Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Shuttle Ssd Field Recorder

Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Shuttle Ssd Field Recorder

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Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Shuttle Ssd Field Recorder :

Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle 2.USA Authorized Dealer.Portable SSD recorder with SDI and HDMI. Features built-in rechargeable battery
Get the compact, portable and affordable disk recorder that’s battery powered so it’s the perfect on set field recorder! HyperDeck Shuttle now records to uncompressed QuickTime and compressed Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) or Avid DNxHD MXF file formats. Bypass your camera’s compression and record from SDI and HDMI onto low cost solid state disks. SSDs are cheap and fast, so you can edit directly from the SSD media itself!
SSD is not Included
The world's smallest uncompressed video recorder!Introducing the world's most exciting portable broadcast deck that fits in your hand. Get the highest quality compressed and uncompressed video! Dramatically improve the quality of professional or consumer cameras! HyperDeck Shuttle records and plays back uncompressed QuickTime, and Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) or Avid DNxHD MXF files to common low cost SSDs so you can edit direct from the recorded files!HyperDeck Shuttle dramatically improves the quality of video cameras and is the perfect portable field recorder for live production switchers! It's also the ultimate solution for digital signage. HyperDeck Shuttle gives you the quality and flexibility of compressed ProRes or DNxHD and uncompressed recording direct to common low cost SSDs in the smallest possible size! HyperDeck Shuttle is compact, affordable and battery powered so it’s perfect as a field recorder. HyperDeck Shuttle bypasses your camera’s compression and records from SDI and HDMI direct into the highest quality video possible! SSDs are cheap
Compressed or UncompressedNow you have the freedom to work in both compressed and uncompressed video depending on the needs of your project! Uncompressed video will always produce the highest quality mathematically perfect results and is ideal when recording video for color correction, chroma keying and high end VFX work. When you need longer recording duration or you're working with lots of video material, HyperDeck Shuttle 2 can be instantly changed over to use ProRes or DNxHD MXF compressed video files. The popular Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) and Avid DNxHD files are SMPTE standard codecs that are used by thousands of broadcast and post production facilities worldwide as they maintain the highest 10-bit video quality with the advantage of smaller file sizes.
Go Anywhere, Record Everywhere!With a compact and incredibly sturdy design, HyperDeck Shuttle is machined out of a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum! That means you get a design with the strength to go anywhere! Take your HyperDeck Shuttle into the field, on set, to live events, or even on your extreme sport shoots. With an internal battery, just recharge and go! The possibilities are virtually endless
Solid State Disk (SSD) Technology - not includedSimply plug a 2.5” solid state disk into HyperDeck Shuttle and you get video recording with blazing fast speed, low power consumption and totally silent operation. Now you can eliminate complicated and expensive disk arrays. A single SSD can record either compressed or uncompressed video effortlessly! Removable media like CF and SxS cards simply cannot match that kind of performance and require slow file copying to use.
Unparalleled File CompatibilityHyperDeck Shuttle captures the world's most popular video files in native uncompressed 10-bit QuickTime and compressed Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) or Avid DNxHD MXF files. Recording straight to ProRes or DNxHD is perfect for working with the full Avid Media Composer family of software including NewsCutter and Symphony. There is no need to reformat or transcode your files, so you get the most efficient Avid workflow. DNxHD files can easily be graded natively with DaVinci Resolve using full AAF roundtrip with Media Composer. HyperDeck Shuttle also records direct to mathematically perfect quality uncompressed 10-bit QuickTime files that can be used with all popular video software like Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve and more!
Faster Cost Effective WorkflowsHyperDeck Shuttle improves every step of your production workflow pipeline. For quick on set QC or client preview, connect HyperDeck Shuttle to a projector or television via the HDMI or SDI outputs. You can even edit directly from the SSD with no digitizing or file copying. Simply plug the SSD into your laptop or desktop via a standard external eSATA dock and the disk mounts right on your computer’s desktop! SSDs are not much bigger than a credit card, so they can be sent anywhere in a simple overnight envelope.
Familiar VTR FeelHyperDeck Shuttle has standard deck style function buttons, clearly marked and easily accessible along one side, as well as LEDs that indicate input signal lock, recording status and battery status. With the affordable HyperDeck Shuttle you won’t be tying up your expensive VTRs, but you’ll still be in familiar operating territory. ConnectionsSDI Video Input1 x 10-bit SD/HD switchable via DIN 1.0/2.3 connector.SDI Video Output1 x 10-bit SD/HD switchable via DIN 1.0/2.3 connector.HDMI Video Input1 x HDMI type A connectorHDMI Video Output1 x HDMI type A connectorSDI Audio Input16 channels embedded in SD and HD in QuickTime files. 2 channels in Avid DNxHD MXF files.SDI Audio Output16 channels embedded in SD and HD in QuickTime files. 2 channels in Avid DNxHD MXF files.HDMI Audio Input8 channels embedded in SD and HD in QuickTime files. 2 channels in Avid DNxHD MXF files.HDMI Audio Output2 channels embedded in SD and HDSSD Interface1 x 2.5" SATA 3Gb/sSync InputNoneDevice ControlNoneRecorder Control7 buttons for local control of HyperDeck Shuttle or use USB 2.0 high speed interfaceRecorder ConfigurationUse USB 2.0 high speed interfaceComputer Interface1 x Mini-B type USB 2.0 connector for initial setup, software updates and HyperDeck Utility software controlStandardsSD Format Support625/25 PAL and 525/29.97 NTSC. 480p60 and 576p50 via HDMI only.HD Format Support720p50, 720p59.94, 720p60, 1080i50, 1080i59.94, 1080i60, 1080PsF23.98, 1080PsF24, 1080PsF25, 1080PsF29.97, 1080PsF30, 1080p23.98, 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p29.97, 1080p30.SDI ComplianceSMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292MSDI Metadata SupportHD RP188 and closed captioning.Audio SamplingTelevision standard sample rate of 48 kHz and 24 bitVideo Sampling4:2:2Color Precision10-bitColor SpaceREC 601, REC 709Multiple Rate supportSDI and HDMI switches between 270 Mb/s standard definition SDI and 1.5 Gb/s HD-SDI.Copy ProtectionHDMI input is unable to capture from copy protected HDMI sources. Always confirm copyright ownership before capture or distribution of content.Codec SupportUncompressed QuickTime, Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) QuickTime, Avid DNxHD QuickTime, Avid DNxHD MXFExtrasDisplaysNonePhysical InstallationNoneBatteryRechargeable built in lithium-ion polymer batteryPower Supply+12V universal power supply included with international socket adapters for all countries. Connection supports 12V to 18V.Product Warranty12 Month Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

