Big Quality Vintage Signed 7mm Wide Herringbone 925 Silver 8" Long Bracelet Nr

Big Quality Vintage Signed 7mm Wide Herringbone 925 Silver 8

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Big Quality Vintage Signed 7mm Wide Herringbone 925 Silver 8" Long Bracelet Nr:

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DescriptionUp for sale........ This Big Fine Quality 7mm wide Herringbone 8" Bracelet..... Will fit a 7 1/2" wrist.... The width of the bracelet is 7mm wide..... It is signed " HAN "..... It is also stamped " 925 for Sterling Silver and stamped Italy "..... ThisBracelet isin Use, AAA Fine Superb Condition for its age and travels, as shown in the photo's, needs a little polishing of the silver if desired, exact age unknown.
If you are Not on a computer at home and are on a cell phone or i-pad or tablet and need to see ALL the measurements and specifics about this item, please go to the " Item Specifics link " and or the " Description link " on your cell phone or i-pad or tablet and click it. If you have any problem seeing the items specifics or information about this item, Please email us and we will give you any info that you ask for about this item.PLEASE NOTE:::... Turquoises, Shells, Gemstonesand Coral are very difficult to photograph to Perfect Life Like, because the lights can penetrate somewhat into some of them and the different types of lights used can createmany different slight color tones and huesof them in the photos, and or it can make items look darker shades, tones and hues, so I cannot and will not try to say an exact color of the item being sold because, the cameras, bright lights, backgrounds, foregroundsand computer monitors and moving the item around to photograph it can also distort the actual Life Like color tones and hues, and it may be the color your seeing on your computer monitor when you get it or it may be a lighter or darker color, tone or hue when you get it from what your seeing on your computer monitor, also the angle of which your looking at a computer monitor can also change the color, color tones and hues of an items color your looking at, Thanks.

