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Bone Hand Carved Netsuke Sculpture Miniature Old Man Holds Basket Scroll #111813 For Sale

Bone Hand Carved Netsuke Sculpture Miniature Old Man Holds Basket Scroll #111813

Item Ships Directly From Our U.S Warehouse, No Long Waiting Time From Oversea Freight!

Item Description: Up for sale is a solid fine ox bone hand crafted Japanese gorgeous netsuke, item size is approximately 2 inches. Very detailed hand carvings and great hand crafting, excellent workmanship. Great piece for your collection!

What's a netsuke: Netsuke is a miniature sculptures that were invented in 17th century Japan to serve a practical function (the two Japanese characters ne+tsuke mean "root" and "to attach"). Traditional Japanese garment—robes called kosode and kimono—had no pockets, however men who wore them needed a place to store their personal belongings such as pipes, tobacco, money, seals, or medicines.

Their solution was to place such objects in containers (called sagemono) hung by cords from the robes' sash (obi). The containers may be a pouch or a small woven basket, but the most popular were beautifully crafted boxes (inro), which were held shut by an ojime, which were sliding beads on cords. Whatever the form of the container, the fastener that secured the cord at the top of the sash was a carved, button-like toggle called a netsuke.

Netsuke, like the inro and ojime, evolved over time from being strictly utilitarian into objects of great artistic merit and an expression of extraordinary craftsmanship. Such objects have a long history reflecting the important aspects of Japanese folklore and life. Netsuke production was most popular during the Edo period in Japan, around 1615-1868. Today, the art lives on and some modern works can command high prices in the UK, Europe, the USA, Japan and elsewhere.

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All PayPal payments must be received within 7 business days after the end of the sale (unless winning buyer contacts us about their payment condition within this period).

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Bone Hand Carved Netsuke Sculpture Miniature Old Man Holds Basket Scroll #111813

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Bone Hand Carved Netsuke Sculpture Miniature Old Man Holds Basket Scroll #111813:

Y2236 --- 2
Y2236 --- 2" Hand Carved Boxwood Netsuke - Rabbit Eating

Y2237 --- 2
Y2237 --- 2" Hand Carved Boxwood Netsuke - Bee

Y2238 --- 2
Y2238 --- 2" Hand Carved Boxwood Netsuke - Lovely Mouse

Y2239 --- 2
Y2239 --- 2" Hand Carved Boxwood Netsuke - Tiger

Y2240 --- 2
Y2240 --- 2" Hand Carved Boxwood Netsuke - Shrimp

Y2241 --- 2
Y2241 --- 2" Hand Carved Boxwood Netsuke - Lovely Rabbit

Y2242 --- 2
Y2242 --- 2" Hand Carved Boxwood Netsuke - Wolf

Y2242 --- 2
Y2242 --- 2" Hand Carved Boxwood Netsuke - Octopus

Y2244 --- 2
Y2244 --- 2" Hand Carved Boxwood Netsuke - Powerful Rhino

Y2245 --- 2
Y2245 --- 2" Hand Carved Boxwood Netsuke - Cicada