Blacksmith Tools Anvil Swage Block Forge Basic Projects

Blacksmith Tools Anvil Swage Block Forge Basic Projects

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Blacksmith Tools Anvil Swage Block Forge Basic Projects:

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This listing is for the sale of a CD ROM publication of a Text book of Elementary Blacksmithing suitable for technical and vocational school students. Originally published in 1920.

CD ROM Title: Forge Practice.

You can read the detailed content pages further down this page.

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Written by R. H. Hartcourt in 1920. 152 pages.

Presented on CD ROM in easy to view PDF file format.

Allows Zoom-in up to 300% to enlarge sections of the pages for easy reading.

Allows Printing of pages on your own printer.

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ContentsChapter I Materials and Equipment
Materials; Wrought Iron, Norway or Swedish Iron, Machinery Steel, High-Carbon Steel, High-Speed Steel, Emery-Wheel Test; Weight of Iron; Shrinkage; Bibliography; Forge, Fire Tools, Coal, Building Fire, Coke, Making Coke, Clinker, Banking Fire, Cleaning Fire at End of Period, Anvil, Tool Rack; Hammer, Backing Hammer, Cross Peen Hammer, Sledges; Tongs, Fitting Tongs to the Work; Measuring and Marking Tools; Flatter, Set- Hammer, Chisels, Grinding Chisels, Bob-Punch, Necking Tool, Fullers, Swages, Swage Block; Vise, Cone, Surface Plate, Shears.Chapter II Drawing-Out, Bending and Twisting
Oxidizing Fire; To Prevent the Formation of Scale; Welding Heat, Indications of a Welding Heat; Burned Iron; Drawing-out, Squaring, or Truing-up, Work; Cutting Cold Stock, Cutting Hot Stock; Twisting, Punching.Chapter III Common Welds
Lap Weld, Upsetting, Scarfing; Use of Fluxes in Welding, Method of Using Flux; Welded Rings; Forge Hook, Common Eye-Bolt, Common Hinge, Flat Ring, Band Ring, Heading Tool, Cupping Tool, Bolts.Chapter IV. Special Welds
Butt Weld, V-Weld, Jump Weld, Split Weld, Split Weld for Heavy Stock, T-Weld, Angle Weld.Chapter V. Hammer Work
Trip- or Belt-Hammer, Steam-Hammer; Finishing Allowance; Forged Wrench, Flat-Jawed Tongs, Link Tongs, Hollow-Bit Tongs.Chapter VI. Annealing, Hardening and Tempering Steel
Annealing, Box Annealing, Water Annealing; Hardening, Refining Heat, Recalescence, Tempering, Guide for Hardening, Tempering only the Cutting Edges of Tools, Hardening and Tempering Tools Thruout, Methods of Cooling, Forging Heat of Tool Steel, Heating Steel for Hardening, Importance of Uniform Heating, Hardening at a Rising Heat, Restoring the Grain, Warping in Cooling, Hardening Thin Flat Articles, Tempering Taps, Tempering Carving Knives, Tempering Shear Blades, Tempering Springs, Case-Hardening, Pack-Hardening; Treatment of High-Speed Steel; Cutting Stock, Forging Heat, The Fire, Heating for Hardening, Cooling, Annealing.Chapter VII. Tool Forging
Selection of Steel for Tools, Lathe Tools, Cold Chisel, Cape Chisel, Round-Nose Cape Chisel, Center-Punch, Round-Nose Tool, Cutting-off Tool, Threading Tool, side Tool, Boring Tool, Cross-Peen Hammer, Eye-Punch, Drift-pin, Small Cross-Peen Hammer Ball-Peen Hammer, Hot Eye-Chisel, Cold Eye-Chisel, Geologist’s Pick, Hand Rock-Drill, Machine Rock-Drill, V-Fullers, Wing Swage, Dolly, Hunting Axe, Hunting Knife.Includes Plans for 44 Projects
1. Drawing-out and Bending Ring
2. 2. S-Hook
3. Staples
4. Beam Strap
5. Twisted Gate-Hook
6. Practice Welds- Fagot
7. Round Lap-Weld
8. Flat Lap-Weld
9. Links of Chain
10. Ring- Round Lap-Weld
11. Ring- Link Scarf
12. Forged Hook
13. Common Eye-Bolt
14. Common Hinge
15. Flat Ring
16. Band Ring
17. Upset-Head Bolt
18. Welded-Head Bolt
19. Forged Bolt
20. T-Weld
21. Angle Weld
22. Forged Open-End Wrench
23. Flat-Jawed Tongs
24. Link Tongs
25. Hollow-Bit Tongs
26. Cold Chisel
27. Cape Chisel
28. Round-Nose Cape Chisel
29. Center-Punch
30. Round-Nose Tool
31. Cutting-Off Tool
32. Threading Tool
33. Side Tool
34. Boring Tool
35. Cross-Peen Hammer
36. Small Cross-Peen Hammer
37. Ball-Peen Hammer
38. Hot Eye Chisel
39. Cold Eye-Chisel
40. Geologist’s Pick
41. Hand Rock-Drill
42. Machine Rock-Drill
43. Hunting Axe
44. Hunting Knife.

User friendly PDF file format, the CD is Microsoft Windows as well as MAC compatible.

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Blacksmith Tools Anvil Swage Block Forge Basic Projects:

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