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Build Your Own Hollow Wood Stand-up Paddleboard 11' Sup Surfboard Plans For Sale

Build Your Own Hollow Wood Stand-up Paddleboard  11' Sup Surfboard Plans

Build Your Own
Hollow Wood SUP!!
11' Stand Up Paddleboard
Finished Dimensions:
11' x 30 3/4" W x 4 1/2" Thick
DownloadFull Size Plans and our E-Book!
(both PDF files, downloadable worldwide)
~~~~~~~~~~~(Not for commercial use or Start building your own HOLLOW WOOD SUP today! My plans are the easiest to build and is almost finished when assembled, just trim and shape the outer edges. Don't waste your time and money on cheap-o plans that make flat, featureless logs, or complicated plans with a billion tiny pieces. My plans feature domed decks, spoon nose option and Vee-tails in the performance boards. AND they are easy to build with just 4 triangle strips per side! See why I have sold thousands and helped people all over the world build and ride their own surf craft! I also offer FREE REAL-TIME email help and can usually answer within the hour (I get instant alerts!) Join the community and share your project pics on our Builder's Forum. Get attention at the beach showing off your new work of art!
This is a nice "all around" designed Stand Up Paddle board that is easy to build from a plywood frame and cedar decking. It's nice and wide and features a domed deck and thick rails. This is a nice balanced design for all you SUPers. Build your own using this guide and blueprints and get out on the water to fishing, fun or exercise! Includes FREE real-time email support from the author for any questions during the build!
You get:
  • THE COMPLETE builder's manual
  • 2 sets of blueprints -one full size file for large printers and 1for printing on a home printer
  • FREE REAL-TIME help from the author
  • Online support from our Builder's Forum

Here are some pictures sent from some happy customers:From the author- "I have developed a very unique method to build up the rails using just 4 triangular strips per rail, which makes the build process much easier and consistent, as well as giving the builder more freedom when shaping, without adding excess weight. My "Building Your Hollow Wood SUP" E-book gives a full explanation of this method, along with concept and layout, and a complete guide covering the tools and processes needed to construct your own Hollow Cedar Surfboard. This digital version allows you to have full color, high resolution images that you can digitally zoom in on for extra detail that you cant get from a printed book.

This is NOT and sale for an actual surfboard, you can make one like the picture above by using these plans and manual. I don't know how to make it any more clear than that.
See more pics of finished boards by Google searching "Timeless Surf Company" and check out my builder's forum. Actual board size can vary depending on what size nose/tailblock you use. Payment can be made with credit card or E-Check though PayPal only. As far as materials go,
  • You need 5 pieces of 3/4" x 6" x 12' Cedar Board for $16.50 each (local Home Depot price)(U.S)
  • One 2"x 6" x 12' piece of cedar for the rail strips. Cost $15
  • One 4'x8' sheet of 7/32 underlayment or luan for the ribs, cost $10.
  • 1/2" x 2' x 4' plywood for the spine, cost $10
  • Big bottle of Gorilla glue at about $20
  • Fiberglass resin gallon at about $30
  • 8 yrds of 4oz Fiberglass cloth 30" wide at $40
So ROUGHLY about $200 in materials. any reclaimed lumber helps, or milling cedar 4x4 into slices and planing to size will be cheaper. You can Google search Timeless Surf Company to find my website for a "tools needed" list as well as pics and response from builders all over the world!Use 1/4"-3/16" thick cedar planks for outer skins and cedar rail strips, plywood spar and thin plywood ribs, Gorilla Glue and a bunch of clamps. Pine can also be used **(see below)Our "Building Your Hollow Wood SUP" Guide
is FREE with purchase, and covers the following Topic
1 Getting Started
2 Materials List
3 Triangle Rail Method/Blueprint Mods
5 To Spoon or Not To Spoon
6 Cutting Ribs and Spine
6 Making Rocker Jig
8 Making A Ripping Jig
10 Gluing The Decks
11 Assembling The Spine and Ribs
12 Cutting Rail Strips
14 Inner Elements
16 Attaching The Top Deck
16 Nose/Tail Blocks (Inner)
17 Nose/Tail Blocks (Outer)
20 Finish Work
21 Oops! (AKA Fixing your happy accidents)From
"Nothing rides like a wooden board." I have heard it many times from many people, most of which I wrote off as bias opinions from the folks who sell them. But as soon as I caught my first wave on a well designed wooden board, everything changed. Not only is the very sight of the board an inspiration to paddle out on an otherwise sloppy day, but the solid feel and drive as you run down the line begs you to never ride anything else. I have experimented with various shapes and materials to produce versatile boards that are responsive and easy to paddle, yet durable and beautiful enough to be a wall hanger. ~ From the Shaper
See more finished boards on my website!BUY IT NOW!! Secure payment trough PayPal! DON'T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT?? You can pay with Credit Card through PayPal! Or contact me if you need help.A small list of Internet resources will be included for tons of info on everything you might need from design to finish. Plans are setup for 1/2" spine and 1/8" ribs, thicker or thinner woods can be used, simply adjust the slot width to your liking. Plans are glued to the wood of your choice by paste or white glue, and commonly cut out with a jigsaw or bandsaw. Timeless Surfboards are decked with 3/16"-1/4" cedar or pine. Finished board should be vented or filled with foam before decking. The weight of finished shapes vary depending on the board size and materials used. You should expect about 12-15 lbs for smaller boards, about 20-25lbs for larger boards
** Balsa and other light woods have not been tested on this design and may be too soft to be structurally sound. Hard woods can be used with the compromise of weight. These shapes have been tried, tested and tweaked to make great shapes that work well, not just for looks.
Pictured above is a snapshot from the actual blueprints, along with a few pics of boards that have been constructed using these plans. I am offering these plans at a very low price in order to make these projects more available to EVERYONE! Don't let the low price fool you, this is a very well engineered design and shape that can be easily built with a little bit of patience and research. There is a good amount of very loose, barely ride-able plans available, but these are NOT one of those plans. I will be happy to answer all questions during the construction of your board. But PLEASE don't buy these in hopes of starting a surfboard company or reselling. Reproduction is prohibited for anything other than personal use. There isn't many thing quite as gratifying as surfing a board that you shaped yourself.
After PayPal Payment is complete you will be automatically redirected to the download page for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD! This link expires in a few days but if you need them emailed directly to you please contact me. Please ask any and all questions that you might have BEFORE you offer. Local cash payment welcome.
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Build Your Own Hollow Wood Stand-up Paddleboard  11' Sup Surfboard Plans

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Build Your Own Hollow Wood Stand-up Paddleboard 11' Sup Surfboard Plans:

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