style of custom bike. The fixtures can be adjusted in any format. Giving you the ability to hold the head, bottom bracket, front and rear dropouts in place while you build and weld your custom frame. See pics for what I am talking about. The base of the jig has room to add shelf or basket for the fixtures and tools. One guy even mounted the wire feed welder in the base with the argon bottle. This jig is as good as it gets for build custom one off bikes. Choppers, rat bikes, cruisers you name it long and short or tall and crazy. Your imagination is all it takes and this jig will support all the main components of the bike while you build and weld. The plans come e-mail via PDF files that you can print out on your printer OR taken to a local printer like Kinkos or Office depot and they will print them out as big as you want them. All measurements are provided for all the fixtures in clear easy to read. These jigs have been being built since 2005 and has proven itself over and over. Save yourself a bunch of time trying to design a jig and or save the wasted metal and effort by not having a jig and trying to build a top notch bicycle. Bicycle build contest are hotter than ever and you want to have the best tools to give you the edge. Buy these plans and build a custom jig for yourself. Like I say. PDF files of all fixtures and jig frame and materials list. You can build a full blown chopper bicycle or a sweet low cruiser. This jig is fully adjustable and can handle any custom design and wheels sizes or combos. 26", 24",20",16", and the new super WIDE 4.25" rears, all will work. Any rake or stretch. Mild to wild the jig can be set up. It is the only way to go when it comes to building custom one off frames. Gives you the ability to set your frames up true and square for proffesional results everytime. All materials are available at a local steel supply. It runs around $100.00 to build the jig depending on steel prices in your area. This jig will pay for itself the first frame you build just for the sole fact that it makes life so much simpler. All dimesions are given with true accurate easy to follow cad drawing of the main frame jig and all fixtures. 4 sheets total. A complete materials list is also provided. I have listed these as a buy it now for $10.00. I accept Paypal. If you have any questions please e-mail. I am the sole owner/ designer of these prints and therefor carry the only copyright to them. All offenders that choose to copy these prints for resale will be stopped as per rules. Thanks for lookin!!
First and for most: I have had several guys saying they have not received the plans. I send the plans within a few hours of the purchase so if you do not have them after several hours then get ahold of me. It seems that the spam blockers on most guys e-mails are blocking the plans from coming through to them. In this case I will send my e-mail to you and you can e-mail me direct so I can hit reply and send the plans back. This will let the plans get past the spam blocker. Please understand this has nothing to do with ME it is your spam blocker not letting you receive the plans!!!!! I have no problem working with you to get them sent. Just let me know they did not arrive. Do NOT file a claim 60 days later saying they did not arrive. They where e-mailed to you I promise. I have sold many many of these and know what e-mails work and what ones do not. does back me up on this now.

Bicycle Frame Jig Plans Build Custom Chopper Bike Or ?:

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