What SSDs should I use with the HyperDecks?

Certified SSDs

SSDs which are qualified for Uncompressed 10-bit video capture will also work well for compressed video capture. There are some SSDs which we have tested and found to drop frames when capturing Uncompressed 10-bit video. However, they still work well when capturing compressed video.

The following SSDs are recommended for Uncompressed 10-bit or compressed video capture:

  • OCZ 240GB Vertex 3 (VTX3-25SAT3-240G)
  • OCZ 480GB Vertex 3 (VTX3-25SAT3-480G)
  • OCZ 240GB Deneva 2 (firmware 2.22) (D2CSTK251M21-0240)
  • Intel 335 Series 240GB SSD (SSDSC2CT240A4K5)
  • Intel 520 Series 240GB SSD (SSDSC2CW240A310)
  • Intel 520 Series 480GB SSD (SSDSC2CW480A310)
  • Kingston 120GB SSDNow V+200 (SVP200S3/120G)
  • Kingston 240GB SSDNow V+200 (SVP200S3/240G)
  • Kingston HyperX 240GB (SH100S3/240G)
  • Sandisk Extreme 480GB (SDSSDX-480G-G25)
  • PNY 240GB Prevail SSD (firmware 5.0.2) (SSD9SC240GCDA-PB)
  • OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD (firmware 5.0.2) (OWCSSDMX6G240T)
  • Digistor – 128GB SSD Professional Video Extreme (DIG-PVD128E, pre-formatted ExFat)
  • Digistor – 240GB SSD Professional Video Series (DIG-PVD240S, pre-formatted ExFat)
  • Digistor – 480GB SSD Professional Video Series (DIG-PVD480S, pre-formatted ExFat)

