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Brass Conquistador Stirrups-panama 3.95049 For Sale

Brass Conquistador Stirrups-panama 3.95049

If you have questions, please feel free to call me on Skype.

(Click on the images above for larger views)

Here's a neat pair of brass conquistador stirrups from Panama. I shot photos from pretty much ever angle so you can see them up close. Click for the larger images. I bought this pair from an old friend at the Panama Canal Society Reunion July 2013. I have another pair my parents left to me and I have always enjoyed them. But I only have one horse....

They weigh about four pounds so shipping is a factor. They measure about 10" long, 4" wide and 4" tall. Look at the bright side, you never have to re-sole them.

About Panama Baskets

Have you ever wondered just where something came from that you bought? You'll really appreciate these baskets after you've read the following and viewed all the photos.

The Wounaan and Embera people from the rainforest in Darien province of Panama are master artisans. The women are well known for their fine baskets and the men for their cocobolo wood and tagua carvings. The baskets are hand woven using natural fibers found in the forest.

A variety of reeds and palm fibers are normally used. Chunga, the fiber of the black palm, is the fiber of choice among the weavers. The colors are produced with natural extracts of plants and earth, using the traditional methods for dyeing basket fibers. Seldom, if ever, are two baskets alike. The original designs usually portray life in the village, local animals and insects, or plant life. Income earned from the sale of these lovely baskets reduces the need to destroy the rainforest for agriculture.
February 2007, Darien Province, Panama - We just finished witnessing a graduation ceremony where a number of Wounaan women had completed a 30-day course on how to make better baskets. This particular course zeroed in on both quality and using color. The teacher's name was Milda Membora. The little girls shown behind the table of baskets worked with their mothers during the class and got up to do a traditional Wounaan dance for us.

During the ceremony, each woman came up, held their basket, and stood next to their daughter to have their photo taken. They are very proud of what they do and the way they are keeping the traditions of their tribe alive. It was a great day!
By purchasing or offerding on this basket, you are helping this village to provide food and clothing for their families. You can see this basket in the pictures above and below.

Our representatives personally know the Wounaan and Embera artists and have purchased thousands of baskets so that you too can appreciate this rare and delicate art form. The only REAL Panama Baskets are the hand-woven baskets of the Wounaan and Embera people, accept no substitutions, these are the real McCoy! And if you're interested in making a journey to this "land before time", give is shout and we will try and help you.

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Brass Conquistador Stirrups-panama 3.95049

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Brass Conquistador Stirrups-panama 3.95049:

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