Black Dragon Playing Cards - Standard Edition - Mpc - Custom - New - Marked

Black Dragon Playing Cards - Standard Edition - Mpc - Custom - New - Marked

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Black Dragon Playing Cards - Standard Edition - Mpc - Custom - New - Marked:

  • You get 1 brand new deck of Black Dragon (Standard Edition) Magic Deck (A specially Marked and Stacked Deck) Playing Cards.

    This deck is new, unopened, and in mint condition!

    Great Feel and Handling

    Perfect For Magicians

    Perfect For Cardists

    Highly Sought After by Collectors

    Deck Specifications:These decks are designed and produced to meet the needs of a broad range of card enthusiasts worldwide. They are made from a very professional 310gsm casino paper cardstock with added air pockets that offer better handling. Each card also contains the added quality of a black core layer center to block light shining through. These are perfect for professionals who require top quality cards. With the superior card handling and durability that these decks provide, they are a great addition to the toolkit of any cardist or magician.Black Dragon Playing Cardscan be used in conjunction with other dragon decks from the Black Dragon Series of Playing Cards to create added magic effects for card trick performances!

    Designed specifically for card magic, these official 'Standard Edition' Black Dragon Decks include the following added features -

    • Specially Stacked Deck (Perform amazing card tricks with this specially stacked deck)

    • Level 1 Marking System applied to card backings (Allows you to know any cards orientation and location within the deck)

    • 1 x Gaff card (Silver King of Diamonds)

    • Hidden reveal located inside tuck box

    • Invitation leaflet with Q code and password to secret magic website

    • Each Standard Edition deck in the series has been designed as a training deck, so that card magicians of all skill levels can easily learn and master the fundamental secrets to card magic, with each Standard Edition deck containing different secrets to card magic that are presented in a way that is easy to learn.

    • Anyone of any skill level can easily take one of these training decks (all Standard Edition's) and perform a large range of card tricks without any previous experience in card magic, all of which can be done straight out of the pack without any setup required.

    The Black Dragon Series Of Playing Cards are cards reimagined. From Unleashed Dragons, Samurais and Katana blades, to Symbolic Koi Fish representing an ancient legend, these cards have been created specifically for card magic while also being designed to capture the imagination. How the Black Dragon Series came to be... The first image to take shape, which eventually played a major role in the Black Dragon Series of playing cards, was the "Black Koi" (featured as the Joker in this deck series). It was created by Marine Loup back in 2014 after she felt inspired by a legend about a group of Koi fish. The legend goes that through determination and perseverance, a single black koi was able to swim upstream to reach the top of a waterfall against all odds. It overcame demons that laughed at and mocked its efforts and who had also heightened the waterfall out of malice. According to legend, after reaching the top of the waterfall, the gods who had witnessed the koi's efforts turned the black koi into a Golden Dragon, the image of power and strength. This deck draws its inspiration from this legend and from Marine Loup and her Turning Japanese illustrations, and represents thedetermination and perseverancedemonstrated by the black koi, battling against all odds to succeed.

    Deck Features

    • 100% Customized

    • Custom Tuck Box Seal

    • Cellophane Wrapped Tuck Box

    • Tuck Box Reveal

    • Air Pocket Finish

    • Traditional Cut

    • 310gsm Casino Black Core Paper Stock

    • Poker size

    • Designed by: Marine Loup

    • Produced by: CLCPC Studio 52

    • Printed by: MPC

    • 52 Cards + 1 Jokers + 1 Gaff

    2018 Release

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Black Dragon Playing Cards - Standard Edition - Mpc - Custom - New - Marked:

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