In addition to the above, these SSDs work ONLY for compressed video capture:

  • Crucial 256GB M4 (firmware 000F) (CT256M4SSD2)
  • OCZ Agility 3 240GB (AGT3-25SAT3-240G)
  • Sandisk Extreme 120GB (SDSSDX-120G-G25)

The following SSDs are either discontinued or only supported as part of a legacy configuration and may no longer be available with the required firmware:

  • Crucial 256GB C300 (CTFDDAC256MAG-1G1) - (discontinued)
  • Kingston 64GB SSDNow V+100 (SVP100S2/64G) - (discontinued)
  • Kingston 128GB SSDNow V+100 (SVP100S2/128G) - (discontinued)
  • Kingston 512GB SSDNow V+100 (SVP100S2/512G) - (discontinued)

The following SSDs are known only to work with specific firmware versions:

  • Crucial 512GB M4 (firmware 009 only) (CT512M4SSD2)

Important Notes About SSD Speed

Some models of SSD can’t save video data at the speed the manufacturer claims. This is due to the disk using hidden data compression to attain higher write speeds. This data compression can only save data at the manufacturer’s claimed speed when storing data such as blank data or simple files. Video data includes video noise and pixels which are more random so compression will not help, therefore revealing the true speed of the disk.

Some SSDs can have up to 50% lower write speed than the manufacturer’s claimed speed. So even though the disk specifications claim an SSD has speeds fast enough to handle video, in reality the disk isn’t fast enough when used to store video data for real time capture. However, this mostly affects HD capture and often these disks can still be used for playback.

Use Blackmagic Disk Speed Test to accurately measure whether your SSD will be able to handle uncompressed video capture and playback. Blackmagic Disk Speed Test uses data to simulate the storage of video so you get results similar to what you’ll see when capturing video to a disk. During Blackmagic testing, we have found newer, larger models of SSD and larger capacity SSDs are generally be certain to check ALL the device qualifications before ordering. Defective items will be replaced not refunded.The following pertains to our listing terms and conditions. Please read so there is no surprises as to the total cost of your item or any of our polices:
Store Policy: Q. Do you sell to international buyers?
A. Yes, every item in our store is available for international shipping. Additional shipping costs What kind of warranty or protection is offered?
A. Core Microsystems has 14 day return policy on new items, no returns on open-box or used items. If item is new in original packaging, it can be returned for a full refund (less shipping) within this time period. If original packaging is damaged, or item has been used, refund is subject to a 15% restocking fee. All new items sold come with any manufacturer warranties What happens if the product(s) arrives with shipping damage?
A. Core Microsystems takes great care in packaging the items we ship. However, in the unlikely event that shipping damage does occur, you will not be held financially responsible. The item will be refunded, replaced, or repaired at our discretion. Regardless of whether the shipping company eventually pays us or not on the insurance claim, we value your business and will make sure you get your item, or your money back in this unlikely event. We ask that you save all the original packaging. You will be shipped a replacement as soon as we learn of the problem, and we will include a return label for shipment of the defective or broken item.

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?
A. Core Microsystems accepts Paypal and major credit cards for all How much is domestic shipping?
A. Domestic shipping is free on many sales, but if there is a shipping cost, it is indicated within the Are all items new?
A. All of our sales are for new items unless otherwise specified by “Open Box” or “Used”. Not all “Open Box” items have been used, this simply indicates either the box has been opened or the packaging has been slightly Who is responsible for customs/duties/SVAT?
A. The customer is responsible for all import fees, including the above listed.
Q. Do you offer free shipping?
A. Free shipping in 50 U.S states only.
Q. Do you charge sales tax?

A. 9% sales tax if ship to California.

Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Shuttle Ssd Field Recorder :

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