Bo Nordh Cross Grain Chestnut Pipe * Outstanding * Coopersark No Reserve

Bo Nordh Cross Grain Chestnut Pipe * Outstanding * Coopersark No Reserve

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Bo Nordh Cross Grain Chestnut Pipe * Outstanding * Coopersark No Reserve:



You are offerding on an barely formerly enjoyed condition, smooth cross grain "Chestnut" shaped pipe, that was hand carved in Malmo, Sweden, by none other than Mr. Bo Nordh, in 1988.

Bo Nordh is considered by most knowledgeable pipe collectors and smokers as the finest pipe carver and artist who ever lived. His reputation is exemplary. His work is legendary. Yes, Bo Nordh was and is a legend! Bo had been carving pipes, out of his wheelchair, for thirty years. In his prime, he would carve thirty to fifty pipes a year. His attention to detail, from the selection of the finest aged briar, ebonite, and other natural materials available in the world, to the unbelievable amount of time he had spent crafting each pipe was simply, second to none. Do the arithmetic and you will find that it took Bo about one hundred hours to turn these finest of raw materials into a treasured work of art. It's hard to imagine in these times of mass production that kind of highly skilled labor and pure attention to detail. Details of the carving - getting the most beauty from a block of prime, old, and twenty-year naturally aged and air dried straight grained briar burl, the flow of the bowl into the stem, the perfect alignment of the draft hole on both the stem and the shank of the pipe, the perfect centering of the Tobacco chamber, the perfect interior dimensions of the Tobacco chamber, the perfect cut and shaping of the hand cut stem and lip, the perfect glass like finish of the bowl and the perfect staining of the bowl. One hundred hours.

The most striking aspect of a Bo Nordh pipe is that it has been so extremely well executed that it needs nothing. There is not a singular detail about his pipes that needs either improvement or correction. They are truly highly finished "jewels." Bo Nordh pipes are at the ultimate pinnacle of pipe collecting. They are the Acme, the Zenith, and the Apex of what our hobby represents and is all about. To own a Bo Nordh pipe is to own the absolute very best briar smoking instrument that mankind has ever carved. There is a joy that comes with owing a Nordh that goes way beyond the wonderful performance qualities that his pipes possess. It is a joy that comes with owning the very finest briar artwork that has ever been created. Bo Nord's very first pipe is in a museum. Several collectors of his spectacular pipes have never put a flame to them. They are either securely locked away in their fireproof safes, or on display as fine art.

Sadly, Bo Nordh had passed away in 2006. These formerly scarce and extremely rare, eminently collectable, and highly desirable pipes are becoming even harder to obtain. As a result, Bo Nordh pipes have risen tremendously in their value over the past fifteen years, and even more so since his passing. I see nothing to stop the continued rise in prices on Bo's pipes, as his formerly meager output has been reduced to none. Every Bo Nordh pipe has been crafted. There are no more. To own a Bo Nordh pipe is to own a continually appreciating investment that can either be passed down over the generations as an heirloom, or to be sold to another appreciative collector in the future. There will always be a market for the very best in the world!

The shape of this pipe being offered for sale is exquisite. Elegance and grace personified! Have you ever noticed how a professional athlete or musician makes their efforts seem so very easy when they are performing? This pipe is an example of that ease. While it looks easy to do (carve), in reality the execution (of the carving) is extremely difficult!

Here are the dimensions of this outstanding top world class hand crafted pipe: The overall length is about 5.125". The bowl height is about 1.875". The Tobacco chamber is about 0.73" in diameter and tapers down the bowl's 1.45" inner depth. Tobacco capacity is about that of a Group 3 to 4 size Dunhill pipe. It weighs 36 grams. The luxurious heavy black perforated leather pipe bag that is pictured below is included.

I have lightly, but thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, rejuvenated, and polished this beautiful pipe both inside and out. The bowl's condition is perfect. The original hand cut ebonite stem is free from any tooth marks, oxidation, or scratches. The stem is perfect. This pipe's overall condition is flawless and ultra pristine. It is ready to deliver immediate enjoyment right out of the box.

I am running this as a Private sale so that you can offer on this pipe without worrying about stepping over your fellow pipe collector friend's offer, as well as keeping the winning buyer's name private. This beautiful high grade Bo Nordh pipe deserves some discretion. I know that there will be some serious interest in this pipe! If requested, I will send an e-mail to the winning buyer, showing all of the offerding action at the close of this sale. I want you to offer with the highest of confidence and know that the winning buyer will get to see the list of the other buyers.Once again, this is a (10)TEN-DAY(10) pipe sale. I do not believe in "Reserve" or "Buy it Now" prices. I want the lucky high buyer to own and enjoy smoking this pipe and not have him frustrate himself with offerding on a pipe that is not attainable on a price basis! Just be the high buyer at the close of this sale, and you will win what could again prove to be the best pipe in your collection!

Please read and review my ratings and comments. Check out the "ME" section after my name "coopersark". I think that you will find this information very informative and telling! Please feel free to send me an e-mail with any questions that you may have about this pipe. I want you to offer with the highest of confidence!

I use only the best of packaging materials. The pipes that I ship have too much time and labor lavished on their restoration and presentations as well as the many of these pipes are irreplaceable works of art. I am not going to risk damage by using lesser packing. (In my thirteen years of selling pipes on and shipping thousands of pipes around the world, not a single pipe has been damaged!) I also try my utmost to ship your pipe the same day that I receive your payment, even if this means making a special trip to the Post Office just for you alone. The Registered parcels that ship overseas take extensive time with both the packaging and four forms of documentation that must be filled out. Unfortunately, this all has to be reflected in my shipping costs, so please offer accordingly.

The winning buyer will include an additional $47.50 for Express Mail shipping, tracking, and insurance. (Foreign buyers will remit payment by Pay Pal ONLY and will include an additional $225.00 for International Insured UPS Express Worldwide shipping. As per both Bay and Pay Pal rules, this pipe will ship both fully insured, with the full value declared for customs. You may have to pay additional duty. No exceptions.) Thank you for your interest. Please do not forget to check out my other sales! Good Luck and Happy offerding!!!

Bo Nordh Cross Grain Chestnut Pipe * Outstanding * Coopersark No Reserve:

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