The US 25 cent Coin piece (A Quarter) is used for a quick simple comparison of item, so you can get an IDEA of the size, the quarter measures: 24mm in diameter, thats also 15/16", just a hair under an inch, the Actual Sizes are listed in the description.COMBINING sales = is FREE Payments are due within 4 Days of end of sale when paying through PayPal.... We send our invoices right away so you can make payment on time. SHIPPING COSTS:Email us for International shipping costs, please include your country name and shipping code and Refund Policy. If we have Grossly misrepresented an item, we will refund 100% of your PURCHASE PRICE, plus the amount of money it took you to send the item back, All other returns will be charged a 20% restocking fee, and shipping/handling/insurance are Not-refunded, make sure you want the item and read everything before you commit yourself to this sale. NO RETURNS WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL VIA EMAIL, DO NOT Just send the item or items back without us first communicating.. NO refunds will be approved after this 14 day time frame. All items returned must be in the Condition they left us in and with all the Gem Materials, Watches, Chain Bales, Necklace Latches and so on intact, it needs to be returned with all it was send out with, and not cleaned or polished or no refund is possible. REASONS TO BUY FROM US: * QUALITY VINTAGE ITEMS * OVER 37,000+ POSITIVE responseS * DETAILED AND ACCURATE DESCRIPTIONS * SWIFT SHIPPING, COMBINED SHIPPING AS WELL * LOWEST PRICES = NEVER A SURPRISE RESERVE ON OUR ITEMS * WE ARE HONEST, FRIENDLY AND APPROACHABLE SELLERS Be sure to add us to your favorites list! Check out our other items!
Origin of the items we sell....... Most Jewelry is purchased because the buyer loves the look of an item, and it is a personal preference, and some are sought after by collectors, but it is the Buyers sole responsibility to Actually know what they are purchasing, and do their own research, as we can only give the information that we gathered when we purchased the items, we cannot verify our information in our descriptions due to many different circumstances, like ........ the person who had them in an estate was the only surviving spouse and they don't know the information about the items, or the information is given by an estate executor who had the items looked at by a professional, or did their own research, or a large group of jewelry was purchased from a Dead Pawn or Old Pawn Collection purchase, sales or individually purchased from other collectors, and a lot of items are already tagged with information by the previous owners or estate personnel, if items have sales tags or inked writing on them we remove these tags or writing on the items most of the time before we sell them, or the Gallery or Person it came from gave us the information we use, or was made by, we also cannot verify the exact age of items, or any hallmarks, or who had them first, second, third and so on on these old items unless signed with full name of silversmith. We try our very best to give you all the information we have gathered, and have purchased many Native American Indian Identification Books on the Makers and Hallmarks of their Jewelry, and use the internet to do research on these items, and use that information we researched, in addition to the information we have been given. We give all that information we know on an item in our sale descriptions, and we thank all the other ers out there who also take the time to let use know more about an item we may not know about, so if you see an item that has information you feel is incorrect, or can give us more information on it, please email us, or call us about that information you have, we never intentionally misrepresent anything we sell, and will always do our best to bring you the information we gathered about that item, we are not experts by any means.
NOTICE TO BUYERS ABOUT CERTIFICATES AND HALLMARKING DATES FOR NATIVE AMERICAN and OTHER ETHNIC JEWELRY: I have had time to search around in the Native American and other Ethnic Jewelry category's and see there are some things that need to be said about Certificates and Hallmark Dating, we have had a couple ers even ask why we don't give certificates with our jewelry, here is the truth about certificates of authenticity, first of all this certificate needs to come from and be signed by the person who made the piece, not signed by the second party selling the piece who didn't make the item, thats why we don't give certs, because we don't have any from the smiths..... Dating pieces by hallmarks is another thing I see others are saying all items made before 1970s will not be signed and will not have a sterling benchmark, WELL, thats not correct, and the proof is in the historic registers of hallmarks that can be found in the hallmark books, there are some Native Americans who signed there pieces as far back as 1920's and some even earlier, and the benchmark Sterling has been stamped on pieces since the late 1800s and earlier, please don't take my word for it, go look it up yourself, I looked it up so I could help the community know the truth, I am putting this info in our sale pages to help the buyers know the real story, and since we sell mostly Southwestern Indian Jewelry this needed to be said, there is no way anyone before us could of got a certificate from these silversmiths back them, they were not even needed or knew about back then, and we don't make or give certificates unless they came directly from the silversmith, a true Certificate of Authenticity comes from the silversmith and signed by the silversmith, not a second party. ADDITIONAL VERY IMPORTANT INFO ON CERTIFICATES OF AUTHENTICITY FOR NATIVE AMERICAN and OTHER ETHNIC JEWELRY. has updated its policy's incorporating the Indian Arts and Crafts Act to make sure the pieces being sold are true Native American Zuni, Hopi and Navajo items, as these 3 tribes have the most jewelry listed on , and there are many other tribes as well " If you are listing a piece of art or craft work that you are describing as "Native American", "American Indian", "Indian" or "Alaska Native," or the product ofa particular Indian Tribe or Alaska Native Village, please note that under the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, such items must be made by an enrolled member of a federally, or officially State-recognized American Indian or Alaska Native Village or by an individual certified as an Indian artisan by the governing body of one of these groups. The most common fake made jewelry is that of the Zuni and Navajo.... By using these descriptions in your listings, you are certifying that you have exercised due diligence in determining that the items are accurately described under the Indian Arts and Crafts Act. " We at painted-sky do our very best andexercise due diligence when we go on our buying trips to always ask many questions about the pieces we buy, and try to find out all we can about the pieces, not only to make sure they are genuine Native Made, but the more info we get, we can pass that on to the buyers and it may evenhelp sell the piece at a better fare price, and it helps educate the community.... Even when we are buying directly from the silversmith who made the piece, they don't give certificates of authenticity, most of the time when you see a C.O.A. its on a piece of jewelry in a high end gallery or museum collectible, thats why getting these C.O.A.'s on are mostly not true certificates, and as you can see we specialize in the old pawn vintage Native American Jewelry, and they didn't give any Certificates back then, and thats another reason why we don't have them and we will not give out some bogus piece of paper saying we purchased it from so and so and we authenticate this piece for them, thats not a Certificate of Authenticity, so make sure you ask about the certificate before assuming its from the actual person who made it. OLD PAWN NATIVE AMERICAN JEWELRY RARELY EVER HAS A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY THAT COMES FROM THE PERSON WHO MADE THEM, BECAUSE IT WOULD HAVE TO BE OBTAINED AT THE TIME THE PIECE WAS MADE AND SOLD, NOT LATER ON, AND THAT CERTIFICATE PASSED ON WITH THE PIECE FROM OWNER TO OWNER.... I SEE SELLERS TELLING YOU TO NOT BUY UNLESS YOU HAVE A CERTIFICATE, WELL, YOU HAVE THE ANSWER ABOVE, THIS IS JUST TO HELP YOU OUT SO WHEN YOU COME ACROSS A SELLER WHO IS TRYING TO SCARE YOU OUT OF BUYING FROM OTHERS ERS THAT DON'T GIVE CERTIFICATES, YOU NOW KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT CERTIFICATES AND WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO COME FROM, I WOULD BE A LITTLE LEARY ABOUT BUYING FROM ANYONE WHO OFFERS CERTIFICATES ON ALL THE THINGS THEY SELL, UNLESS THE CERTIFICATE COMES FROM THE PERSON WHO MADE THE PIECE, I HOPE THIS HELPS YOU IN THE FUTURE NO MATTER WHERE YOU BUY FROM, ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS. Thanks - painted sky.Just a little about us and what we specialize in. We have lived and worked in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and Colorado, I used to work in the turquoise and copper mines in Arizona for 12 years Tunneling in Texas 10 years, Mining in Colorado 15 years and have been around turquoise jewelery over 45 years, so it is not something new to me or my wife, although we don't know it all, we do have a great understanding about it and collecting it, and have an extensive Rare Library of the old collectors books and unpublished magazines and manuscripts on the subject which helps us learn and understand more each day. Although we live in Alabama right now, we still travel to the southwestern states scouring North, South, East and West of each state, up and down the old untraveled back roads no one else does, finding forgotten mine sites and rare minerals and have a great reputation with some of the oldest Indian trading posts in the southwest and with the Individual Native Americans them selves, so you may know you are buying from a very experienced collector of Native American Indian Jewelry, which you can see by the unusual and unique items we bring to , and have done so for over 10 years, longer than most of the sellers selling Native American New Jewelry now, and we sell Turquoise Jewelry necklaces, rings bolos belt buckles, bracelets, and, Kachinas, Pottery, Rugs, Blankets, Art Work and more, if you have any questions, or looking for that special piece to fulfill your collection, please feel free to email us and let us know.
Alabama Residents must pay the additional 9% Tax on all Sales. If you live outside the U.S.A. , please email me for shipping/handling charges, Please include your country address, and the item number(s). You may want to BOOKMARK our site, and check back for our new 100s of listings.Visit painted-sky today!
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Big Quality Vintage Signed 7mm Wide Herringbone 925 Silver 8" Long Bracelet Nr:

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